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Analleli 6/14/12

5-Burzinski L.A

Yo-Yo Ma

Yo-Yo Ma was born on October 7, 1955 in Paris, France. He came to America in 1962 when he was four years old. He went to Julliard, Columbia University, and Harvard University for school. He married Jill Honor. He had two children. His children’s name is Emily and Nicholas. His hometown is New York City. He moved to New York City when he was four years old. Yo-Yo Ma is still alive, and he is 57 years old

Yo-Yo Ma had some controversy with people. Yo-Yo Ma met this young beautiful lady named Jill Honer. Yo-Yo Ma liked her so much that Yo-Yo Ma asked her to marry him. She said “Yes.” When they went to tell Jill’s parents, they were happy for her, but when Yo-Yo Ma gave the news to his parents, they were not happy. They did not like the idea of him getting married to her. They wanted their son to marry someone that had the same ethnic background. Yo-Yo Ma did care about his parents decision, wanted to care for Jill, and remain close to her. Yo-Yo Ma married her anyway a few months later even though he was upset that his family didn’t agree with him. A few months later past, and his parents accepted her in the family. Even though she did not have the same culture or ethnic background, they accepted her in the family. Their decision did not change my opinion about him because any other person would do that because if they really like that person like Yo-Yo Ma likes Jill Honor, then they wouldn’t care about anyone’s opinion.

Next, Yo-Yo Ma brought music to the world. When he was little, he started to play an instrument called a cello. He later became a cellist. Yo-Yo Ma fits in the music world like Derek Jeter fits in baseball. He knew he had to compose music and became a song writer. The thing that made him great was that his music was lovely. He started the Silk Road. The Silk Road is a combination of history, art, and music. He loves playing and sharing this music with the world. Yo-Yo Ma recorded 45 albums between 1983 and 1998. Did you hear any of his albums? If you didn’t, why don’t you go and buy it right now. He even won many Grammy awards! He accomplished many things in his life. His most famous concert was in December, 2005. It was in London’s Barbican Centre. This concert sold-out of tickets. His famous record is Hush with vocalist Bobby McFerrin. This record was the best-selling.

An interesting fact about Yo-Yo Ma is that he started the Silk Road project. The Silk Road shared the music that became influential during this time period. The Silk Road does not refer to a highway or even a road. The name refers to a network from 500B.C. to about A.D. 1500. He started this project in 2001.To add, Yo-Yo Ma has many concerts. When his manger schedules a concert, he makes sure that it isn’t on his children’s birthday or any special event.

Yo-Yo Ma came to America to become famous and share the music with the world. Yo-Yo Ma was not forced to come to America; he came here for better opportunities. Yo-Yo Ma had to learn English because he came to New York City when he was 4 years old. He had to go to a school. The obstacles they had in America were that they did not know any English. His childhood was very different from any other child because he started to play his instrument at a very small age. He would play in the street and hope that people would give him donations. His childhood led up to being a great famous person. His education led him to being a great student. His parent’s jobs were about music. His parents taught him how to play an instrument. He would go out and put a “Thank You” card for the donations that people would give him. Yo-Yo Ma is a Chinese person and he still would follow his traditions, but follows American traditions as well.

Finally, I chose this person because he inspired me to take instrumental lessons. I chose this person because he used to live in a different country. He likes to play an instrument like I do. This person inspired me because I like the way he became famous. For example, he first started to play an instrument. Next, he started to play in the streets, so people could hear him. Yo-Yo Ma inspired me because he could reach his goal by sharing the music with the world and he became a celebrity. He represents our country, despite that he wasn’t born here. He represents his country, but ours too. He represents our country by doing concerts here, winning awards and dedicating to us, fans, and family.

Yo-Yo Ma is a true representative of our country because he does concerts here in America. He has won the Avery Fisher Prize and Grammy Awards. He dedicated it to us fans and family because he represents us. Yo-Yo Ma has brought music to the world. He would write and preform with strangers he never met. He would play with Americans and with other people. For example, he played with Mark O’Conner and Edgar Meyer in the Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee.

“Good things happen when you meet strangers.” This quote means that honorable luck comes when you meet people; he performed with many people he did not know, and since he performed with various people, many influences came to him. For example, he won many awards with that person. As he met the strangers that were musicians as well as him, they composed and performed music together. Yo-Yo Ma is an amazing person!

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