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American Literature


50 points TEST grade
Directions: Select ONE of the following prompts below, whichever meets your learning style best. Your final project will be due on Friday November 14, NO EXCEPTIONS! If you are absent that day, send it with someone else. I will not take it any later than 3:30 on the due date. BE RESPONSIBLE!
Want EXTRA CREDIT?? If you turn in the project on Wednesday November 12, you will receive 5 extra points! If you turn in the project on Thursday November 13, you will receive 3 extra points!

  1. There are multiple cases of irony in the play. Select THREE such cases and draw a small sketch or cartoon that depicts the events at that “moment of surprise” the audience experiences in each case. Three cases; three pieces of art. On the back of each sketch / cartoon, explain in a few sentences how that particular situation is ironic. Determine if it is verbal, dramatic or situational irony. PLEASE ONLY COMPLETE THIS CHOICE IF YOU ARE A TRUE ARTIST!

  1. Make a comparison between the hysteria of the Salem Witch Trials and at least TWO of the following: Americans’ views toward Japanese after the bombing of Pearl Harbor; Americans’ view toward people of Middle Eastern descent after the attacks of September 11; Americans’ view towards Native Americans during the Western Expansion across the North American Continent. Create a Compare / Contrast chart for each example and write a one page thorough explanation of each chart. Two charts; two explanations.

  1. Compose a scene occurring after Act IV (after John Proctor dies). This scene should follow the format of Arthur Miller’s drama including a description of the setting, stage directions and dialogue. This should be at least two pages in length, 12 font SINGLE-SPACED. Strive to match Arthur Miller’s language and make sure that it makes sense following Act IV. Prove your knowledge of the entire play!

  1. Choose a quotation or short passage from The Crucible that you believe represents the heart or central theme of the play. Then print it neatly above or incorporate it into a colorful, eye-catching and artistically skilled painting or drawing of your own creation that depicts the scene or illustrates the idea of your quotation / passage. A one page explanation of your artwork needs to be included. PLEASE ONLY COMPLETE THIS CHOICE IF YOU ARE A TRUE ARTIST!

  1. Create a typewritten chart listing at least TEN (10) LITERARY DEVICES used in the play. For each of the literary devices, provide the definition of the device, a quotation (with correct citation) showing the use of the device, and an explanation for the effect of the device (how does the literary device affect the reader of the play?). A four column chart would be advisable. An alphabetical list of literary devices can be found on my website:, American Literature page.

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