American Studies Organized Crime & Outlaws

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American Studies

Organized Crime & Outlaws
Welcome to the world of organized crime. For your project you will choose a gangster or outlaw from the 1920s and 30s and research their life.
Contents to include

Where were they born?

Where did they live?

How and/or why did they become a gangster or outlaw?

What are some significant events from their criminal history?

How did they meet their demise? Were they captured? Imprisoned? Executed?

(Think about the type of information you heard on Al Capone video)
Once you’ve collected your information you will write from the point of view of either a police officer or the gangster/outlaw themselves.
Examples of how you could portray your information:
Point of view police officer:

  • Write a police report

  • Telling a story of a stakeout

Point of view of the gangster/outlaw:

  • You are being interviewed for a biography

  • Writing journal entries over a period of time

  • Keeping detailed records of your life for future apprentices

If you have any other ideas for how you would like to demonstrate knowledge and information ask me.

You must include a picture of your criminal

Story Writing : Organized Crime and Outlaws











Accuracy of Facts

All facts presented in the story are accurate.



There are several factual errors in the story.


The story flows from beginning to end with organized paragraphs and proper voice.



The information seems to be randomly arranged.

Significant Events


The writing contained at least 5 significant events related to the person being presented



The writing contained no significant events


Writing includes works cited page with correct MLA format. Any website you use for information you NEED to cite



Writing does not include works cited page


The writing includes all necessary information to best portray their gangster/outlaw.



The writing does not include any of the necessary information


For more ideas check out:

If you have any other ideas please run them by Digmann/Rogers

You may not do AL CAPONE

Frank Uale

George Remus

Johnny Torrio

“Big Jim” Colosimo

John “Red” Hamilton

John Dillinger

Bonnie and Clyde

Bugs Moran

Edward "Eddie" J. Adams (1887-1921)

Gordon Alcorn

George "Dutch" Anderson (1879-1925)

Ashley Gang

John H. Ashley (1895-1924)

Theodore "Blackie" Audett

Abe Axler

Vito Genovese

Dutch Schultz

Jack "Legs" Diamond

Bugsy Siegel

Charles "Lucky" Luciano

Frank Costello

Jackie Cerone, "Jackie the Lackey"

Frank Nitti, "The Enforcer"

Antonio Caponigro, "Tony Bananas"

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