An Agent of Change

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An Agent of Change

Nelson Mandela: The Fight For Freedom (Video)

  1. What about Nelson Mandela EARLY LIFE set him up as an “Agent of Change”? (Context/Brief Background)

  1. What conditions were in place for change to happen in South Africa? What was the PROBLEM in South Africa that needed an “Agent of Change”? (Context/Historical Background/ Problem)

  1. What BARRIERS got in Mandela’s way on his journey for change in South Africa? (Defining the Event)

  1. Why did the ideas of Mandela take so long to catch on with the rest of society in South Africa? (Background/Context)

  1. Identify and explain THREE ARGUEMTS that supports that Nelson Mandela bettered society? You’ll get the evidence for your answer throughout the film (How is he as Agent of Change?)


  1. How did Mandela make this kind of lasting change? (ex. his actions, personality, message, etc.) (Legacy)

  1. To what extent did Mandela, just one individual, “change the world?” (Legacy)

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