Ancient Egyptian Gods Comprehension Introduction

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Ancient Egyptian Gods Comprehension


There were hundreds of gods and goddesses in ancient Egypt. Often they had the body of a human and the head of an animal, which looks quite strange to us! But who were the most important gods and goddesses and why were certain animals chosen?

Animal Heads and Human Bodies

Many Ancient Egyptian gods were shown as anthropomorphic (having human form) as the Egyptians believed that it brought the gods closer to the daily lives of humans. Animals were chosen with the same characteristics of the gods they represented: The goddess of war, Sekhmet, had the head of a lion because lions are very strong and usually win in battle.


Ra was one of the most important Egyptian gods. Ancient

Egyptians believed that in the beginning there was only a

vast ocean and Ra rose up, like the Sun, and created all

living creatures. They believed that he was in control of

the seasons. The Sun represented light, warmth and growth.

He had a falcon head because they have keen sight. They

believed he would soar across the horizon and see everything

that was happening on earth.

Anubis is one of the best known Egyptian gods. Anubis

had the black head of a jackal. He was given the head

of a dog because in Ancient Egypt many types of wild

dogs roamed the cemeteries (there people were

buried), so they appeared to be the guardians of the

grave yards, looking after the dead. Ancient

Egyptians believed that Anubis supervised the

weighing of a dead person’s heart against the feather

of truth. Anubis helped Osiris to decide who would

go on to the Afterlife.

So now you know the names of some important Egyptian gods and why some of them have animal heads. Why don’t you see if you can find out more about other Ancient Egyptian gods?

***Reading Comprehension

1. How many Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses were there? (Introduction)

2. What is the word for gods that are shown as humans?

(Animal Heads and Human Bodies)

3. Why was the goddess of war shown as a lion?

(Animal Heads and Human Bodies)

4. Who was one of the most important Gods?


5. Why did Ra have a falcon’s head?


6. Why did Anubis have the head of a jackal? Tick one box
□Because dogs are cute □ Because they were often seen in


□Because jackals are scary □ Because all gods were dogs

7. What did the Ancient Egyptian believe that Anubis supervised when they died?


8. In the conclusion what does it suggest you could do now?


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