America needed to protect weaker, eastern European countries from Russia

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The Soviets were increasingly becoming a threat to Eastern Europe and were not listening to the U.S., tensions worsened from 1946-1947. The U.S. initiated a plan called containment designed to stop the spread of communism and its influence in the world. All the support President Truman gave to countries threatened by communism was eventually called the “Truman Doctrine”, many Americans didn’t support this much involvement in Europe. The U.S. didn’t want to just help Eastern Europe, but Western Europe too. As part of the Marshall Plan, a total of 12.5 billion dollars was used to send food, machinery, and other important materials to help rebuild Western Europe.


  • In April 12, 1945 American President Franklin D. Roosevelt passed away of cerebral hemorrhage.

  • In the July of 1945 Harry S. Truman, Joseph Stalin, and Winston Churchill met in Germany to discuss the permission of free elections in the Soviet Union where he declined.

  • In a speech by Stalin in early 1946 where he stated that communism and capitalism could not exist in the same world.

  • U.S and Soviet relations grew weaker throughout 1946-1947 and during this time period President Truman enforced the foreign policy called Containment

  • In 1947, U. S. Secretary of State George Marshall proposed that the United States give aid to needy European countries. This assistance program, called the Marshall Plan, would provide food, machinery, and other materials to rebuild Western Europe.

  • In 1949 Europe was officially divided among it’s own borders Under a Communist government, East Germany was named the German Democratic Republic. The western zones became the Federal Republic of Germany.


  • America needed to protect weaker, eastern European countries from Russia

  • President Truman comes up with Containment

  • A lot of controversy about Truman Doctrine

  • Truman made marshall Plan for western Europe; was a big success

  • The Berlin airlift was when U.S. planes flew into Berlin, Germany every 3 minutes to deliver food and supplies

Key Terms:

- Containment: a policy to block soviet influence and stop communist expansion, used by the U.S.

- Truman’s Doctrine: President Truman’s ideas of support for countries rejecting communism

- The Marshall Plan: A plan to regenerate Western Europe by sending them food and machinery, proposed by Secretary of State George Marshall


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  3. Germany’s Post-war changes

  4. Facism

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