Although ‘cotton was king’ in South Carolina prior to the Civil War, the cotton industry rose and fell in South Carolina in the late 19th and 20th centuries

It is not essential for students to know

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It is not essential for students to know

It is not necessary that students understand the causes of the Great Depression or specific details of the

Stock Market Crash of 1929 or any other economic indicators such as bank closures and unemployment rates during the Great Depression. However, they should understand that the crash did not cause the Depression but was a symptom of economic problems that included farmers’ low prices for crops such as cotton and the low wages that many factory workers, including textile workers, received for their labor. They do not need to know about Hoovervilles or bread lines. However, such details would help students to understand the poverty of the time period. They do not need to know about other New Deal programs that impacted South Carolina such as the South Carolina Public Service Authority (Santee Cooper) which brought electricity to rural South Carolina, the Works Project Administration (WPA) which built houses, schools, sewers, and roads, and the South Carolina Emergency Relief Fund. They do not need to know about the Federal Writers’ Project of the WPA which gave writers jobs and collected the Slave Narratives. This oral history project preserved the stories of African Americans who had been slaves. Students do not need to know the names of the specific state parks that were created as a result of the CCC during the New Deal.

Standard 3-5: The students will demonstrate an understanding of the major developments in South Carolina in the late nineteenth century and the twentieth century.

3-5.6 Summarize the key events and effects of the civil rights movement in South Carolina, including the desegregation of schools (Briggs v. Elliott) and other pubic facilities and the acceptance of African Americans' right to vote. (P, H)

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