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Philadelphia, September 1912

Alice Paul – Quaker; Doctorate from University of Pennsylvania – Hillary Swank
Alice Paul & Lucy Burns met in England.
Were women able to vote in state elections before national elections?
At the beginning of the movie how many states had given women the right to vote?
Rev. Anna Howard Shaw – President of the NAWSA – National American Women Suffrage Association – Carrie Chatman Call is her right-hand man.
The passage of a Constitutional Amendment is not a realistic goal – Anna Howard Shaw told Lucy Burns and Alice Paul. It is in the future but not now. We need more states.
Susan B. Anthony petitioned for a Constitutional amendment in 1868.
Rev. Shaw worked with Elizabeth Stanton and Susan B. Anthony
Alice Paul wants to have a parade in March for the Women’s Suffrage Movement. It is the day Woodrow Wilson arrives for his inauguration. (1.) Guaranteed a crowd (2.) publicity from the newspapers.
The English gave women’s suffrage a bad name – throwing bricks etc.
Rev. Anna Howard Shaw does not approve how the English obtained the right to vote. Have your parade she said.
Must obtain a permit to have their suffrage parade.
Lucy Burns – “I think a thousand marching women means more than 10,000 signatures on a piece of papers.” Marching shows we are serious.
Alice Paul – 146 women died in a factory fire. Where’s the fire escape? Laws are made by elected officials… A fire escape can be required by law. A vote is a fire escape. The ruling class are those that have a voice and that voice is a vote. No one hears you!
Roza Wenclawska grabs flyers and starts helping Burns & Paul. She translates it in the language of the workers.
Mabel Vernon played hockey with Alice Paul. The secretary for the headquarters.

Police want them to have the parade on a different date and will not guarantee them police protection – a women’s place is in the home.

Ida Wells-Barnett African American Chicago delegation requests that African Americans march with everyone else not as a separate group. Alice Paul said that southern suffrage groups threatened to withdraw. “Dress up prejudice and call it politics”.
Doris Stevens is greeting people on the sidewalk and greets a politician’s wife (Emily Clayton).
The women were considered to be rebellious – smoking, stockings, drinking out of a flask, lusting after men, driving, flipping people off, wearing pants, etc. How did the movie drive this point home?
Wyoming was the first state to give women the right to vote.
“I haven’t the head for politics” – Emily Leighton
Women complain they call it hysteria and they rush to get the doctor.
Patrick Dempsey – Ben Weissman; works for the Washington Post
Inez Milholland – Alice Paul wants her to lead their parade on horse back.
Alice Paul describes the old suffragists as stout old maid with facial hair – a woman with child, always serving. She describes the new suffragists as single, young, independent educated and beautiful.
Alice Paul sees Ben as a way to publicize their rally.
Alice’s desk was Susan B. Anthony’s, from the old headquarters. It’s haunted. Lucy Burns tells Alice to ask the desk how they will get the amendment. Alice says the desk answers ‘JUST DO IT’.
How were the women suffragists treated during their parade? What were they called? They were disrespected, called men – what’s under your skirt?
Front page, above the fold – their parade made front page news. 100 people in the hospital and you call that lucky Ms. Paul. The police were accused of being negligent.

Carrie Chatman Call is not as encouraged as Alice Paul.

They meet with President Wilson. He said there are more pressing issues like tariff reform.
In the movie theater, Alice Paul discusses with Lucy Burns how they need a separate committee that is dedicated to the national amendment. A committee separate from Carrie Chatman Call and Anna Howard Shaw.
Lobbyists – the women begin pressuring Congress.
Senator Leighton discusses with his wife how the amendment made it out of committee and was voted down. She asks why. He says because women have their hands full at home taking care of the children.
Alice Paul’s new fundraising committee – she is calling it Congressional Union. The advisory members are: Helen Keller, Harriet Blatch, Phoebe Harts. She has hand picked our best fundraisers. Alice Paul also started a newspaper (The Suffragists) and within it she is encouraging women to boycott Wilson.
Cameron House Headquarters – Mrs. Emily Leighton shows up to make a donation and Alice Paul asks her to type something. Alice Paul and Emily have words and Alice tells her that women like you are worse than Anti-suffragists because you perpetuate the lie everyday at breakfast.
Alice Paul meets Ben for dinner at Francisco’s. She is surprised when Ben isn’t seated, but his son is there. He asks her to tie his shoe. Why was this a big deal? She came back early. Lucy asks why?
How old is Lucy? She is contemplating being her age and alone with no children.
25,343.88 - Why hasn’t any of that money been forwarded to the National Treasury?
Carrie Call makes a motion to suspend all activity until an investigation unauthorized spending and it is seconded. Alice Paul says I don’t want to fight with other women. Burns tells Paul that Call called her a thief. Burns says that NAWSA is not giving them any other choice but to split with them.
What does Alice Paul scribble on a napkin? Woman Suffrage Party – National Suffrage Party NSP – Woman’s Party NWP
They split and call themselves the NWP – the national women’s party. They don’t align themselves with any existing party. Single platform party to advocate the women’s suffrage amendment.
Union Station, Washington D.C. 1916 – they are going to CA. Inez Milholland tells Alice she can not go to CA. Alice talks her into it. They are heading west to encourage women voters to not vote for democrats if they don’t support women’s suffrage amendment.
Ben takes Alice out driving. He teaches her how to drive and dance.
Senator Leighton is angry at his wife for contributing to the NSP. He threatens to close her account. He is a democratic Senator.
What is wrong with Inez Milholland? She dies…pernicious anemia
What other huge issue is Wilson dealing with during his presidency & reelection?
Wilson wins election, the democrats gain control over the Congress and Inez Milholland dies.
Alice Paul goes back home to grieve. She thinks about giving up. She blames herself for Milholland’s death. Her mother said “you put your hand to the plow you finish the row”.
Lucy visits Alice to talk her into returning to the movement.
Scene 10

January 10, 1917

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