Analyze the quote Conventionality is not morality. Self-righteousness is not religion

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Chapter 36

Chapter 37

  • Notice that Brontë makes a direct jump from the inn at Millcote to Rochester's house at Ferndean. Why does she do this? What effect might she wish to achieve?

  • On page 419, Jane has her own ideas of how to shake Rochester from his gloom. What are they?

  • "To make a love story workŠyou gotta have heart. More important: The audience must believe it's real." This quote by Pat H. Broeske in his article "Save Yourself From Trouble" from the January 1995 issue of Writer's Digest was his thesis for why some Hollywood love stories work and some don't. Does Jane Eyre work as a love story? Do Jane and Rochester have "heart"? Are we glad to see them back together? What makes their relationship ring true for the reader?

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