Ancient civilizations law and order

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Location: Babylonian Empire (Mesopotamia) Time Period: 1792 BC

Characteristics: Listed 282 laws dealing with a variety of subjects. Hammurabi was a brilliant military leader who also oversaw great building projects, improved tax collection, and increased trade. The law code dealt with everything from trade and theft to injury and murder._____________________________________________
Legacy: The code was important not only because it was thorough but also because it was written down for all to see. Everyone knew what the rules were and also knew the punishments.__________________________________

Location: Athens, Greece Time Period: 620s BC

Characteristics: Most of Athens was poor. The gap between rich and poor led to social conflict. To help reform this, Draco codified the laws and thought that harsh punishment would resolve the social conflict.____________
Legacy: Draco’s laws actually made the gap and conflict between rich and poor worse. This however is the early beginnings of democracy which would be revised by Solon, Peisistratus, and Cleisthenes. __________________

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