America: the story of us superpower

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1. What is the U.S. population in 1945?


2. How much more does the average American family make than in Europe?

15 times

3. What were America’s first highways?


4. What President makes it his mission to improve the roads?

President Eisenhower

5. What is the biggest engineering project in history?

The building of the interstate highway system which cost $129 billion

6. By 1955 the USA is making what percentage of the world’s automobiles?


7. Why do many towns die?

The interstates bypassed towns.

8. In 1946, _____1____ baby is born every ____10_____ seconds.

9. What is America’s most famous postwar housing?

Levittown, NY

10. How much was the family home in today’s money?

$8000 = $71,000

11. What “wins” the South?

air conditioning
12. Who tells the world in 1961 that America will put a man on the moon?

President John F. Kennedy

13. How many Americans worked strictly on Apollo 11?


14. How many Americans reached the moon?


15. What is the fault line that chains the nation?


16. When does change occur for African Americans?

One million black Americans fight in WW II

17. What happens in July 1948?

President Truman desegregated the military

18. Who was the voice of the modern Civil Rights Movement?

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

19. What was passed a year after the March on Washington?

Civil Rights Act

20. What did the Manhattan Project develop?

atomic bomb

21. What infiltrates the Manhattan Project?

communist spies

22. When did the Soviets get the bomb?

23. What were the drills done at school?

duck and cover
24. 1960 – The __________U2____ Incident: a US spy plane shot down over the USSR.
25. 1962 - _____Cuban Missile_________ Crisis over nuclear warheads in Cuba.

26. Why were congressional hearings set up?

to unmask communists in the government and the media

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