Amt2 (All Movies Tourney Episode Two) Round 1 (001-040) 40 tossups by Ray Luo and Eok Ngo

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AMT2 (All Movies Tourney Episode Two) Round 1 (001-040)

40 tossups by Ray Luo and Eok Ngo

001). First names of these film characters are the same. The sister of Anne Brown in Truffaut's Two English Girls who notes that "one can't choose between vice and virtue knowing only virtue." The Gloria DeHaven character in a musical adaptation of Ah! Wilderness. The Girl from the Sky. The titular imaginary fiancee of Bernard in an Alain Resnais film subtitled "the time of the return." The Rosie Perez character in It Could Happen to You. The girl who tells of life according to her in Patagonia. The quirky lover of Macon Leary, a Geena Davis character in The Accidental Tourist. FTP whose wedding was arranged in a 1994 Toni Collette film in which she changes her name to Mariel.

Answer: Muriel
002). After Tamino sings "Pamina is alive!" in a private performance of Mozart's The Magic Flute, the hero rises to confess to the audience a compulsion in the face of the world who cares not for useless art, and gets pricked on the face by Baron von Merkens's roses. The climax at the morgue has Johan trying to make love to a woman he thinks is dead but gets laughed at, yelling the great line: "The limit at last has been reached and I thank you. The glass is shattered but what do the splinters reflect?" The title of this film is "when most people die, most children are born, and when nightmares come to us." The story of a painter who vanished on the island of Baltrum hunted by a pack of hounds, FTP name this horror film by Ingmar Bergman.

Answer: Vargtimmen; or Hour of the Wolf
003). {Eok} The Bon Jovi song Raise Your Hands is played as he is introduced sleeping at the controls of the Eagle 5, his flying Winnebago. Using the ring given to him by Yogurt, he switches Mega-Maid’s vacuum from suck to blow. After opening a fortune cookie, this “Hero for Hire” is informed that he is a genuine prince and free to marry Princess Vespa. Accompanied by his companion Barf, a half-man half-dog, FTP, what is this Spaceballs character played by Bill Pullman, who shares his name with a large U.S. state's nickname?

Answer: Prince Lone Star
004). Like its most famous song, this film has no kisses, the closest being behind the door, where an impersonator of Bill Robinson gets lipstick on his lips before putting black makeup on for shadow-dancing in "Bojangles of Harlem." Winner of the best song Oscar for 1936 is sung while Penny washes her hair, "The way you look tonight." The 6 minute-long stair sequence "Never gonna dance" took 48 takes and the bleeding feet of Ginger Rogers to complete. The joke is on the cuffs of Lucky Garnett's trousers, but the song we remember is sung in regard to "A fine romance with no kisses." FTP Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire dance what titular waltz in spring?

Answer: Swing Time
005). Founded in part by Lo Duca, its 2002 top ten list includes Kiarostami's Ten, while its 1951 and 1955 top ten lists include Renoir's The River and Hitchcock's Rear Window. Run by a Maoist collective in the 1970s, Daney and Rivette have served as editors for this publication that evolved from a film club in the Latin Quarter and Objectif 49. Admiring Hollywood films of Howard Hawks and Alfred Hitchcock, it was founded in 1951 by Jacques Doniol-Valcroze and Andre Bazin. FTP name this film magazine initially edited by Eric Rohmer best associated with the French New Wave.

Answer: Les Cahiers du Cinema; or Film Notebooks; accept equivalents
006). Its title is a reference to a 1937 film by Fritz Lang starring Sylvia Sidney and Henry Fonda. Being late from his own funeral, our hero attends a sumo wrestling match with the password "I love you." The Russian satellite Gemini is eaten and taken to an island volcano, and Bond must marry the beautiful Kiory in order to pass as a Japanese villager leading an expedition to Spectre's hideout. FTP name this 007 film whose title is Blofield's reply to Bond's remark "this is my 2nd life."

Answer: You Only Live Twice
007). {Eok} Not only is Roger Ebert interviewed on the DVD for this anime film, he proclaims “It belongs on any list of the greatest war films ever made.” A little fruit drop from her brother is often all it takes for Setsuko to quiet down. Taken in by their cruel aunt after their home is destroyed and mother killed during World War II bombings, Seita struggles to get enough food for himself and his sister by stealing or selling what he can. Directed by Isao Takahata, FTP, what titular place is created by Setsuko when the illuminating bugs die.

Answer: Grave of the Fireflies or Hotaru no haka
008). Although Sheldrake suggests the Betty Hutton vehicle It Happened in the Bullpen: Story of a Woman, the protagonist of this film insists that while his Bases Loaded might not win an Academy Award, it would be the perfect movie for Alan Ladd. Ms. Kramer Betty Schaefer needs help writing an untitled love story based on Dark Windows, but more famous is a showing of Queen Kelly while the out-of-focus actress plots not her comeback but her return. Where the body of Joe Gillis is found in a pool, FTP name this Billy Wilder film starring Gloria Swanson.

Answer: Sunset Boulevard
009). Nominated for an Oscar, it lost to "Three Coins in a Fountain." Used 15 times in the score of the movie in which it appears, it was recorded in two versions, one in a low key, sweet style, and the other in a loud, brassy style, with four bars of solo trombone and low humming signaling its beginning. Sung in the Downbeat Club, it suggests that the "dreams you dreamed have all gone astray." "The night is bitter, the stars have lost their glitter; the winds grow colder, suddenly you're older." "Ever since this world began, there's nothing sadder than; a one man woman looking for," FTP the titular subject in a song sung by Judy Garland in A Star Is Born.

Answer: "The Man That Got Away"
010). Variants of the phrase translated as "once again I advanced alone along the same corridors to meet you" appeared 6 times in this film, in which Alfred Hitchcock appears behind stairs amidst frozen people. A senseless solution is given: "take an even number, the smallest odd number, it is a logarithmic series, 7-5-3-1." A woman resembling Rebecca West is urged by a man resembling Johannes Rosmer to go away with him, as he suggested in Karlstadt, Baden-Salsa, or was it Frederiksbad, or the titular location? FTP name this Alain Resnais film written by Alain Robbe-Grillet.

Answer: L'annee derniere a Marienbad; or Last Year At Marienbad
011). {Eok} Performed by Robbie Williams, “A Man for All Seasons” is the catchy theme song for this movie. John Malkovich plays Pascal Sauvage, the new French heir to the British crown, who seeks to turn the island nation into the world’s prison. A joke in the movie features the all girl quartet, Bond, playing at a party. Natalie Imbruglia plays Lorna Campbell who helps the title character uncover the Sauvage’s plot. After killing all the other British agents accidentally, FTP, what film’s bumbling generically title character is played by Rowan Atkinson?

Answer: Johnny English
012). Victor Seastrom's silent film The Divine Woman starring Garbo; Murnau's 4 Devils, which had a synchronized musical score but still didn't satisfy demands for a talky; 1913's The Battle of Gettysburg; 1917's Cleopatra; the version of Anita Loos's Gentlemen Prefer Blondes that starred Ruth Taylor, and never maded to DVD; the sequel to Beau Geste starring Gary Cooper; Griffith's That Royle Girl; Edison's version of Frankenstein, which was later found in a private collection; the 2-color Technicolor The Rogue Song; 30 minutes of Cukor's A Star Is Born; much of von Stroheim's Greed; and FTP what happened to part of Orson Welles's The Magnificient Ambersons.

Answer: lost or missing films, or films that disappeared, or equivalents
013). A novelist who wants the copyright, including the Scandinavian, notes that "some of my best friends are women," then "some of my best friends are in concentration camps." She also takes off her gold bracelet to use as fish bait after swearing never to take it off. The German captain is killed by the gang after they find out that he has been secretly hiding water and food on board. Based on a John Steinbeck story, FTP name this Hitchcock film taking place on a vessel after a ship sank.

Answer: Lifeboat
014). Cinematographer Conrad Hall washed out the final image of this film to make it look like a still photo. Woodcock gets blasted by dynamite during the first hit on the flyer, but gets revenge during the second hit when the Superpossy chases down the outlaws, who escape by jumping into a rapid. Failing to conceal their identities at Fanny Porter's, they move to South America and try to get a job with Percy Garris as payroll guards. FTP name this pair of outlaws in a film by George Roy Hill.

Answer: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
015). {Eok} Purchased by Fox Searchlight for $2 million at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival, the film won its director, Catherine Hardwicke, the Best Director award. By stealing people’s purses and shoplifting clothes, Tracy temporarily wins the approval of Evie, until Evie has sex with the boy she likes. Starring the film’s co-writer, Nikki Reed, and Evan Rachel Wood, FTP, the nude scene was added at the request of Holly Hunter which might have contributed to her recent Oscar nomination for best supporting actress in what film about impressionable teenage girls?

Answer: Thirteen
016). Francois Truffaut pays respect to this film in Day For Night by dreaming of stealing its publicity stills as a youth. Its creator, who believes that life is 2% movie-making and 98% hustling, began tossing around the idea after considering filming Heart of Darkness with the narrator replaced by the camera. RKO began advertising showmanship instead of genius after the release of this "American" film. Louella Parsons came up with what she calls the most beautiful lawsuit in history after, FTP, Herman Mankiewicz gave a copy of this script to the nephew of Marion Davies.

Answer: Citizen Kane
017). The end of this film compares Jesus with the sadistic Duke of Blangis. Noting that "the tail is formed by a series of five prismatic joints," it is the story of Don X's affair with a woman who exclaims "what joy to have murdered our children!" She also asks the cow on her bed to move while he dumps a burning tree, a wooden giraffe, and a bishop out the window. Beginning with a scientific description of scorpions, FTP name this surreal Luis Bunuel film of modern times.

Answer: L'age d'or; or Age of Gold
018). It's where the "big parade goes on for years, a rhapsody of laughter and fears." Coming after the "Shuffle off to Buffalo," it's "where the underworld can meet the elite." A woman gets stabbed, two merchants go off with golf clubs, and an Indian statue dances here, "the part of little old NY that runs into time square." The main tap-dance routine goes to little-known Peggy Sawyer after the star breaks her ankle, forcing musical-comedy director Julian Marsh to desparate measures. "Come and meet those dancing feet, on the avenue I'm taking you to." FTP Busby Berkeley choreographed which "naughty gawdy bowdy [and] sporty" street number?

Answer: "42nd Street"
019). {Eok} This leader of the Desilijic crime family inherited much from his father, Zorba, and amassed an empire in the Outer Rim Territories. His sadistic acts have included feeding a Twi’lek [TWEE-leck] named Oola to a rancor monster kept below his palace. At the Great Pit of Carkoon, the execution of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo went wrong and ended with his death aboard his sail barge. The heavy-set employer of Boba Fett and Greedo, FTP, who is this crime lord found on Tatooine who was nearly choked to death by a bikini-clad Leia.

Answer: Jaba the Hutt (accept Jaba Desilijic Tiure)
020). D. W. Griffith said that he owed everything to this man. He was the first to light films from the side, thanks to the glass walls of his studio at Montreuil. Eternally a stage creator, he told the history of art from painting to drama to comedy and cinema in The Magic Lantern. His 1899 The Conjuror depicted him and his assistant vanishing into thin air and transforming into each other. FTP name this moviemaker who made fun of crazy professors in his 1902 A Trip to the Moon.

Answer: George Melies
021). Betting on Eager Beaver at the race tracks, the heroine, formerly known as Leslie St. James, and a member of the Screen Extras Guild, now has the rights to the name "Judy Cum." Snatch Happy got Linda Ash in the door, but she never appeared in Enchanted Salad, and when her boy friend finds out she's in the adult industry, she moves away to have Lenny Weinrib's child. FTP name this Woody Allen film that earned Mira Sorvino a best supporting actress Oscar, taking its title from the Greek goddess of love.

Answer: Mighty Aphrodite
022). In That's Dancing! this film is dubbed "everyone's other favorite musical." Seeing no difference between the magic rhythms of Bill Shakespeare's immortal verse and that of Bill Robinson's immortal feet, Jeff Cordova, who directed Man in the Mousetrap and starred in Oedipus Rex, aims to create a modern version of Faust. But Tony and Gabrielle realize it's the song and dance the public wants, and come up with "New sun in the sky," "Triplets," and "Louisiana Hayride." FTP name this Fred Astaire, Cyd Charisse musical that everyone should jump on when the local team wins.

Answer: The Band Wagon
023). {Eok} Denton Baxter, the owner of most of the surrounding land, hires men to attack the cattle drivers. Mose is killed; while Button, played by Diego Luna, is injured and brought to the home of Sue Barlow for care. Hallucinations of Charley’s past killings cause him to break Sue’s expensive tea set. Sheriff Poole and his men, under the orders of Baxter, attempt to drive off the unwanted free grazers, Boss Spearman and Charley. Featuring Annette Benning and Robert Duvall, FTP, what is this recent western starring and directed by Kevin Costner?

Answer: Open Range
024). A remark in this film is that "not all the jokes can be good, you gotta expect that once in a while." Claiming that his retirement will be his greatest contribution to science, an explorer visits Mrs. Rittenhouse, in whose rotten house Roscoe Chandler's painting, Beaugard's "After the Hunt," has been stolen by the Professor. Containing the line "One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas; how he got into my pajamas I don't know," spoken by Jeffrey T. Spaulding, FTP name this Marx Brothers film.

Answer: Animal Crackers
025). Here's a question on a film you've probably never seen, but hey, not all the questions can be good, you gotta expect that once in a while. Jeanne Moreau stars as the wife of a Nobel Prize winner who no longer has inspirations, only recollections. At Cherardini's party celebrating his horse's victory, Giovanni Pontano, played by Marcello Mastroianni, meets a girl, played by Monica Vitti, who's reading the book Sleepwalkers on the stairs. Giovanni and his wife can't figure out whether they are in love in, FTP this 1960 Michelangelo Antonioni film taking place in the evening.

Answer: La notte; or Night
026). Triumph of the Will is the most stupendous example of this, while animation is at the limit of its total use. In What Is Cinema?, Andre Bazin values the filmmaker who can create one that appears to be reality. Used as motifs in narrative films, it is studied in terms of setting, costume, lighting, and figure expression. Usually staged as opposed to unstaged, it emphasizes the setting as opposed to movement in time. FTP give this term meaning the arrangement of objects in front of the camera.

Answer: mise-en-scene
027). {Eok} A year after the incident, Angela accidentally walks into carpet store with her boyfriend to find Dad working there. Frank, played by Sam Rockwell, manages to convince Roy to swindle Chuck Frechette in currency exchange scheme. After an initial hesitation, Roy teaches Angela a small trick using a lottery ticket to take an old lady for several hundred dollars. Directed by Ridley Scott, FTP, what is this film where Nicholas Cage plays an obsessive compulsive con artist?

Answer: Matchstick Men
028). He made the musical Ants in Your Plants but is more famous for Hay Hay and the Hay Loft and the educational film Hold Back Tomorrow. Having married for a $12000 tax break, he couldn't get a divorce until his presumed death falling off a train solved that problem. While spending time at a hard labor camp, he saw a Mickey Mouse cartoon at a black church and realized that laughing is the only thing some people have in this cockeyed world. FTP name this director of O Brother Where Art Thou whose travels are chronicled in a Preston Sturges film.

Answer: John Lloyd Sullivan
029). The town of Presbyterian Church was built from scratch for this film, and every building is used in the climatic duel sequence, in which one of the title characters dies in the snow while the other smokes opium in a Chinese den. The songs "Reaching for the sky just to surrender" and "I'm not your lover" encapsulate a Edmund Naughton story about a gambler and a madame running a whore house in the frontier. FTP name this Robert Altman film starring Warren Beatty and Julie Christie.

Answer: McCabe and Mrs. Miller
030). The titular character had a "superhuman brain" and believed that "the object of crime is to spread horror." With a screenplay by Thea von Harbou, its most famous scene is Hofmeister gone insane imagining himself calling inspector Lohmann, played by Otto Wernicke. The titular inhabitant of Baum's asylum scribbled notes on how to successfully execute crimes and exported them via a microphone behind a curtain to his underlings. FTP name this Fritz Lang film about the last will of a lunatic.

Answer: Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse; or The Testament of Dr. Mabuse
031). {Eok} Here to promote her film with Keanu, Kelly, played by Anna Faris, checks into the hotel under the pseudonym Evelyn Waugh. John, a rock photographer who spends time with Kelly and his band, shuns Charlotte leaving her time to visit temples and the hotel lounge. More intensity and posing like the Rat Pack are the cues Bob receives from the photographers while promoting Suntory whiskey. Winning a best original screenplay Oscar for Sofia Coppola, FTP, in what is this film starring Scarlett Johanssen and Bill Murray?

Answer: Lost In Translation
032). Tallyrand arrives at the castle of Finckenstein to sign off Grand Duchy of Warsaw for an independent Poland. Based on a Waclaw Gasiorowski novel, it ends at the port of Rochefort where the father refuses to take his forgotten son along. Earlier, that son, led by his mother Marie, visited his father at Elba, where Marie agrees to deliver a message for his return to France. FTP Charles Boyer played Napoleon and Greta Garbo played Polish Countess Marie Walewska in this film about domination.

Answer: Conquest; accept Marie Walewska before it is mentioned
033). 1408's "Holiday" is about carnal love. 1405's "Theophanes the Greek" notes that more knowledge is more sorrow. On account of killing a soldier to save the idiot girl, he vows to never speak again, until Boris cries in his lap after making a bell that rings despite not obtaining his father's recipe, connecting back to 1400's "Jesters." 1408's "The Last Judgment" never gets painted because it disgusts the titular artist. FTP name this film by Andrei Tarkovsky about a Russian icon painter.

Answer: Andrey Rublyov; or Andrei Rublev
034). The plots are always: disillusioned private eye entertains femme fatale, and because of sexual attraction or greed, he commits vicious acts, and at the end, both he and she are punished. Robert Altman's The Long Goodbye derives from it and Steve Martin's Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid is a parody of it, while the last example is Orson Welles's Touch of Evil. Coined by Nino Frank, it derived from a series of hard-boiled detective fiction. FTP give this French term describing shadows in movies.

Answer: film noir
035). {Eok} Peter asks Mark to be nice to Juliet but he has always been in love with her, even filming her every move at her wedding. Sam finally gets a kiss from Joanne at the airport. Colin, believing American women will appreciate him, ends up in an orgy with 4 women in Milwaukee. John works up the nerve to ask Just Judy out despite both being nude stand-ins. Karen is heartbroken when she receives a Joni Mitchell CD instead of the necklace Harry bought for Mia. Billy Mack ends up spending Christmas Eve with his manager, Joe. The Prime Minister ends up kissing Natalie at a school play. FTP, all these resolutions are found in what recent Richard Curtis romantic comedy?

Answer: Love Actually
036). He noted that "thinking is for the gloopy ones," and loved to read the Big Book and sing hymn 258: "I was a warcraze sheep" while in prison. He got into some "extreme nastiness" on a drive to the country, and is later arrested at the Cat Lady's. After the government secured him suitable job at suitable salary, he felt he "was cured alright" of that punishing music he endured while sitting like a cooperative mouchie on a chair of torture. FTP name this young man whose principal interests are Beethoven and ultraviolence, in Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange.

Answer: Alex; prompt on A Clockwork Orange
037). According to the trailer of this cinemascope 55 feature, it has a "tremendous cast," including the man who re-enacts his performance on Broadway for a best actor Oscar. Based on a play by Margaret Landon, it contains the most utterances of the phrase "et cetera" in any movie. Rita Moreno plays Tuptim, who stages Uncle Tom's Cabin with a Buddha. Noting that the British is not scientific enough for the use of chopsticks, Mongkut hires Anna to teach his 106 children tunes like "Getting to know you" and "Shall we dance?" FTP name this Rodgers and Hammerstein musical starring Deborah Kerr as Anna Leonowens and Yul Brynner as the monarch of Siam.

Answer: The King and I
038). The lack of camera movement in this film can be attributed to the filmmaker's belief that in the perpetual motion of modern life, beauty is found standing still. The children of an elderly couple send them to a noisy, crowded spa to save money, but they return early with no place to stay. Tomi stays with her widowed daughter-in-law, their only genuine and sympathetic child, while Shikishi gets drunk at a bar. The Hirayamas' visit to the city had been disappointing because their pediatrician son is busy on an emergency call while their daughter Shige has to work at her beauty salon. FTP name this Yasujiro Ozu tale taking place in the capital of Japan.

Answer: Tokyo monogatari; or Tokyo Story
039). {Eok} Both he and Veasey, a sinful former preacher, are captured when Junior turns them in. Veasey ends up being killed and this protagonist manages to escape from the prisoners’ chain gang. The lady waiting for him had a haunting vision of him where he returns but is surrounded by crows, portending death. The role of this character was originally offered to Tom Cruise who turned it down, which incidentally led to the signing of Kidman to the role of Ada, his love. Played by Jude Law, FTP, who is this Confederate soldier who deserts the army to return to Cold Mountain?

Answer: W. P. Inman
040). The titular character is tortured with a cigarette lighter and Mao Zedong's little red book, so he escapes by jumping out the window: luckily it was the ground floor. Noting that women are concerned with life, and men with death, it quotes Lenin: "ethics is the aesthetics of the future." Bruno Forestier must fight alone against Arab agents with the help of a Russian girl who may be an informer, played by Anna Karina. Strong enough to cut a path with a dagger, FTP name this Jean-Luc Godard film starring Michel Subor as a miniscule GI in the spy ring.

Answer: Le petit soldat; or The Little Soldier

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