Ancient China Project Assignment

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Ancient China

Project Assignment

This unit’s projects are broken into three parts, with an extra credit section also available. You are to choose one of the options from each section, but you can only choose to do one of each type of project – that is if you choose to do a powerpoint for the Dynasties, then you must choose either to write a paper or do an Illustrated Timeline for the other two options. You will be turning in one Powerpoint, one essay and one Illustrated Timeline or poster.
These projects are intended to be assessments for what you have learned, but they also need to be researched beyond what we studied in class. As you do your research, please make note of the bibliographic information from your sources. You will be preparing a bibliography for the three projects. Each project will be worth 30 points and the bibliography will be 10 points.
The due date for these projects is April 17, 2012. This allows you time after the break to work on them if you choose not to do them on the break, but it also allows you an extra week during break if you have the time. Your essays and bibliography must be typed. For the bibliography you will follow the format found at .
All essays and powerpoints are to be submitted online to
Project Assignments:
The Dynasties – China has been ruled by clans or dynasties, families that have had control for significant periods of time. Each dynasty has had different influences on the evolution of China. You are to research the Dynasties of China and create one of the following:
Powerpoint – create an illustrated powerpoint with key ideas about each of the dynasties. You will be presenting your powerpoint to the class.
Compare and contrast essay – choose three major dynasties to compare based on their contributions to China and their lasting effects on China and the world.
Persuasive Essay – choose one of the dynasties and write an essay persuading your reader that they were the best influence on China and should still be in power today. Make sure you use evidence from their legacy and convince us that this is needed today.
Illustrated Timeline – create an illustrated timeline of the dynasties of China. Include their significant contributions or legacies in your captions
The Inventions and Technology of China –
Powerpoint - We have reviewed many of the significant technologies that are still in use today. Choose ten of them to create a powerpoint and be prepared to present to the class.
Persuasive Essay – choose one of the inventions of China and convince us that this was the most important technology that has led us to the world we live in today. Use evidence from the time it was invented through the years to this day to convince your reader.
Illustrated Timeline – create an illustrated timeline of 10 – 15 different technologies or inventions with captions.
Poster – choose the five most important inventions, create an illustrated poster with captions and explain why each made the top five list on your poster.
The three major religions of China – Daoism, Buddhism and Confucianism were the three major religions through the period of Ancient China we studied.
Powerpoint – create a powerpoint highlighting the beliefs of each religion with an example of how we would perceive it in our culture today. Be prepared to present your Powerpoint.
Compare and Contrast essay – choose two of the religions and compare their philosophers or leaders, compare their approach to life and how this helped them in their day to day existence.
Persuasive Essay – choose one of the religions and convince a modern day person in our culture that this is the best way to live and think about the world.
Poster – create a poster using an allegory other than the vinegar tasters to describe the outlook of each religion.
Extra Credit – 15 points
The art of Calligraphy – research the art of calligraphy in Ancient China and create a poster or a powerpoint describing it’s history, the tools that were used and when calligraphy would be used.
Chinese Ceramics – research the various styles of ceramics (porcelain) produced during the different dynasties and create an illustrated timeline or Powerpoint describing the techniques used to create it, how it is distinctive in each dynasty and any other interesting facts you find.
Traditional music from Ancient China is very foreign to our western ears. Prepare a Powerpoint, with music, to demonstrate the various forms of Chinese music including Chinese Opera, folk music, and regional ethnic music.

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