American government course syllabus

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Supplemental Reading: The Federalist Papers by Hamilton, Jay, Madison

(will be studied throughout the year)

Congress - The Electoral Connection by David R. Mayhew

Elections of 2004 by Michael Nelson

Presidential Powers and the Modern President by Richard E. Neustadt

The Supreme Court and Constitutional Democracy by John Agresto

Notes of Debates in the Federal Convention of 1787 by James Madison

The Founders’ Constitution, Volume I Major Themes edited by Philip B. Kurland & Ralph Lerner

Constitution of the United States

Supreme Court Cases

School library resources will also be used.

Miscellaneous articles collected and presented by your teacher throughout the year.
Textbook reading Quizzes

Additional required reading Tests

Taking notes Comprehensive Final Exam

Daily Participation Small group work

Follow-up questions (involving teamwork, cooperation, and creativity)

Vocabulary and identification words Large-scale group projects

Worksheets Writing papers(includes written responses to videos shown)


Academic dishonesty is considered a serious offense and will involve parents being notified each time a violation is reported to a principal. Academic dishonesty and plagiarism occur in many situations and will absolutely NOT be tolerated. Academic dishonesty includes but is not limited to unauthorized copying any section of any assignment or assessment. (Both the individual “copying” homework AND THE STUDENT WHO GIVES ANOTHER THEIR COMPLETED HOMEWORK are considered to be in violation). Plagiarism, improper or illegal downloading of information from the Internet, CD ROM programs, and any misrepresentation of work not completed by the student is also considered academic dishonesty and consequences will be strictly enforced. Consequences will be a failing grade for the assignment or assessment and may include detention, Saturday school, reverse suspension, and out-of-school suspension. Repeat violations of academic dishonesty individually and collectively may result in a failing grade for the quarter and/or removal from the class for the year with a failing grade. Consequences will be strictly enforced.

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