Analyze the quote Conventionality is not morality. Self-righteousness is not religion

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Chapter 24

  • This chapter is pure Jane Eyre. How is Jane different than most brides of romance stories? What would Brontë's audience have thought of her behavior?

Chapter 25

  • When Jane regards her wedding gown on page 261, what mood does Brontë establish?

  • Why does Brontë narrate with such a heavy hand when she writes "Stay till he comes, reader; and when I disclose my secret to him, you shall share the confidence." (262)?

Chapter 26

  • What is the irony in Jane wearing "the plain square of blond" veil for her wedding (272)?

  • What do you think of the fact that Jane's uncle and Mr. Mason were business associates?

  • Re-read Jane's recollections of the events leading up to the introduction of Bertha Mason (281). How are these events different from similar events in traditional romantic novels? Why does Brontë "play" the scene this way?

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