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Ancient Civilization Research Project Due Date:________

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You are a historian working in the Jeffersonian Museum in Washington D.C. You are working on a project featuring one of the ancient civilizations: Maya, Aztec, and Inca. You need to research the ancient civilization assigned to you. How can we preserve ancient civilizations?

To help focus your research you need to answer the following focus questions:

  • What are the key elements (i.e. culture, government, language, religion, technology) of civilizations?

  • What are the physical, social, cultural, and political characteristics of ancient pre-Colombian Mesoamerican civilizations?

  • How do the climate and the physical geography of Mesoamerica impact the human activity and living conditions of the people that live there?

  • How do we measure the effect of ancient civilizations on modern civilization?

  • How does technology influence the human capacity to modify the physical environment?

Part 1: Research and presentation

Research an Ancient civilization assigned to your class and create a presentation using one of the tools listed below. Your presentation will teach other students in the classroom about the civilization you are researching.


This online tool is for advanced users, students who are already familiar with PowerPoint and other presentation programs. Mrs. Day will give a tutorial for students who use this online tool.

    1. Google Slides

This online tool will allow you to use basic presentation slides. Students working in groups will be able to have access to this anywhere. Teachers will also be able to access this document as you work on the presentation.

Be prepared to use your presentation to teach another class about your civilization.

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