Amistad: Anti-Slavery Characters Cinque

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AMISTAD: Anti-Slavery Characters


The main character from Africa who was captured as a slave. He only speaks Mende.

(Djimon Hounsou)

Roger Sherman Baldwin

A young attorney who agrees to represent Cinque.

(Matthew McConaughey)

John Quincy Adams

Former President of the US, who is a little crazy, but has wisdom. He also us a former lawyer, and will represent the 44 Africans at the end of the film.

(Sir Anthony Hopkins)

Theodore Joadson

An educated freedman who is an abolitionist, dedicates his life to end slavery. Helps Cinque and the other Africans

(Morgan Freeman)

Mr. Tappan

A Christian abolitionist who wants to end slavery

(Stellan Skarsgard)

AMISTAD: Pro-Slavery Characters

Queen Isabella II

The Queen of Spain. She is still very young and easily influenced by her advisors. Spain still engages in slavery. She claims the slaves are hers, since La Amistad is a Spanish ship.

(Anna Paquin)

President Martin Van Buren

The current President of the United States. Does not actually want to have anything to do with this issue because it will cause conflict between North/South.

(Nigel Hawthorne)

John C. Calhoun

Southern Senator and the Spanish Ambassador. He supports slavery. He warns the President that if he goes along with abolishment, the South will have to go to war.

(Arliss Howard)

John Forsyth

Secretary of State who wants to sentence the 44 Africans into slavery

(David Paymer)

William S. Holabird

The District Attorney who wants to sentence the 44 Africans into slavery

(Pete Postlewaite)

AMISTAD: Other Important Characters

Senor Ruiz

One of the slave traders sailing La Amistad.

(Geno Silva)

James Covey

An officer in the Royal Navy and a former slave. He is originally from West Africa and can act as a translator because he speaks Mende.

(Chiwetel Ejiofor)


Second leader from West Africa, and Cinque’s main rival for leadership; He is eventually converted to Christianity by the Americans.

(Razaaq Adoti)

Judge Coglin

The judge in the courtroom, who ultimately feels the Africans should be returned to Africa.

(Jeremy Northam)

Captain Fitzgerald

British naval commander assigned to patrol the West Africa coastline to enforce the British Empire's anti-slavery policies.

(Peter Firth)
Judge Joseph Story

The Judge in the Supreme Court rules in the court case.

(Harry Blackmun)

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