Ancient civilizations law and order

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What does the word CODIFY mean? ______________________________________________________________
Pre-assignment: complete the following on a separate sheet of paper.
You are put in charge of Mallard Creek High School. Using the definition of codify, create a law code that will maintain peace and allow for a smooth running high school on a day-to-day basis. Be sure to complete the following tasks within your law code:

Once you have completed your law code and answered the questions above, complete the following:

  • Does your law code effectively distribute power while maintaining order?

  • Does your law code unify the school around your leadership?

  • Does your law code reinforce behaviors that are acceptable or does it only provide consequences for unacceptable behavior?

**After thinking about and completing the three tasks above, what changes might you make to your law code?**

Download 30.18 Kb.

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