America: The Story of Us-Boom” Video Guide What was called “Black Gold” in the early 1900’s? oil

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America: The Story of Us-Boom”

Video Guide
1. What was called “Black Gold” in the early 1900’s?

2. In what state did the oil industry begin in the U.S.?

3. How was oil viewed until the late 1850’s?

It was an annoyance.
4. What product was used prior to the use of oil? What had happened to it?

Whale oil was used, but the whales have been hunted to near extinction.
5. Why was the land at Spindletop poor for drilling?

It was too sandy.
6. What did the Hamill Brothers use to stabilize their drilling operation so they could drill through the sand in Beaumont, (Spindletop) TX?


7. How many barrels of oil a day does the well soon pump out?

over 80,000
8. What does this do for the United States?

It becomes the largest oil producer in the world.
9. How much did oil production in the U.S. increase?

10. How did oil and gasoline change America society?

It made the U.S. mobile.
11. In the early 1900’s, why were cars only “playthings for the rich”?

They were hand built and very expensive.

Ford introduced the production line or assembly line in which a person only assembled one part at a time.
12. What did Henry Ford do to produce an automobile that was affordable and low cost at the same time?

13. What did mass production do to the cost of products?

Prices plummeted.
14. How does the automobile change cities in America?

You don’t have to live near work if you own a car. Cities explode outwards, creating giant suburbs .Shopping malls arise.

15. What was built to get water to Los Angeles? When was it completed?

An aqueduct was built from Owens Valley to LA. It was completed in 1913.

16. What was the result for Los Angeles?

It grew from 250,000 in 1900 to 2 million by 1930.
17. What was the result for Owens Valley, CA?

It was a disaster after the lake was sucked dry, creating a giant wasteland. Local farmers tried to blow up the aqueduct over 10 times.

18. What happened during the Great Migration?

Black southerners began to move north. Between 1915-30 1.5 million African Americans move to Northern cities, 1/7 of entire African American population of U.S.

19. What were the events that led to the Chicago Race Riot of 1919?

Property owners tried to keep blacks from owning homes in Chicago. Even the beaches of Lake Michigan were segregated. A group of black men wandered over to the white beach where they were not welcomed. A white bather threw rocks at a group of black men who thought he was playing around. A rock hit a black man in the head and killed him. The police wouldn’t arrest the white man but instead arrested a black man.

20. What was the Red Summer?

During the summer of 1919 numerous riots erupted in 24 cities across America as blacks protested against segregation.

21. What has happened in America by 1920?

For the first time more Americans live in urban areas than in rural.
22. What happened on January 16, 1919?

Prohibition began with the passage of the 18th Amendment to the Constitution.

23. What does Prohibition create in America?

Organized crime

24. What was the dark side of bootlegging?

Gangsters who protect the illegal trade of alcohol infiltrate cities.

25. What is Al Capone ultimately convicted of?

tax evasion

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