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  1. Road to Revolution ( – Play the PBS Game Road to Revolution. Make sure to read the information as you play the game. As you play, important historical people and events will be mentioned. Take notes on them as you progress through the activity. There should be a minimum of 10 items in the box below. You will need to know this information as you move to the timeline activity.

Important facts about the historical person or event

  1. Use the following link ( and examine the timeline of the American Revolution. Select 10 events that you think are important part of the history of the American Revolution. 1) Make sure to read the headings on the timeline you will be responsible for filling in each section. 2) Five of the events you select need to have been mentioned in the Road to Liberty activity. Use your notes to guide you in your selection of events. 3) As you fill in the timeline the events should be listed in chronological order.

When (and Where)

did the event happen?

What happened?

Why is it Important?

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