America: The Story of Us Cities

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America: The Story of Us – Cities”

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1. What country gave the Statue of Liberty to the United States?

2. Why was New York City in danger of losing the Statue of Liberty soon after it arrived?

The cost of reassembling was so huge that NYC didn’t have the money to pay for it.
3. How did they pay for it?

Joseph Pulitzer launched the biggest fund raiser campaign ever in the U.S. Donations

came from all over the country to pay for the assembly of the statue.

3. Where did most immigrants arrive as they entered the United States?

Ellis Island
4. What critical ingredient was needed to build cities upward?

5. How did Andrew Carnegie solve the problem of steel production?

He used the Bessemer Steel Process that blasts hot air through molten iron. It burns off

carbon impurities that produces steel.

6. Where does Carnegie build his first steel plant?

Pittsburgh, PA
7. What was the other breakthrough that allowed buildings to grow so tall?

the invention of the elevator
8. What problems do many cities in America face by 1890?

crime and poverty
9. How was the problem of identifying criminals solved?

Chief Inspector Thomas Burns created a system of picture identification called mug shots. It was known as the Rogues Gallery.

10. What other problems were plaguing urban streets in the late 1800’s?

Slums are taking over cities.
11. What did Jacob Reese use to photograph the desperation of life in the slums of America?

He uses an explosive powder that produces enough light to photograph in the dark.

12. What was Reese trying to accomplish with his slide shows of tenement living?

To show the nation’s wealthy the filth and desperation on their own doorstep.
13. What were the first two steps accomplished by Reese in his photography?

Slums are torn down and NY schools build playgrounds. Landlords install indoor toilets instead of outdoor.

14. What is the biggest cause of disease in New York and other cities in America?

15. Who were the “white ducks”?

Led by Col. George Waring, the white ducks were 2000 sanitation workers who wore white uniforms. They cleaned up the streets of NYC

16. What were the results of Col. George Waring’s efforts in New York City and other cities in America?

It saved the lives of thousands of people which led other cities to do the same. Sewer systems were developed to handle human waste in cities all over America.

17. What other improvements were made in American cities?

Cities build sewers to handle the waste problem.
18. What was Thomas Edison’s major invention?

the electric light bulb
19. What obstacle did he have to overcome before he could perfect his invention?

He had to find the right ingredient to make his filament burn slowly in the vacuum.
20. What material finally worked in his invention?

carbonized cardboard
21. Once Edison has invented the light bulb, what followed it?

power plants
22. What problem was created when people worked in the tall buildings of cities?

escaping the building when fire breaks out

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