Analyze the quote Conventionality is not morality. Self-righteousness is not religion

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Chapter 3

  • Most readers of today are familiar with the signs of child abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect. While these terms were arguably unknown to Brontë in the mid 19th century, how does her treatment of Jane reflect what we know about them?

Chapter 4

  • What is unexpected in Jane’s answer to how she plans to avoid going to Hell?

  • How does the anecdote of the "little psalm angel" heighten our contempt for Brocklehurst?

  • Why does Bessie begin to treat Jane with kindness at this point in the text? What lesson does Jane learn on how to deal with people she fears? How is this unusual when compared with the depiction of the other children of this time period, such as the "little psalm angel" and the "girls of the school"?

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