Analyze the quote Conventionality is not morality. Self-righteousness is not religion

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Chapter 32

  • A good minister is an example to his congregation; followers will learn "truth" by simply observing the daily actions of their pastor. Does St. James Rivers impart any "truths" to Jane?

Chapter 33

  • In this chapter, the final pieces of the puzzle slip into place. Is this resolution too coincidental or is it satisfactory?

Chapter 34

  • Characterize the similarities and differences between St. John's offer of marriage and Rochester's. Why does Jane refuse St. John when she is willing to accept a life with him in India? Couldn1t she grow to love him? How does her response fit in with what we know about Jane as a character?

  • Hot climates seem to have a special symbolic meaning in the text (note Rochester's discussion of the West Indies). What do you make of it?

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