Analysis Essay – The Great Fire

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Analysis Essay – The Great Fire
Compare and contrast the Great Chicago Fire with a disaster of your generation (Example: Hurricane Katrina). Research both events to compose a well developed, five paragraph essay that focuses on three major points of comparison. Some examples of points to compare and contrast could include (but are not limited to): planning and preparation, initial responses, evacuation methods or locations, rebuilding, and aftermath.

  • Essay must include at least three direct quotes from The Great Fire. (with quotation marks and page numbers in parenthesis)

  • Essay must have both an introductory and a conclusion paragraph.

Powerpoint PresentationTo accompany the essay, students must research images to create an original Powerpoint presentation that compares images of each comparison point they are making in their writing.

  • The Powerpoint presentation must be at least five slides.

  • There must be some text on each slide to explain the use of the images.

  • Text must be in complete sentences.

  • Students should print a slideshow of their presentation to be stapled to their writing.

This assignment is due: February 21, 2014.

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