American Studies Geography Festivals Mr. Popovich Objective: Knowledge of cultural festivals from around the world. Background

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American Studies

Geography Festivals

Mr. Popovich
Objective: Knowledge of cultural festivals from around the world.
Background: The Geography Festivals Activity will be a 150-point assignment that will provide comprehension of different cultures form around the world! It will be done in groups of three to four people. You will not be allowed to choose your own groups. Once you have met your group, exchange phone numbers with those people, because some work outside of class will be necessary. Remember: I reserve the right to change any member of your group or your entire group, if I think it is in the best interests of learning.

The Process: You will have three full class days to work on this project in class. I will provide supplies such as colored pencils, glue sticks, markers, scissors, and rulers for you to work with in class. You will need one piece of white butcher paper (22” X 28”). You will receive a piece of paper from Mr. Popovich. You may buy a piece of poster board from the book store if you do not want to use butcher paper. Each group member’s name should be written neatly on the back of the butcher paper. Everything on your butcher paper should be neatly written and spelled correctly.
The Research: First, you must find information and pictures for your festival. YOU MUST READ the handout given to you as a group. Then, more information may be found on the Internet, in the school library or public library. You will have to draw the pictures of find them on your own. Do not use this as an excuse for not being able to find pictures. Any Information can be found in outside books such as: atlases, encyclopedias, and magazines. Make copies of pictures that show the culture of your festival.
Graphic Designer- Responsible for the overall look and organization of the banner. Lead discussion, takes notes, and contributes ideas during the brainstorming session. Make sure visuals accurately represent the festival. Leads in the production of the banner. You will also find additional information about the festival from textbooks or the library. Helps with answering questions.
Illustrator- Creates or finds a copy of the map of where the festival is. Creates visuals for the banner. Helps brainstorm ideas for the project. Creates a rough sketch of the collage for the teacher to review. Assists in the final production.
Paraphraser/Researcher- Helps the group understand the information given in the handout. Helps brainstorm ideas for the banner. Makes sure the most important ideas are included on the banner. Leads a discussion on how to restate the information about the festival so classmates can understand it. Assists in the final production of the collage.

Celebrations around the world activity

The Steps: Check off each step as it is finished.

  1. You are going to create a banner for your celebration. The banner must have 10 pictures from the celebration (party), the name of the party, your answers on the poster, and an explanation of the celebration. There will be no computer time for this. You have three days to work on this.

  1. Draw a map of where your celebration is held. Use the American Studies book map section to find the country.

  1. Cut out at least 10 pictures from magazines, newspapers, travel brochures, or pictures you have copied from a book or the Internet. Your may draw all of the pictures yourself if desired. Glue them onto your poster surrounding your map.

  1. All of these pictures should be about your celebration.

  1. Number each picture. Write or type a description of each pricture on a piece of paper with the corresponding number from the front of the poster. Glue these on the back.

  1. Next, you must think of something to make to pass out to the class so they can be a part of the celebration. You can make hats, bracelets, or anything else. If you pass out food you have to double check with me. You must also have something for them to do at your booth. For example you can create board games, puzzles, quiz games, or any other type of game that they think will be both fun and educational. We will not present but go around the room and share our celebrations.

Answer the following questions on your poster:

  1. Where does this celebration take place? Is it a countrywide celebration, or a regional or local event (such as Mardi Gras in New Orleans)?

  2. How long does this celebration usually last, and how often does it take place?

  3. Is this celebration new or old? What is its history? Is the festival held for a specific event?

  4. What makes this celebration specific to its location? Could you find a celebration exactly like it in any other part of the world? Why or why not?

  5. What traditions or customs are associated with this celebration?

  6. Are there any songs, chants, or poems associated with this celebration? If so, what?

  7. Do many visitors or tourists come to celebrate with the locals? Why or why not?

Celebrations Project Sign-Up Sheet – Period 1 2 3 4 5 6

Gaucho Festival-Argentina Carnival (Latin America)

Cowboy Mardi Gras

1. _________________ 1. _________________

2. _________________ 2. _________________

3. _________________ 3. _________________

Chinese New Year Day of the Dead- Mexico

Fireworks Ancestor Festival- Skeletons

1. _________________ 1. _________________

2. _________________ 2. _________________

3. _________________ 3. _________________

Guy Fawkes Night- England Holi- India

Fireworks & Bonfires Festival of Colors

1. _________________ 1. _________________

2. _________________ 2. _________________

3. _________________ 3. _________________
Songkran- Thailand Queen’s Day- Netherlands

Asian Easter & April Fools Day Queens B-day, shopping, music, orange

1. _________________ 1. _________________

2. _________________ 2. _________________

3. _________________ 3. _________________

Basant -India Australia Day

Kite Festival Independence Day for Australia

1. _________________ 1. _________________

2. _________________ 2. _________________

3. _________________ 3. _________________

Name ___________________ Period ___________________

Celebrations Project Rubric

Name of Celebration (Capitalized & spelled correctly) 5 pts. ______

Celebration Description 10 pts. _____

Map of Celebration Locations 10 pts. ______

Questions Answered (3 pts each answer) 21 pts. ______

Pictures used and descriptions(Between colored/printed/2 pts each) 20 pts. ______

Game 24 pts ______

All work is neat 30 pts. ______

Extra Credit Food/Music/Costume ______

Contributed fair share of the workload to the team 25 pts. ______

Followed directions, worked quietly and cooperatively in class 25 pts. ______


TOTAL POINTS ______ / 170

World Geography Name:_______________________________

Celebrations Notes

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