America The Story of Us #9 -bust

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America – The Story of Us #9 –Bust

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Circle the correct answer.

  1. By 1929, more money was spent on advertising than on (housing, education).

  2. In 1929, $6 billion of goods are bought on credit, but (20%, 80%) of Americans have no savings at all.

  3. True/False: In 1930, a small merchant spread a false report that his bank had refused to sell his stock, setting off a riot and the collapse of 600 banks.

  4. By 1933, there are (48, 28) states without a single bank open.

  5. Frank “Hurry Up” Crowe plans to build the (Hoover, Boulder) Dam on the Colorado River.

  6. Forty-two thousand men came from around the country looking for jobs, and Frank Crowe takes (10,000; 5,000) men.

  7. To divert the Colorado, (2, 4) massive tunnels are drilled through 3 miles of solid rock.

  8. The temperatures hit (90, 140) degrees in the tunnels.

  9. Crowe had only one working rule: “To hell with excuses. Get (results, working).”

  10. A sea of concrete rises in the canyon as thick as 2 (Empire State Buildings, football fields), laid end to end.

  11. Concrete was invented by the (Greeks, Romans) 2,000 years ago, but the Hoover Dam is the first large concrete dam in history.

  12. If the dam were constructed in one continuous pour, it would put out enough heat to bake half a million loaves of bread every day for (3, 6) years. But worse, it would take the dam (50, 125) years for it to harden.

  13. Five-hundred and eighty-two miles of one-inch pipes carry (ice cold water, gasoline) from the very river the dam is taming.

  14. The Hoover Dam is completed on September 30, 1935, (1, 2) years ahead of schedule.

  15. The dam creates (Lake Mead, Lake Michigan), the biggest reservoir in the America.

  16. It helps (California, Colorado) produce more food for the United States than any other state.

  17. The Hoover Dam workers make something else boom as well: a little town 30 miles away where they go to drink and gamble. Its name: (Reno, Las Vegas).

  18. In 1934, darkness falls across America. the worst environmental disaster in Ameican history. (Dust storms, tornados) hit New York, Chicago, and Boston.

  19. Dust storms were born out of a 100 million acre dead zone 2,000 miles away in Oklahoma, (Texas, Arizona), Kansas, and Colorado.

  20. The (sand, topsoil) was six feet deep, but it has been plowed up and used up by four generations of farmers. Now the sun has dried it up.

  21. A monster is created. The dust is lifted up (5,000; 10,000) feet.

  22. It grows more and more powerful. It produces enough static electricity to power (New York City, Philadelphia).

  23. Cattle die, and when they are cut open their stomachs are full of (dust, sand).

  24. By 1936, farmers were losing (25, 15) million dollars a day.

  25. (Television, radio) is one of the few things that bring comfort to those who stay.

  26. (Radios, stereos) become the country’s most popular household item.

  27. Blasted out of solid rock, (Mt. Rushmore, Mt. Washington) is created.

  28. Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and (Thomas Jefferson, John Adams) portraits join George Washington’s.

  29. By 1936, one in (two, six) workers are still out of a job.

  30. It will take (World War II, Korean War) to pull America out of its economic slump.

  31. June 19, 1936, America is already at war with Germany in Yankee Stadium. American (Joe Dimaggio, Joe Louis) fights German Max Schmeling.

  32. (Louis, Schmeling) wins against all the odds.

  33. Adolph Hitler calls Schmeling an Aryan (superman, hero).

  34. True/False: Hitler says that their (Americans) mistake was freeing their slaves.

  35. June 22, 1938: The rematch finally takes place. Seventy thousand pour into Yankee Stadium to watch the fight live. (70, 20) million tune in via radio across the country. Over 100 million listen in around the world.

  36. The second shortest heavyweight title fight in history is over in only (60, 124) seconds.

  37. The American spirit is forged in the fires of the Great Depression, but an even harder fight with (Norway, Germany) and her allies is still to come.

  38. The United States of America will be attacked. Over (400,000; 100,000) Americans will die.

  39. (World War II, Vietnam War) will transform America into the greatest power on Earth.

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