AN120341 Miscellaneous Workers Home Care Industry (State) Award

Particularly careful handling

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Particularly careful handling

is required because of the

client's health/disability

Some lifting or physically

awkward movement is

involved for staff in the


Fitting of Aids/Appliances

Such as splints and callipers


Assisting with therapy in any of the

Assisting with therapy in any of

following circumstances:

the following circumstances

• high degree of assistance is involved

• low level of assistance is involved

• field staff have total responsibility because client is unable to take responsibility for the therapy and carer/therapist is not on site

• carer/therapist is on site of clients is able to take responsibility for the therapy or carer/therapist is on site

• specialised training/knowledge is required

• simple instructions required rather than specialised training/knowledge

Assistance with Eating

Assisting with eating where a risk of

Assisting where there are no

choking, vomiting or other eating

eating difficulties

difficulty is involved

Other Assistance (Not Grade 3 Personal Care Tasks)

When determining the grading for tasks other than Grade 3 Personal Care the employer/employee will need to consider the following:

What is the likely impact on the worker, or the work to be performed from any household factor - including behaviours exhibited by the client or another household member.

Examples of household factors which will have a significant impact on the work/worker:

restless, wandering behaviour;

verbal abuse, aggression;

hearing or speech impairment which seriously affects communication;

stress present due to household member with acute/terminal illness loss/bereavement;

households where children have been notified to FACS as At Risk;

households where adults are at risk of abuse;


where there is a severe allergy which requires additional care with the tasks.

The more pronounced the impact of household factors on work, the higher the level of interpersonal skills required of the worker.

Grading Personal Care Task

Examples of Grading Personal Care with respect to the following criteria:

  • Level of assistance needed (Grade 2 tasks involve some assistance to the clients, Grade 3 tasks involve a high degree or total assistance)

  • Who is responsible (is the client/carer responsible or is the field staff responsible)

  • Bodily intrusion

Example - Grade 3 Personal Care

Providing total bowel care for a severely disabled client while their carer leaves for a break. Analysis of the task according to the factors above:

Example - Grade 2 Personal Care

Assisting client to wash and dry their own hair. Analysis of the task according to the factors above:

Grading Client Behaviour

Examples of Grading with respect to client behaviour:

  • Level of interpersonal skills required by worker

Examples - Grade 3

A. Providing housekeeping assistance to a disabled client who displays aggressive behaviour and who is often verbally abusive.

Worker will need advanced level of interpersonal skills to be able to perform the tasks, for example: assertiveness skills to deal with the aggression and abuse - knowledge of the clients condition and understanding of the effect on the clients behaviour - negotiating skills to request assistance or change arrangements, if necessary.

B. Assisting disabled adult female to shower, wash her hair and dress. Severe arthritis impairs the clients ability to assist. The worker cooks tea for the client in the evening, the client can feed herself. However, the client often experiences severe depression which results in her becoming withdrawn and passive.

The impact of the client's condition on the work or worker is likely to be moderate to pronounced as the work may take longer to perform and be more difficult for the worker because of the client's passivity and depression.

Worker will need advanced level of interpersonal skills to be able to direct the client or to carry out tasks on own initiative at times when the client is depressed - to be sensitive to the clients behaviour and have advanced listening skills and empathy with the client.

Examples - Grade 2

A. Providing activities for a blind adolescent girl. The worker will be following a plan which has previously been discussed and outlined.

B. Providing housekeeping assistance to an elderly woman who has severe asthma and heart problems.

The impact of the work or worker is slight to moderate, depending on the clients health stability. The worker would need basic interpersonal skills, eg. ability to respond in a crisis.

NOTE: Where there exists a dispute in relation to the grading of work refer to clause 34, Disputes Procedure.

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