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Spawning Trap

Design and construction of a plexiglas spawning trap to capture the eggs of egg-scattering fishes.

1978 Oct-Dec
Gebhardt, Bruce

Minutemen in Action

A collecting trip account in Stow Town Forest, Massachusetts.

Scoggins, Bill N.

The Native Fish Book Review

Review of the book Fishes of the World.

Gebhardt, Bruce


Discovery of the town of Welaka, FL, while searching for the bluenose shiner.

Patterson, Michael J.

Notropis [Cyprinella] venustus II: A Chance Observation of Breeding Habits

Observation of spawning in a stream and the subsequent raising of the fry in an aquarium.

Stegall, Mike

Collecting Last Summer

Account of a collecting trip near Jackson, MS.

Brill, John S.

Practical Considerations for Collecting

Good tips about fish collecting.

1979 July

News Item

Endangered Fishes in Texas and Utah

Update on listing of three fishes as endangered.

Goggin, Patricia

The Pine Barrens: An Oasis Protected

Description of the ecology and urbanization of the Pine Barrens.

News Item

Native Fishes Book Review - New Publications

Review of the booklet Endemic Fishes of the Colorado River System-- A Status Report.

Coffey, Robert J.

Meet a NANFA Member: Robert J. Coffey

A member tells how he became interested in native fishes.

Brittan, Martin R.

Carl Leavett Hubbs 1894-1979

Announcement of the passing of Dr. Carl Hubbs.

Baugh, Tom

Color Change in the Olympic Mudminnow

Color phases of the Olympic mudminnow may be a result of substrate color.

Baugh, Thomas M.

Food Preference of the Olympic Mudminnow

Food preferences of the Olympic mudminnow.

Castro, Alfred D.

Native Killifishes

List of the killifish of North America.

1980 Winter

Pister, E. P.

The Desert Fishes Council

Description of the origin and purposes of the Desert Fishes Council.

Garcia, Nancy

A Spawning of Etheostoma nigrum

Spawning and feeding johnny darters in aquaria.

Pappantoniou, Antonios

A General Overview of Fish Behavior

General overview of fish behavior.

Kenney, William R.

Ecological Zonation in the Aquarium

The importance of understanding the biological needs of fishes in aquaria, rather than just their physical environmental needs.

Pitts, Jim

Collecting Fishes in an Urban Environment

Habitats and their associated fishes around Louisville, Ky.

McAllister, D. E.

Rare or Endangered Canadian Fishes

List of rare and endangered fishes of Canada; reprinted from The Canadian Field-Naturalist.

News Item

Tellico Dam Gets Go-Ahead

Summary of the Tellico Dam (of snail darter fame) project to date.

News Item

Endangered Dace Habitat

Notice is given that a report on the status of the Kendall Warm Springs dace (WY) has been published.

News Item

Humpback Chub Recovery Plans

USFWS recovery plans for the humpback chub are summarized in this very short article.

Soltz, David L.

Our Disappearing Desert Fishes

Rare desert fishes-- their habitat and plight; reprinted from the Nature Conservancy News.

Sanchez, Peter G.

MX Missile System: An Urgent Letter from the Desert Fishes Council

Letter from the Desert Fishes Council to NANFA members about MX Missile System proposal; includes lists of affected fishes.

1980 Jan (Lateral Line)

Corcoran, Gerald C.

How to Collect Natives by Really Trying, and Trying…

Account of mishaps encountered by the Marine Education Center in Biloxi, Miss, while trying to replenish its fish collection.

McKeel, Herman

The History of Ichthyology

A brief history of ichthyology, from Aristotle to present.

Corcoran, Gerald C.

Swapping Natives

Aquarium rearing of the starhead topminnow.

McCready, Alan M.

Desert Fishes Council Eleventh Annual Symposium

Summary of papers and research presented at the Desert Fishes Council Symposium.

1980 Feb (Lateral Line)
Corcoran, Gerald C.

Spawning Natives

Effects of chemical, thermal and visual shock on fish in aquaria.

1980 Mar (Lateral Line)
Goldstein, Bob

Report on Shipping Darters and Killies in Winter

Tips on mailing fish.

Trout, A.

Notropis incognito

Pursuit of an unknown shiner species in eastern Pennsylvania.

1980 Spring

Langhammer, James K.

The Lost Treasure of the Aztecs

Introduction to species of goodeids and their value as aquarium fishes; from Greater Detroit Aquarium Society.

Parker, Ed

The Red-Tailed Goodeid

Rearing and breeding the red-tailed goodeid in aquaria.

Goldstein, Bob

The Fishes of Spartanburg, South Carolina

List of fishes collected in a creek near Spartanburg, SC.

Pappantoniou, Antonios

The Behavior of Catfishes

Catfish communication is described.

Hill, Midge

Fish Feeding

Factors which affect the amount of food to give fish.

News Item

Acid Rain

The Corvallis (OR) Environmental Research Laboratory's research on acid rain is described.

News Item

Acid Rain and Fishes

Two outdoor magazine's articles on acid rain are recommended.


The Impact of ORVs

Description of the problems of ORVs in deserts.

Scoggins, Bill N.

ORVs vs Native Fishes

An article on the negative effects of snowmobile exhaust on brook trout is cited.

News Item

Mono Lake: Paradise in Peril

Summary of the problems of Los Angeles using Mono Lake as a water supply.

Schmidt, Robert E.

The Tessellated Darter

Distribution, biology and habitat of the tessellated darter.

McLarney, Bill

Pumpkinseed Spawning

Observations of pumpkinseed sunfish spawning in a pond, and a recommendation to learn to fish-watch.

1980 Apr (Lateral Line)
Pitts, Jim

Swapping Natives

Rearing and shipping the rainbow darter.

McKeel, Herman

The Blind Cave Fishes of the United States

List of cave fishes of the United States

Pitts, Jim

Review of The New Field Book of Freshwater Life

1980 May (Lateral Line)
Corcoran, Gerald C.

Swapping Natives

Aquarium rearing of the bowfin.

Pittman, Ella


Rearing and breeding the brook stickleback.

1980 Summer
Ramczyk, Dave

How Old is That Fish?

Methods by which fish are aged; reprinted from Outdoor California.

Masters, Charles O.

Blood Feeders - The Leeches

Introduction to leeches--their habitat, types and feeding.


Review of Pacific Coast Nudibranchs: A Guide to the Opisthobranchs of the Northeastern Pacific
Holtgrieve, Don

Review of Gulf of California's Fish Water's Guide

Environmental Regulation: The New Scapegoat

Problems with some views of economics and environmental regulations; reprinted from National Wildlife Federation's Conservation News.

Corcoran, Gerald C.

The Marine Aquarium

Marine aquaria setup, chemistry, filtration and maintenance.

Gebhardt, Bruce

Fishes of Southeastern Massachusetts: A NANFA Expedition

Account of a collecting trip.

1980 July (Lateral Line)
Kenney, William R.

NANFA and Legislation

Editorial on the need for NANFA to insist that all U.S. states recognize native fishes as aquarium fishes.

Berry, Tony

Favorite (and Other) Native Aquarium Fishes

Keeping the golden shiner, creek chub and southern redbelly dace in aquaria; reprinted from Fish Tales.

1980 Aug (Lateral Line)
Migliozzi, Harold

Something Different

General comments on native fishes as aquarium fishes with recommendations on fishes for a community tank.

1980 Oct (Lateral Line)
Berry, Tony

Native Favorite (and Others) Aquarium Fishes

Recommendations and techniques on collecting and keeping several minnow species.

Omega, Al

Beginning Your Education

Editorial about tropical fish enthusiasts’ lack of knowledge about North American natives fishes.

Corcoran, Gerald

Pay Attention

Recommendation to observe fishes for their genetic mutations, with the idea of creating new strains.

Goldstein, Bob

North Carolina

Brief summary of the rivers and geographical provinces of North Carolina.

1980 Nov (Lateral Line)
Omega, Al

American Natives…Why Aren't They More Popular?

Why natives are as good or better than tropicals.

1980 Dec (Lateral Line)
Berry, Tony

Collecting Fundulus notatus

Account of a collecting trip.

Schmidt, Robert E.

Critical Habitats Determined

Habitats of the San Marcos gambusia and fountain darter.

1981 Jan (Lateral Line)
Ebhardt, B. G.

The Probability of Sex

Humorous look at fish sex ratios.

Goldstein, Bob

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