American Revolution Era Sites

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American Revolution Era Sites:
The Papers of George Washington Digital Edition; and George Washington Papers at the Library of Congress, 1741-1799

The complete George Washington Papers collection held at the Manuscript Division at the Library of Congress. A rich source of information on colonial life and early American history.

Battle Lines: Letters from America’s Wars

An electronic exhibit consisting of a collection of letters between soldiers and their families. Organized by enlisting, comforts of home, love, combat and the end of the war. Broad coverage from the American Revolution to the Iraq War. Letters convey the humanistic aspect of war and can be used as an excellent teaching tool. Audio files are also available for the classroom. This is a great teaching tool and offesr a way to alter the medium of learning. ;

Thomas Jefferson Papers; and Thomas Jefferson Digital Archive

Collections of Thomas Jefferson’s papers that detail many aspects of life in colonial America. A timeline of the life of Jefferson is available. Links to outside sources are available for any information that is not on the site itself. Easy to use and navigate. A great resource for teachers and high school students. Perfect for researchers who now have access to primary source letters.

Monticello – The Home of Thomas Jefferson

Biography and timeline of the life of Thomas Jefferson. Includes education resources for both teachers and students.

George Washington: A National Treasure

A historic tour of the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery. A traveling exhibition that goes cross country to share the experience of the nations first President. Website includes links to the portrait itself, the life of George Washington and a special section devoted to kids.

Colonial Williamsburg

The official site for Colonial Williamsburg, the site is classroom accessible with a section designated for teacher resources. Introduction into 18th century Anglo-America, with different areas to explore on the site.

American Memory Timeline - The American Revolution

Teaching resources from the Library of Congress that explore the American Revolution. A wide range of topics from the British reforms that led to the war, to the effects of the war on the home.

PBS- The American Revolution - Liberty!

A teachers guide to the American Revolution, including six different lessons. Links to information on daily lives on people of the period, military perspectives, and important battles of the war.

The Innovative Teaching Newsletter - The American Revolution

A collection of resources for teaching the American Revolution. Timelines, the Federalist Paper's and the Treaty of Paris are highlighted.

TeacherVision - Teaching American History: Teacher Resources

A website with a collection of resources that look at American History. Lessons are separated by topic and grade level. Examines American History in its entirety with printable lesson plans.

The American Revolution and Its Era: Maps and Charts of North America 1750-1789

A collection of maps and charts that examine the era of the American Revolution. Contains upwards of 2,000 maps and charts. Explanations on how to interpret the data and details on the material are provided.

Web Guides: The American Revolution and The New Nation 1763-1815

A list of primary source documents of the era. The Federalist Papers, The Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation are highlighted.

American Revolution Primary Sources

Collection of primary source documents from speeches to political cartoons. Eyewitness accounts to the Boston Massacre, the Petition to the King, and images of colonial currency are among the collection.  

The Avalon Project - 18th Century Documents - 1700-1799

Documents from law, history and diplomacy from the 18th century.

A Treasury of Primary Source Documents

A collection of primary sources chronicling early American history. Works contribute information on the formation of American politics, culture, and ideals.

From Revolution to Reconstruction

An index of primary sources and transcripts pertaining to American History. Sources broken up by date, 1751-1800

Spy Letters of the American Revolution

A collection of spy letters. Stories, techniques, a timeline and teachers resources can be seen.

E-Notes: American Revolution

Information on the American Revolution. Includes a lesson plans, biographies and links to other information.

A Guide to the American Revolution on the Web

Online resources for the history, battles, and documents of the American Revolution.

American Revolution: Information Sites

A collection of links that are directed at the history of the American Revolution. Includes online media files, historic biographies, and teaching resources.

The American Revolution - web links

Web links to information on the American Revolution, primary sources and web links to specific information on people, places and events of the era.

From Colonies to Revolution: Discovery, Exploration, Colonies & Revolution

A collection of sites that examine early American history up to the American Revolution. Timelines, maps, and primary source documents are seen. Look at colonial daily life, causes, life of a soldier and more about the American Revolution. Interesting look at women and minorities during the era.

The American Revolution: "The Web's-Best Student, Teacher and Parent Reference Resource

An extensive collection of links that include teacher guides, historic websites and information pertaining to the American Revolution. Videos, photos, and primary sources of the time can be viewed. - Documents from the Revolution and Constitutional eras, specifically, from the American Memory Project - Early American Images website--a great source of images from the beginnings of America, which are often hard to find, which are useful in making vodcasts (video podcasts)
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