An international detection mechanism for near-earth objects

only succeed when linked with preparedness

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only succeed when linked with preparedness. “Success or failure in the response phase is largely a function of the preparedness phase” (U.S. Government Accountability Office, 2006). FEEDBACK LOOPS The feedback loop, the two-sided arrow in Figure 1, illustrates how disaster management and response can influence theory and disaster planning if lessons are learned (Menzel, 2006). In return, theory and disaster planning/mitigation will impact reality and future disaster management and response efforts through the monitoring of desired and undesirable outcomes and outputs. Part of the feedback also provides alternatives to bureaucratic models including informal decision making processes, decentralized knowledge and authority, and informal policies and procedures guiding activities (Takeda & Helms, 2006, p. 409). CONCLUSION This article has developed a model that illustrates the relationship between theory and natural disaster administration sequenced by planning, mitigation, management, response and recovery. Disaster administration is influenced by theory and it is conditioned by projected and actual realities. To understand these relationships it is critical to understand a variety of theoretical filters. There are hundreds of natural disaster responses every year and each one is different in part based on the theoretical and practical filters discussed in this manuscript. A better understanding, expansion, and elaboration of the filters are necessary to evaluate the gap between public administration theory and praxis in natural disaster administration. Such understanding may lead to the development of evaluation criteria that will enable and direct theory building to improve natural disaster administration
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