Analysis of the Story of a Blind Girl

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Story of a Blind Girl

Analysis of the Story of a Blind Girl

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Analysis of the Story of a Blind Girl
The short story of a Blind Girl presents to us a girl who hates herself because she was blind. She disliked everybody, except her concerned boyfriend as he was there for her all the time. She said that if she could just have sight, she would marry her boyfriend. One day, her boyfriend donated his eyes to her and was now able to see everything in the world, including her boyfriend. Jesse, her boyfriend, asked her whether she would marry him now that she could see the world (Phillips, 1976 &1979).
The girl was shocked when she saw that her boyfriend was blind too. Therefore, she declined to marry him. Her boyfriend was in tears. Moments later, Jesse wrote a letter to her saying, “just take care of my eyes dear because before they were yours, they were mine…” (Phillips, 1976 &1979).
Jesse shows his love to the girl since he is with her every step of her way. At the beginning of the short story, the author says that Jesse was watching Sally paint her hair with grenadine (Phillips, 1976 &1979). In another instance, Jesse assures Sally that there is nothing wrong in their midst but only boys trying to scare them. This shows his love for her.
The fact that Jesse told pornographic stories about various adults. For example, he talks about Miss Hicks, his teacher, whose hands were dimpled, moist, and always touching them (Phillips, 1976 &1979). Does this show Miss Hicks’s sexual orientation? A lesbian maybe, or does it show that she uses her hands to masturbate? The designation “Miss” might imply that she is not married and justify the act of masturbation. This scenario shows that some women do sexual activities for self-pleasure.
This short story also covers the theme of immorality among youths. It also shows that parents have failed on their part in raising self-driven children who can do meaningful actions while on their own. The author presents a generation of young people who thinks that indulging in alcoholism and sexual immoralities will satisfy their pleasure in life. For example the author talks of six girls who crazily get drunk and start jumping around an Old Chevy at a red light (Phillips, 1976 &1979). The author also presents to us young people who do not focus on their studies. For example, one youth says that she tries to stay at home and turn the pages of her book but she is unable to since the words appear dark to her. She says that the books are dark as wine showing that she prioritizes alcohol over education. The darkness here implies that the young people are devoid of knowledge and relevant information.
LGBQTA stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, and Asexual (Flores & Park, 2019). This short story does not address this issue comprehensively but shallowly. For instance, the author says that Kay and Jancy liked dancing together at slumber parties. He further says that her breasts were taut. Kay says that she is a luh-honely soldier (Phillips, 1976 &1979). The author further says that Kay stayed overnight at Jancy’s place. The author enlightens that they would play for 45s and record and stand in front of the mirror (Phillips, 1976 &1979). This scenario raises a concern for lesbianism; it implies that both Jancy and Kay might be lesbians.
In the same matter of LGBQTA, the author presents a case where Kay’s mother bought her a doll when she was young. The author said that she kissed the doll’s plastic mouth. Her mother questioned why Kay slept with that doll in the night. The author says that the doll’s foot pressed against Kay’s cunt and enlightens us that Jancy changed the record (Phillips, 1976 &1979). This case confirmed that both girls were enjoying themselves together while using the doll. We see that these girls are in sexual fantasies, especially kay who uses the doll as a sexual object. However, we see Kay regretting her actions. For example, the author says that Kay felt miserable as she watched Jancy mime alone in front of the mirror. The author further says that Kay wished she could drown. The use of sexual objects for sexual pleasure implies that Kay may be involved in musturbation. From these scenarios, we can say that Kay and Jancy represent only the letter “L”- Lesbian in the LGBQTA. Primarily, this short story does not put much emphasis on other components of LGBQTA.


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Flores, A. R., & Park, A. (2019). Social accpetance of LGBT people in 174 countries: 1981 to 2017. October.
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