An EasyEnglish Translation with Notes (about 1200 word vocabulary) on Psalm 149

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What Psalm 149 means

Verse 1: The word "*hallelujah" means "*praise the *LORD". "*Praise" means "tell someone that they are very great". "*LORD" is a special name for God. It is his *covenant name. A *covenant is when two people (or groups of people) agree. Here, God agrees to love and give help to his people. They agree to love and obey God. "His people" is "chesidim" in Hebrew. It is the people that have accepted God’s kind love. Some Bible students translate it "*saints", some translate it "God’s people".

Verse 3: The harp and the tambourine make music. There is more about things that make music in Psalm 150 in this set.

Verse 5: Bible students are not sure what the word "beds" means here. It may be something that people knelt on when they prayed.

Verse 6: A sword is a very long, sharp knife that soldiers use. Here, the sword has two sharp edges.

Verse 8: The chains of iron are something to tie people up with. They are very strong, so people cannot get away from them.

Verse 9: God decided many centuries ago what to do to his enemies. At the end of time, it will happen.

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