An exploration of the nature and meaning of transitions in the context of dual sector fe/he institutions in England

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Quality Arrangements

EHC is an accredited college of University A; Univ A validates HE provision and retains ultimate QA responsibility but EHC retains significant autonomy.

All HE running at NEHC will be UCEH courses, validated by Universities A and B.

Awards from UCEH will be jointly validated by University A and University B. Univs A and B will therefore retain and share formal QA responsibility for courses at UCEH.

Monitoring and Reporting of Data

EHC has an Academic Board: Quality Standards Committee which currently deals with both FE and HE matters. There have been two Standards Committees of Corporation for HE and for FE. In December 2006, the Corporation resolved to disband the HE Academic Standards Committee. The functions of this committee have been taken up by a corresponding committee of University Centre East Heath.

NEHC will continue to have an Academic Board and will continue to have an Academic Standards Committee and a Standards Committee of Corporation responsible for the monitoring of data.

UCEH will operate its own internal data monitoring systems, including its own Academic Board.
Formal monitoring of data and completion of HESES and HESA data will occur through UnivA and UnivB with students from UCEH being added to the returns regularly made by these institutions.

Directory: polopoly fs
polopoly fs -> Written code-switching and in-text translations
polopoly fs -> Aristotle (384-322 bc) T. H. Irwin Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Version 0
polopoly fs -> Theatre and Islamic Tradition
polopoly fs -> Philosophical Projects phi356 Spring 2016
polopoly fs -> Best Practice in Disposing of Records
polopoly fs -> Aarvold, J. E., C. Bailey, et al. (2004). "A "give it a go" breast-feeding culture and early cessation among low-income mothers
polopoly fs -> Millicent Freeman The University of Edinburgh erasmus programme 2010 to Albert Ludwigs University, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
polopoly fs -> Marilyn L. Booth
polopoly fs -> Abraham, S., King, W. & Llewellynjones, D. (1994) Attitudes to Body-Weight, Weight-Gain and Eating Behavior in Pregnanc
polopoly fs -> How to Write a Crap Philosophy Essay a brief Guide for Students

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