American Currents article list, 1972-2008

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American Currents article list, 1972-2008
This is a chronological list of articles published in American Currents since its inaugural issue in 1972. Its objective is to give you a quick look at the articles within each issue. Generally, administrative articles are not included. Issues since 1996 contain additional useful information not included in this article list (such as in the very informative Riffles section). Many issues’ articles are not in order, because this was printed from a computer database.
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1972 Issue #1
Fuqua, Frank

Review of the book How to Know the Freshwater Fishes
Bondhus, John

Northern Pike, Esox lucius

Rearing the northern pike in aquaria; habits, description and habits.

Terceira, Tony

Meet the Dashing Dace

Rearing and spawning the bluefin killifish in aquaria.

Fuqua, Frank

Review of article “Mating of the Fathead” (Natural History Magazine)
Hill, Mary

New Friends—Darters and Sculpins

General summary of rearing darters and sculpins in aquaria.

Abrams, Harry E.

Amateur Collectors Personified

Account of a collecting trip in Indiana.

Benages, Anthony

A Rainbow in Miniature

Rearing darters in aquaria.

Smith, Wesley E.

The Culture and Breeding of Jordanella floridae

Rearing and breeding the flagfish in aquaria.

Rosen, Robert T.

Meet the Blue-Spotted Sunfish

Rearing and spawning the bluespotted sunfish in aquaria.

1973 Spring
Bondhus, John

Catfish and Bullheads

Overview of collecting and keeping catfish, bullheads and madtoms; includes valuable tips on introducing and acclimating native fish in general to aquaria.

Katula, Ray

The Sole Survivor

General aquarium tips on rearing and breeding the bowfin.

Farris, Russ


Experiences of a collecting group called the Santa Ana Mountain Suckers--a group of native fish collectors from the San Diego Tropical Fish Society.

Eichhorn-von Wurmb, Heinrich K.

Commentary on “Meet the Dashing Dace”

General information on keeping the bluefin killifish in aquaria; in response to article from Issue #1.

Winward, Emily

Transplanting of the Stickleback

Discussion of California Dept. of Fish and Game reintroduction of the threespine stickleback to ponds around Los Angeles; gives general information on spawning behavior.

Rosen, Robert T.


Description of his experiences rearing eels to 15-inch size; noted the eel's capacity for surviving desiccation.

Katula, Ray

Mating Dance of the Bluntnose Dace

Bluntnose minnow mating and spawning behavior he observed in his aquarium.

1973 Summer
Bondhus, John

Collecting Native Fishes

Tips on acquiring a collecting permit, finding suitable collecting places, collection gear, and acclimating collected fish to home aquaria.

Katula, Ray

Breeding of the Pirate Perch

Short article on pirate perch spawing observations.

Fuqua, Frank

Review of the book A Guide to the Reptiles, Amphibians and Freshwater Fishes of Florida
Burroughs, Roger D.

Water Lilies

Planting water lilies in outdoor ponds.

Katula, Ray

Pup Fish Relocated

Discussion of the government's plan to move part of the Devils Hole pupfish population to artificial refugia.

Bickel, Sue

The Physa, Unfamiliar Aquarium Dweller

Introduction to the snail Physa.

Christensen, Robert

Native Fishes for the Aquarium

General overview of collecting and keeping common natives.

Christensen, Ted

Displaced Fishes

Glacial distribution of fishes in Canada; describes how most fish species migrated north from glacial refugia Missouri River; speculates why some Missouri R. species did not migrate north.

Brind, Walter Lannoy

Aquarium Fishes From Our Own Country

Description of many species suitable for aquarium rearing.

1973 Fall
Kosta, Dan

Do Fish Drink?

General discussion of osmoregulation.

Buth, Donald G.

The Effect of Stream Aging on the Succession of Fishes in the Embarras River in Champaign County, Illinois

Results of study on erosional aging of headwater regions and the effects on stream fish community composition.

Pagoria, Frank G.

Spawning Deviations in Notropis [Cyprinella] lutrensis

Author relates his experiences breeding aquarium-bought red shiners, and how his results differed from what was written in current literature.

Barnes, George

Ligula: A Freshwater Parasitic Tapeworm

Life history, biology and possible treatment for the tapeworm Ligula.

Stober, Dick

The Flagfin Minnow, Notropis [Pteronotropis] signipinnis

General description of the flagfin shiner, its habitat and aquarium care.

Fraboni, John J.

Oodinium pillularis

Life history and treatment of the causative agent of the disease commonly known as velvet.

Coombs, Raymond

Delmarva Dip-Netting

Collecting experiences on the eastern shore of Chesapeake Bay.

Mosse, Pete

If They're Good Enough for Sterba, They're Good Enough For Me!

General discussion of a few popular native fishes.

Stober, Dick

Forage Fish: an Important Link

Editorial on the problems with game and bait fish stocking.

Barnes, George

Maintaining Micropterus salmoides in Home Aquaria

Author's experiences acclimating largemouth bass to his aquarium.

1973 Winter
Rosen, Robert T.

Blue-Spotted Sunfish

Personal experiences with breeding the bluespotted sunfish, plus an observed problem with inbreeding.

Winward, Emily

Nevada's Unique Fish

Description of federal court ruling to protect Chasmistes cujus in Pyramid Lake, NV.

Ernst, Dave

The Natives are Friendly

Aquarium observations of longear sunfish spawning.

Norton , Joanne

Shipping Livebearers

Tips on shipping fish.

Burroughs, Roger D.

Brook Stickleback- Eucalia [Culaea] inconstans

General information on the biology and spawning of the brook stickleback.

Stober, Dick

Rainwater Killifish

Short description of the rainwater killifish and an even shorter mention of spawning in an aquarium.

Bondhus, John

Native Sunfish and Bass in Aquariums

Overview of collecting and keeping the sunfishes; includes a list of North American sunfishes.

1974 Jan-Feb
Kosta, Dan

Collecting and Conservation

Discussion of personal collecting ethics.

Holtgrieve, Donald

Review of Freshwater Fish and Fishing in Native North America
Relyea, Kenneth

Ictalurid Catfishes of the United States

Overview of North American catfishes.

Rivera, Liana M.

The Black-banded Sunfish

Summary of wild habitat of the blackbanded sunfish; aquarium foods and breeding.

Gottlob, Mark

Native Fish in Science

Author is an archaeologist; discusses how fish fossils show how early people lived.

Fraboni, John

Argulus: The Carp Louse

Life history of the parasite Argulus; fish symptoms; disease prevention and treatment.

1974 Mar-Apr
Rosen, Robert T.

A New Hybrid

Aquarium breeding of banded sunfish x bluespotted sunfish hybrid.

Scoggins, Bill

Review of the book Iowa Fish and Fishing
Rosen, Robert

Collecting in Tidal Bays

List of species collected in New Jersey Pine Barrens/Atlantic Ocean interface; thoughts on aquarium adaptability.

Zyburga, Martin

The Brown Bullhead

Short article on keeping the brown bullhead in an aquarium.

Katula, Ray

The Native Flying Fish

How to set up an aquarium for the brook silversides; comments on how the fish spawns in the wild.

Stober, Dick

Introduction to North America's Natives

List of North American fish families; general descriptions and some representative species in each.

1974 May-June
Fedon, Gio

Long Trip Fish Hauler

Very detailed description of home-made fish transporting container with filter, aerator and heater.

Goldstein, Robert J.

The Rainwater Killifish

Informative article on rearing, feeding and spawning of the rainwater killifish in aquaria.

Babberl, Wayne

Hummingbird Fish

General introduction to darters; describes foods taken by rainbow darters in aquaria.

Scoggins, Bill

Review of the book Handbook of Fishes of Kansas
Scoggins, Bill


Guidelines for ethical collecting.

1974 Jul-Aug
Kosta, Dan

Freshwater Invertebrates

Very general description of some invertebrates which can be reared in aquaria.

Rosen, Robert T.

Notes on Chemicals Used by Aquarists

Summary of aquarium water and disease treatment chemicals.

Scoggins, Bill

Desert Fishes Council

Introduction to the Desert Fishes Council; author attended and now describes the Council's Sixth Annual Symposium.

Pitts, Jim

The Grass Pickerel

Description of natural habitat of the grass pickerel; aquarium food preferences; discusses lack of aquarium spawning information.

Rosen, Robert T.

Hybrid Report

Aquarium spawning of banded sunfish x bluespotted sunfish hybrids.

Parish, Vern

A Native Fish Community Tank

Recommendation to keep the redfin shiner, blacknose dace and southern redbelly dace in a native fish community aquarium.

1975 Jan-Feb

Schubert, Teddy

The Satinfin Shiner

Range, breeding and habitat of the satinfin shiner.

Brauhn, James L.

A Suggested Method for Sexing Bluegills

Methods to sex non-spawning or juvenile bluegills.

Bondhus, John

Locating Fish Literature Sources

Tips on information resources and how to use them.

Glut, Charles F.

Crickets: The Ideal Food

Methods of raising and feeding baby crickets for killifish food.

Terceira, Anthony

Notropis [Pteronotropis] welaka

Overview of rearing the bluenose shiner in aquaria.

Kosta, Dan

Live Foods Only: A Truth or a Myth?

Short description of converting fish to prepared foods.

Smith, Wesley

Readers Forum

Editorial on the value of a species.

Cokendolpher, James

The Red Horse Minnow

Account of spawning of the red shiner in aquaria.

Flather, Estella

An Outline of the Genus Cyprinodon

Overview of Cyprinodon; natural history, distributions and bibliography.

1975 Mar-Apr
Kosta, Dan

Pet Shop Natives, or How to Avoid Going Swimming With Your Clothes On

Short article on the benefits of buying native fish in pet stores.

Illinois Natural History Survey

The White Amur, or Grass Carp

Results of an experiment with grass carp for biological plant control.

Civil Engineer Magazine

Freshwater Institute Launched in Minnesota

Announcement of the construction of a center for the study of freshwater in Minnesota.

Pitts, Jim

Reference Collections for the Native Fishes Student

How to build and maintain a preserved fish collection.

Illinois Natural History Survey

Rare and Endangered Species

Description of the publication Rare and Endangered Fish of Illinois.

Cross, D.G.

A Review of Methods to Control Ichthyophthiriasis

Reprinted from The Progressive Fish-Culturist.

Stober, Dick

The Sailfin Minnow, Notropis [Pteronotropis] hypselopterus

Collection, aquarium care and breeding of the sailfin shiner; includes a well-written description of the appearance of the fish.

Bondhus, John

Distribution of Fishes

Describes how temperature, water chemistry, habitat and physical barriers influence fish distribution.

Rosen, Robert T.

Enneacanthus chaetodon: Food Requirements on Captivity

Short article on the necessity of live food in the diet of the blackbanded sunfish.

Bellomy, Mildred D.

Reviews of the books Fishes of Arizona; The Fishes of Oklahoma; Fishes of the Red River Drainage, Eastern Kentucky; Freshwater Fishes of Canada; and Pacific Fishes of Canada

1975 May-June
Eschbach, Chuck

Have You Got Planaria?

Biology of planaria.

Rosen, Robert T.

The Naked Goby

Natural habitat, collecting and aquarium rearing and breeding of the naked goby.

Keller, Charles

How About Barnacles?

Aquarium rearing of barnacles.

Pitts, Jim

Getting a Start on Fish Identification

Tools, methods and a summary of body parts used for fish identification.

Boucher, Joseph

The Tadpole Shrimp

Biology and culture of the tadpole shrimp.

Bondhus, John

A Review of Selected Local Distribution References

Review of fish reference books for the New England states.

Pitts, Jim

Readers Forum

Editorial in defense of taxonomy, and what kind of person a taxonomist is.

1975 July-Oct
Stober, Dick


Descriptions of several populations of the broadstripe shiner.

Krebs, Linda J.

Coldwater Aquascape

List of plants suitable for a coldwater aquarium.

Semeit, Allan

Fish Behavior

Observations of interactions between several native fish species.

Stober, Dick


Collecting and culturing Daphnia.

1975 Nov-Dec
Ramsey, John S.

Sources of Literature in Native Fishes

A list, by state, of books on fishes.

Beaulieu, John

Spawning the Rainbow Darter

Observations of rainbow darter breeding.

Brock, H. Ross

Reelin' 'em in at Reelfoot

Description of Reelfoot Lake, TN: collecting, fish, local accommodations and natural history.

Scoggins, Bill N.

Conservation: Education as our Top Priority

Editorial on the need to emphasize conservation through education.

Kosta, Dan

Death Valley to be Strip Mined!

Discussion of the strip mining of Death Valley National Monument.

1976 Jan-Feb
Pitts, Jim

Relationships Between Aquatic Plants and Reproduction of Fishes

Plants as spawn inducers, spawn receptacles and the adverse effects of plants on reproduction.

Pitts, Jim

Notes on Kentucky Fishes

List of the fishes of Kentucky.

Hunt, Vernon B.

North American Fishes in the United Kingdom

Rearing North American natives in England-- discusses problems and necessity of more imports.

Fletcher, Alan M.

A Rare Darter Spawning

Breeding the swamp darter in an aquarium.

Collier, Glen E.

Killifish from Outer Space

NASA Skylab experiments with the mummichog.

Kosta, Dan

Conservation in the Currents

Thoughts on NANFA's conservation efforts.

Patterson, Michael

Fundulus notatus and F. olivaceous: Two American Topminnows

Natural distribution and aquarium breeding of the two fishes.

1976 Mar-Apr
Sparks, Bob

Growth Inhibiting Substance

Growth inhibiting substance production, effects and solutions are discussed.

Abrams, Harry

GIS - GPS - Optimum Crowding: A Possible Synthesis

Growth inhibiting substances, growth proming substances and optimum crowding theories are described.

Scoggins, Bill N.

Saltwater Native Fishes: A Book Review

Review of the book Tidepool and Nearshore Fishes of California.

Etnier, David

A Statement Concerning the Snail Darter

Reprinted from Southeastern Fishes Council Proceedings; discussion of the probable effects of Tellico Dam construction.

Pupfish Monthly

Some of the Best of Pupfish Monthly

Reprints of articles from the official publication of the Cyprinodon Study Group.


What is a Wetland?

Short article on the importance and history of North American wetlands.

Pitts, Jim

Notes on the Banded Sculpin, Cottus carolinae, in Kentucky

Distribution, environmental requirements, and aquarium rearing of the banded sculpin.

Gottlob, Mark

The Stickleback: The White Rat of the Aquarium

Value of the threespine stickleback to animal behavior studies.

1976 May-June
Spratt, Jerome D.

The Amazing Grunion

Grunion spawning, growth and collecting.

Pupfish Monthly

Cyprinodon salinus and Cyprinodon milleri

Distribution and habitat of the two pupfish species; reprinted from The Pupfish Monthly.

Fourkas, Ted

Endangered Species…

General newspaper account of the efforts of Al Castro to breed five endangered species in aquaria; reprinted from The Sacramento Bee.

Buth, Don

Collecting Fishes in Mexico

Collecting regulations in Mexico.

Garretson, Fred

Amorous Salmon Fool the Experts

Newspaper account of salmon migration into Calaveras River, California; reprinted from the Oakland Tribune.

Gottlob, Mark


Rearing and breeding newts in aquaria.

Stober, Dick

Whitenose Notropis?

Account of a collecting trip and an unidentified white-nosed shiner.

1976 July-Aug
Boynton, K.L.

Dwarfs of Devil's Hole

Natural history of Death Valley; habitat and environmental conditions in which pupfishes survive; reprinted from Desert Magazine.

Mann, Joseph C.

The Fishes of Missouri: A Book Review

Short review.

Mathews, Linda

Justices Back Rare Pupfish

Newspaper account of Supreme Court decision to protect the Devil's Hole pupfish; reprinted from the Los Angeles Times.

Flather, Herbert H.

The Pupfish Monthly

Call to form a Cyprinodon study group; reprinted from The Pupfish Monthly.

1976 Sept-Oct
Buth, Donald G.

A Preliminary Inventory of the Fishes of Wildcat Slough

List of fishes in Wildcat Slough, Illinois.

News Item

The Fish Doctor

Account of a meeting of the American Fisheries Society Fish Health Section in Denver, Co.

Buth, Don

Aquarists to Blame?

Editorial against releasing aquarium fish.

Scoggins, Bill N.

Minnesota's Fishes, a Book Report

Review of the book Northern Fishes.

Fisk, William J.

Save Our Streams - Adopt One!

Discussion on the importance of quality stream habitat and the "Save Our Streams" program.

1976 Nov-Dec

Walker, Braz

The Leon Springs Pupfish…a Resurrection Story

Efforts to protect and relocate the Leon Springs pupfish.

Goldsmith, Ken

Those Creepy Crawlers Can Be Fun

Summary of the types of invertebrates found or reared in aquaria.

Copes, Frederick A.

The Iowa Darter, Etheostoma exile

Detailed treatment of the habitat, biology and aquarium rearing of the Iowa darter.

Stober, Dick

By the Bluenose Obsessed

Field observations and breeding observations of the bluenose shiner.

Buth, Donald

Spawning Johnny Darters

How to spawn johnny darters in aquaria.

Meryman, Charles Dale

Skin Flukes of Pet Fish

Descriptions of the types of skin flukes and their treatments.

1977 Jan-Mar
Stober, Dick

The Flagfin Shiner, Notropis [Pteronotropis] signipinnis

Appearance, habitat and aquarium rearing and breeding of the flagfin shiner.

Gebhardt, R. Bruce

Profiting From a Trashy Tank

Benefits of pond sludge and leaves in aquaria.

News Item

WES Uses On-Shelf Devices to Harvest Aquatic Plants

The Waterways Experiment Station's use of the Aqua-Trio to harvest noxious aquatic plants; reprinted from Engineer Update.

News Item

Hope for the Cui-ui

Construction of a fishway to allow the cui-ui to return to the Trukee River in Nevada.

Gray, Harold H.

On the Origin and Evolution of Catostomid Fishes: A Literature Review

Evidence is given from the literature that the catostomids originated in Central Asia and descended from the cyprinids.

Scoggins, Bill

The California Diving Experience: A Book Review

Review of the book California Underwater.

Flather, Estella

Collecting Killies in the Wilds of Texas

Account of a collecting trip near Galveston, TX.

1977 Apr-June
Glamsch, Panky

The Fish Doctor Makes Pond Calls

Reprint from the Tampa Tribune about a fish pathologist and the types of work he performs.

Kolb, Joe W.

Filter Flies

Use of filter fly larvae as a fish food.

Scoggins, Bill N.

The Native Fish: A Book Review

Review of the book Freshwater Fishes of Louisiana.

Brock, Ross

Diamonds in the Rough

Collecting and rearing the bluespotted sunfish in aquaria.

Pobud, Ted

Notropis [Cyprinella] spilopterus (Cope)

Rearing and breeding the spotfin shiner in aquaria.

Meryman, Charles Dale

Who Me? I Don't Need to Keep Notes

The importance of keeping notes on feeding, water quality and diseases, and in keeping a collection of articles.

1977 July-Sept
Boucher, Joseph

Culture of the Stonefly Nymphs (Isoperla confusa)

Biology and aquarium culture of the stonefly Isoperla confusa.

Buth, Donald G.

Maximal Egg Number in Pimephales notatus Nests

Number of bluntnose minnow eggs from nests is given.

Bacon, Mary

Jellyfish of the Sierra Foothills

Biology of freshwater jellyfish Craspedacusta sowerbii; reprinted from Outdoor California.

Scoggins, Bill N.

Native Fishes in Books

Review of the book Inland Fishes of California.

Weber, Dale

Bluefin Killy

Rearing, breeding and feeding the bluefin killifish in aquaria.

Brock, Ross

Swamping Through Georgia and Florida

Account of a weekend collecting trip.

1977 Oct-Dec
Brill, John S.

Pirate Perch

Biology, aquarium rearing and abortive spawnings of the pirate perch, plus comments on sexual distinction.

Scoggins, Bill N.

Fishwatchers’ Guide

Review of the book Fishwatchers' Guide to the Inshore Fishes of the Pacific Coast.

Boucher, Joseph

Marine Nebalia bipes as Live Fish-Food

The culture of Nebalia bipes for feeding fish.

1978 Jan-Mar
Cokendolpher, James

Cyprinodon elegans

Spawning behavior of the Comanche Springs pupfish; design and purpose of a refugium at Balmorhea State Park.

Robb, Thomas

Cycleptus elongatus Watches the Railroad!

Speculation on effects of Wabash River bridge construction on blue sucker habitat.

Boucher, James

Opossum Shrimps as Live Fish Food

Biology and culture of the opossum shrimp Mysis relicta.

Goldstein, Robert J.

Introduction to the Darters

Descriptions of darter genera, habitat and collecting methods.

1978 Apr-June
Brock, H. Ross

Pygmy Sunfishes

Distribution and aquarium care of Elassoma species.

Boucher, Joseph

Fairy Shrimps as Live Fish Food

Biology of the fairy shrimps and a recommendation as a fish food; complications as a self-reproductive food.

Pitts, Jim

Seining Without a Partner: How to Make the Task Easier

Tips and gear for seining alone.

1978 July-Sept
Cokendolpher, James C.

Astyanax fasciatus mexicanus in the Aquaria and the Wild

Description, habitat, collecting, breeding and aquarium rearing of the fish.

Scoggins, Bill N.

The Native Fish Book Review

Review of the book Ichthyology.

Patterson, Michael A.

Notropis [Cyprinella] venustus I: Gentle Giant

Habitat, collecting methods and aquarium care of the spottail shiner.

Boucher, Joseph

Water Louse (Asellus aquaticus)

Biology and culture of water louse as fish food.

Stegall, Mike

The Bantam Sunfish (Lepomis symmetricus)

Field observations, collecting, rearing and breeding the bantam sunfish.

1978 August (Lateral Line)
Gerald C. Corcoran

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