America: The Story of Us “wwii” What was the Japanese Zero’s objective on December 7, 1941? To destroy the American fleet at Pearl Harbor

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America: The Story of Us “WWII”

1. What was the Japanese Zero’s objective on December 7, 1941?

To destroy the American fleet at Pearl Harbor.

2. What is RADAR commonly used for today?

It is used to tracking 10 million flights around the world and 5 billion passengers around the world every year.

3. Who first developed RADAR & in what year?

The RADAR was first developed by the British as early as 1935.

4. What time was Pearl Harbor attacked by Japan on December 7, 1941?

At 7:50 A.M. the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor.

5. List the losses taken by America at Pearl Harbor:

a. Ships: All 8 battleships.

b. Men: 2,403 killed

6. What were some of the tactical advantages of the Army’s new JEEP?

It was tough, fast, and low to the ground. Its low profile makes it tough for enemies to get it in their sights. It’s small, but can fit 7 people. It has a machine gun, shovel, extra gas on it. It also can be flipped back over in case it got tipped over.

7. In the 4 years America was in WWII how many of each were produced

a. Tanks: 88,000

b. Ships: 7,333

c. Rifles/Small Arms: 20 million

d. Bullets: 40 million

8. Why was working in a bullet factory so dangerous?

Just combing your hair is dangerous, static electricity and gunpowder equals explosion. The detonators can explode on impact and are extremely unstable. The factory is a giant bomb that is full of explosives and it only takes a spark to make them blow up.

9. What were some of the problems high altitude pilots experience while flying in B-­17 Bombers?

The planes were cramped, unheated, and unpressurized. The crew suffer claustrophobia, altitude sickness, and frostbite.

10. How many Americans had been drafted by 1943?

10 million Americans have been drafted.

11. How did WWII help promote the idea of equality in America for African Americans & help lead to the Civil Rights movement of the 1950s & 60s?

It made it where African Americans began to stand together and fight for the same ideals.

12. How many American soldiers died on the first day of Operation Overlord (D-Day -­‐ June 6, 1944)?

1,000 will die on the first day.

13. Who was J. Robert Oppenheimer & what was the Manhattan Project?

The theoretical physicist who designed the atomic bomb. The Manhattan Project is the design and work on the first atomic bomb.

14. What was the total estimated death toll of the atomic bomb on the populations of Hiroshima & Nagasaki? (Clue: You’ll need to add the two numbers together to get your answer)

120,000 people die instantly and 80,000 die later. Totaling 200,000 people.

15. How does the fact that the continental US was never attacked during WWII impact America after the war?

The distance away from fighting leaves the US infrastructure untouched and the economy still vibrant.

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