An Imagined Dialogue Loyalists and Patriots Goals

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Persuasive Writing (Common Core AS 1)
An Imagined Dialogue

Loyalists and Patriots

  • to show your understanding of the Loyalist and Patriot perspectives

  • to construct a persuasive argument appropriate for each side’s perspective

  • to apply what you have learned from multiple texts/readings to write an imagined but realistic dialogue

A town meeting has been called to address the issue of revolting against the British government. Imagine that a Loyalist and Patriot have met up at this town hall meeting to discuss their opposing viewpoints. They have chosen to sit down and discuss their thoughts with one another, realizing they may not change the others opinions, but hoping to get through to them somehow.


These two people would have many topics to discuss and debate. Your job is to imagine a 10-12 line* dialogue between the Loyalist and the Patriot using what you have learned from multiple texts and class discussions.

*A line in this case means one character’s statement or question to the other character (even if its two sentences long)

These two people chose to have this encounter so they are seeking to understand each other better. But they are also trying to persuade each other. Each wants the other to see his/her side of the story. Your purpose is to practice persuasive writing techniques, like concessions, evidence, and careful word choice.

Grading Criteria :

Examples: Poor farmer

Aristocratic woman

Colonial legislator

Colonial merchant

British official

  • Make persuasive claims and support them with evidence form what you have read (but not word for word of course). Also, be true to the spirit of what you read. What matters most to each of these individuals?

  • Make your two characters sound like real people but skip the small talk (like “Hello” “How are you”). Just dive right into the conversation, into the issues. Make every line count.

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