American Nurses in Vietnam

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Lisa Roth

Taylor Falkey


American Nurses in Vietnam


There were many brave American nurses who served in the Vietnam War, all of which were volunteer. There were untold numbers of Red Cross nurses who helped out in the war. The nurses saved many brave people's lives and risked their own life being in the middle of a war while trying to care for the wounded. Although they may have been scared about being in the middle of a war, they braved it out and cared for as many wounded soldiers as they could. They were just as brave as the fighting soldiers in the war.


  1. How did American nurses risk their lives in the war?

  2. What were the three categories of Red Cross nurses in the Vietnam War?

  3. What does SMH nurses stand for?

  4. Describe what the SMH nurses did during the war.

  5. How many U.S. Army nurses served in Vietnam between 1962 and 1973?

  6. What year had the largest number of U.S. Nurses who served in Vietnam?

  7. What were most American nurses scared of?

  8. In what conditions did the nurses have to do surgery?

  9. Which support staff assignments did nurses in Vietnam serve in the war?



After reading all about American nurses in Vietnam on the different websites, we have gained a lot of respect for the nurses and all the other people who served in the Vietnam War. It was interesting to read about what the nurses went through and what kind of situations they had to handle in the middle of a war. They were all very brave to put their lives at risk to help others in the war. But these nurses pushed passed all the dangerous situations they were in, and were just as brave as the fighting soldiers.

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