All Saints’ Episcopal Church Staff & Leadership

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All Saints’ Episcopal Church

Annual Report 2012

Annual Meeting

January 27, 2013

All Saints’ Episcopal Church Staff & Leadership
The Reverend Karen Johanns Rector

Ms. Norma Warner Parish Administrator

Ms. Lois J. Kaarre Director of Music

Bro. Paul H. Castelli Youth Minister

Ms. Rosie Glispie Housekeeper

Ms. Juana Roque Housekeeper

Ms. Kay A. Bell Treasurer
Mr. Robert Dawson Senior Warden

Ms. Lisa Berg Junior Warden

Ms. Gail Hunger Clerk

Mr. Michael Boron 2012

Ms. Pam Daily 2012

Ms. Darlene Donaldson 2014

Ms. Dyann Hayes 2013

Mr. George Hedgespeth 2014 (resigned as of 12/2012)

Dr. Alan Hoffman 2012

Ms. Carolyn Hubbard 2013

Mr. Ellis Love 2014

Mr. Charles Sajewski 2013

Associate Clergy

The Reverend Dr. Chris Berg

The Reverend Ward Clabuesch

The Reverend Roger Derby

The Reverend Christine Humphrey

171 West Pike Street

Pontiac, MI 48343

Office phone (248) 334-4571

Annual Parish Meeting

All Saints’ Episcopal Church

Pontiac, MI
Meeting Agenda
Chair of the Annual Meeting The Rev. Karen Johanns

Clerk Position Vacant

Song Leader The Rev. Julia Huttar Bailey

12:45 Call to Order, Introduction, Invocation

Community Song
1:00 Appointment of Recording Secretary

Review of 2012 Meeting Minutes

1:15 Report of Vestry Nominating Committee Robert Dawson
1:30 Election of Vestry Members

  • Appointment of Tellers

  • Distribution of Ballots

  • Collection of Ballots

2:00 Looking Back, Looking Forward Robert Dawson & Karen Johanns

Community Song
2:30 Financial Reports Kay Bell, Treasurer

  • Review of 2012 Treasurer’s Report

  • Review of Endowment Fund

  • Presentation of Proposed Budget for 2013

3:00 Election results

Recognition of Retiring Vestry Members
3:15 Courtesy Resolutions
Community Song
3:30 Closing Prayer & Adjournment

2011 Annual Parish Meeting

All Saints’ Episcopal Church

January 22, 2012
Rev. Karen Johanns called the meeting to order at 12:32 p.m. and opened with a prayer, led by Rev. Chris Berg.
A Count had been taken and 62 people were present which certified that a quorum was present.
Alan Hoffman was appointed Recording Secretary for the meeting by voice vote of those present.
The minutes of the 2011 Annual Parish Meeting were reviewed. Bruce Brandenburg moved to accept the minutes as amended (“Dean Joyce” should read “Deacon Joyce” on the last line of the minutes) and Bonnie Anderson seconded. The motion carried.
Report of the Nominating Committee and Vote for Vestry Members

The retiring Vestry members (Ken Dyker, Lisa Varnier, Paul Cournoyer, and Lori Hackett) are the Nominating Committee who prepares a slate of four candidates to run for election to replace the four Vestry members whose term expires. Those nominated are: George Hedgespeth, Carolyn Hubbard, Ellis Love and Charles Sajewski. Karen pointed out that the meeting packet contains biographies of each of the candidates. It was then explained that the vote on the candidates may take one of two forms. They can be accepted by acclamation, a vote taken without a formal written ballot, or by secret vote on a written ballot that will be tallied during the meeting and announced at the conclusion of the meeting. Kay Bell moved for approval by acclamation of the slate. The motion was seconded by Gail Hunger. The slate was accepted unanimously.

Vision for 2012

Senior Warden, Robert Dawson, reviewed the past year. Special recognition of Bruce Brandenburg and Paul Cournoyer for their outstanding work refurbishing the old Rectory with the much appreciated help of financial support from Christ Church Cranbrook. Other items mentioned for special help was the Produce Market.

Reverend Karen Johanns looked to our future. Karen plans to appoint a Worship Committee to envision and make recommendations about our liturgy, music, and our worship expanded, enhanced, and creatively reimagined. We need to find new ways to stabilize our financial security for the long term. Arnold Miller has agreed to chair a team that looks at fundraising and marketing. Karen wished to challenge each of us to take ownership of continuing the transformation of our parish from a member-based outlook to a community of disciples. We need more congregational support for and volunteer teaching in the Little Saints’ program. Rev. Johanns indicated she would like everyone involved in at least one Christian Education program in the coming year. Finally, Karen will request the Vestry to initiate a vision in the Parish for one, three, and five years. Karen’s report concluded by mentioning the names of those members we have lost in the past year and offered a prayer in their behalf.
Review of the 2011 Treasurer’s Report

Kay Bell indicated that in 2011 we had 91 pledges totaling $261,470. We had 28 pledgers who paid more than their pledge, 26 paid their pledge and 38 underpaid their pledge, some by only a few dollars. The result was that 97.5% of the All Saints’ pledgers paid their pledge. The mean pledge was $2873 with a median of $1716.

For 2012, we have 81 pledges for $242,949, with 26 increasing their pledge, 2 new pledges, 38 renewing their pledge at the same level and 14 decreasing their pledge. Six former pledgers moved away or died, and 6 did not respond. The mean pledge was $3024 and the median was $1870.
Successful fundraising included the rummage sale ($25,000), Nut sale ($2200), Hero’s lunch ($875), Amazon .com ($775), paper recycling ($261), and tote bag sales ($124) for a total of about $29,000.
A table of our investments was reviewed and totaled about $525,000.
Kay reported that a major change in 2010 and 2011 was our unpledged contributions from Sunday plates ($18,000), a major unrestricted gift ($50,000), a contribution from Christ Church Cranbrook rectory project ($41,000), and a bequest from Margaret Widdifield ($167,000). Money from the unrestricted gift was delegated to the repair of the Rectory ($10,000), a repaired roof for the Auditorium ($15,000), and hiring a youth minister for two years ($25,000). The Widdifield bequest was used for a new endowment ($150,000), paid our diocese apportionment ($16,500), and for repair cement work on the church ($2,000).
The budget for 2012, which was similar to the 2011 budget, was offered with a $9000 deficit with the belief that we can raise that money through fundraising and additional pledges. George Hedgespeth moved to accept the budget for 2012 with a second by Ken Dyker. The motion was passed unanimously.
Karen called for those who have volunteered for any of the many learning activities and/or volunteer activities in the church to stand for recognition.
Recognition of Retiring Vestry Members

Paul Cournoyer, Ken Dyker, Lisa Varnier, and Lisa Hackett were honored for their three years of service to the church through their work on Vestry.

Courtesy Resolutions

Carolyn Simpson was cited by Karen in a motion, seconded by Cindy Maxwell, for her wonderful work as Vestry Clerk.

Glenn Anderson expressed great appreciation for the excellent leadership that the parish currently is experiencing, especially in Rev. Johanns.
The Senior Warden reminded us that the Vestry will meet immediately following this meeting in the library.
The closing prayer was offered by Rev. Karen Johanns.
A motion to adjourn the 175th annual meeting of All Saints’ Episcopal Church was offered by Peggy Gibbs and seconded by Richard Fitzgerald. The motion was passed.
Respectively submitted, Alan Hoffman, Recording Secretary
Vestry Candidate Biographies – Bonnie Anderson
Bonnie Anderson has been active in the leadership of the Episcopal Church for 30 years.

She brings to the office of vestry member, organizational development skills and first-hand knowledge about the mission and ministry of the Episcopal Church at congregational, diocesan, provincial, national and international levels.

Offices and Activities have included:

President of the House of Deputies – 2006-2012

Vice President of the Exeuctive Council of The Episcopal Church

Chair, Joint Standing Committee on Program, Budget and Finance

Member, Episcopal Relief and Development Advisory Board, Nets for Life Inspiration Fund.

President, Diocese of Michigan Standing Committee

Chair, Diocesan Anti-racism Committee

Organizational Development Consultant in Brazil, Columbia, Mexico and The Episcopal Church in the U.S.

Community Organizer/Founder: Friends of the Rouge River Clean up Southeast Michigan

Public Member, Michigan Environmental Review Board

Union of Black Episcopalians – Verna Dozier Award
University of Michigan – graduate degrees – M.S.W., M.S.
Honorary Doctorates:

General Theological Seminary, NY

University of the South – Sewanee, TN

Episcopal Divinity School, Cambridge, MA

Seabury Western Theological Seminary, Chicago, IL
Her commitment to Jesus Christ is reflected in her genuine love for people. Her commitment to the Church is reflected in her creative, tireless and down-to-earth approach to mission and ministry.
She has been married to Glen Anderson for 47 years. They have three grown children and three grandchildren.
Bio—Ginny Meyer
It is with great pleasure that I have accepted the nomination to serve on the All Saints’ vestry. The people of All Saints’ have become an important part of my life these past several years and I look forward to further enriching my service to the church.
I have enjoyed being a part of the ushering program as well as being trained to count the offertory plate. It has been a rewarding experience helping out with the community dinners that have been such a successful outreach program for the church. And, I have enjoyed the fellowship of both the movie group and the book group.
I work full-time for the Henry Ford Health System and have found over the years that the secret to success in my work is being a team player. I hope to be a strong team player as a vestry member and I’m looking forward to deepening my commitment to All Saints’.
Respectively submitted,

Ginny Meyer

Melanie Midgett
Hello my name is Melanie Midgett, I have been an on again off again attendee at All Saints’ of Pontiac for approximately 10 yrs.  I have been a steady member for the last 3 yrs.  I have two children who are actively involved in the youth group.  I like to help out in many different areas of All Saints’ including staining the exterior doors, painting, and providing treats for coffee hour.  I have also attended both community dinners and helped in the kitchen.  I am a former member of St. Andrew’s of Waterford where I spent my teenage years as an acolyte for Father Berg.  I am honored and delighted to be running for Vestry.
Michele Wogaman
Michele Wogaman is a native Minnesotan, who, following study for a MA in sociology from the New School in New York moved to Louisville, KY, where she became an avocational alto with the Louisville Bach Society, their board chair and educational coordinator for a time, and then joined New Performing Arts as Program and then Executive Director.  This is also where she met Steve Wogaman, the rest being history.  There are three daughters in the family -- Pinkney, Emily, and Debbie -- who have risen to the challenge of moving to Pennsylvania, Ohio, and now Michigan with their peripatetic parents.  When not packing and unpacking boxes, Michele has served as Senior Warden, Junior Warden, and Secretary to the Vestry in several parishes, and currently feels privileged to sing with the All Saints’ Choir, help with the Community Dinners, and participate in the Emmaus group. 

Rector’s Report to the Annual Meeting: January 2013

Given by the Rev. Karen Johanns, Rector

All Saints’ Episcopal Church, Pontiac MI
It is my privilege to deliver to the people of All Saints’ my fourth annual report. As always, it has been a year of challenges and blessings.
The readings we heard in our worship today from 1 Corinthians and Luke’s gospel emphasize who we are and what our roles are, both individually and as a community. Saint Paul reminds us that we have been given different spiritual gifts, but they are all to be used for a specific purpose – to be the Body of Christ, with no part of the Body inferior to another.
And for what purpose are we to be the Body of Christ? Jesus’ proclamation in the Nazareth synagogue gives us a clue: The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free, to proclaim the year of the Lord's favor. Now Jesus is being prophetic here; in fact, he is quoting from the prophet Isaiah, but he is letting everyone know what he’s there for, what his job is – in fact, what his entire purpose is. But then he adds a twist by saying; today this scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing.
So we are the Body of Christ, and as Christ’s hands and feet and heart in the world, we are to do the kinds of things that Christ himself does: bring good news to the poor, proclaim release to the captives, and everything else that St. Paul mentions. And we’ve managed to do many of those things with not a lot of people or resources. It wasn’t always easy and things didn’t always go the way we wanted them to, but not only did we do pretty well, we even threw ourselves a great party to celebrate All Saints’ 175th anniversary. I’d like to thank everyone who has supported our work and ministry this past year—those who have given money, energy, ideas, physical labor, who have offered prayers, who have shown up for worship, events, and activities.
If I had to give you one word that would sum up this past year, it would be growth. For me, it has been a year of growth as I have learned how to minister with you in the context of serious illness. I have been profoundly moved by your prayers and countless acts of kindness towards Claire and me, and I have grown by allowing you to minister to me. The dedication and enthusiasm you have shown in moving our mission forward during my absence has also taught me how to release some of my own love of micromanagement. As I said to the Bishop last week, I miss you all, but I don’t worry about the parish falling apart in my absence.
We have also grown as a faith community during this past year as we have continued to be the Body of Christ in the world. Our outreach ministries are going strong, and I think we even surprised ourselves by how much we’ve enjoyed our latest initiative, the community dinners. Bound Together, the market, and the resale shop are all healthy and carrying out their mission, and thanks to the efforts of our Junior Warden and many others in the parish, we have a safe, clean building. We’re catching up on repairs and moving towards a plan for regular maintenance. It is through our hospitality, our dedication to serving others, and our stubborn refusal to give up on a city that has been essentially abandoned that we imitate Jesus in bringing good news to the poor, releasing children held captive to illiteracy, and to proclaim that God is right here in Pontiac, and that this year, like every year, is a year of the Lord’s favor.
Growth is a good thing but it’s not always easy, and I’m sure you won’t be surprised when I ask that we take up the challenge to grow more in different way: spiritual practice and radical hospitality. A problem that many Christians run into is that we sometimes feel as if we must choose between doing the outward work of the gospel and tending to our own spiritual lives. I’ve often heard parishioners say that they were so tired from the rummage sale or whatever other church work they do that they just couldn’t make it to worship on Sunday. It often seems that we are so busy doing God’s work that we simply don’t have time for prayer, for meditation, for reading Scripture, for learning. We need to be careful to avoid this false and dangerous choice, because it is only when we tend to our own spiritual lives that our ministries can be sustained and remain vital. Our mission flows outward from meditation, from prayer, from the words of the Bible, from worshipping in community. This year I challenge all of us to move beyond an either/or attitude towards spiritual practice and outreach and embrace the concept of both/and. This year there will be opportunities for all of us to learn how to grow spiritually and I hope that you will take advantage of what is offered.
Spiritual growth will make it possible for us to flourish even more in the ministry of hospitality. What does it mean to embrace radical hospitality? Congregations that practice radical hospitality demonstrate an active desire to invite, welcome, receive, and care for those who are strangers so that they find a spiritual home and discover for themselves the richness of life in Christ. You’ll be hearing much more about the practices of radical hospitality this year, but for now I’ll sum it up by saying that this type of hospitality involves receiving everyone who comes to us as we would receive Christ himself, and that the purpose of our hospitality is not for our own growth and survival as a parish; rather, it is about serving the spiritual needs of those who join us. Chris Berg and I have begun working with the New Member Ministry and other interested parishioners in creating a new, more comprehensive way of welcoming and integrating new people, and in the process we will learn their stories as they learn how we tell God’s story.
I thank all of you who continue to support and work with me as I learn and grow. I am especially grateful to the Vestry, who stepped in without hesitation when I was diagnosed with cancer late last year, and I cannot say enough thank yous to our Senior Warden Robert Dawson, who has served in this role for two full years with grace, humor, and deep faith that God always guides him. Robert is leaving the Vestry this year along with Pam Daily, Michael Boron, Alan Hoffman, and George Hedgespeth. They have served you well, and I hope you will join me in saying ‘thank you’ to each of them. I am also most grateful to our Treasurer Kay Bell, who keeps us on the financial straight and narrow, who knows where every penny is, and who sees money as a tool for ministry.

I hope you know how fortunate we are to have someone with Kay’s combination of deep faith and business skill.

We are also extraordinarily blessed to have among us a group of dedicated retired clergy who stepped in without hesitation to offer pastoral care and keep our sacramental and worship life on track during my medical leave, and our Music Director has done an extraordinary job of keeping our music ministry fresh and lively while battling her own health challenges. I hope you will join me in thanksgiving for the work that Chris Berg, Ward Clabuesch, Roger Derby, Chris Humphrey, and Lois Kaarre have done this year. They, along with our dedicated staff consisting of Norma Warner, Rosie Glispie, Juana Roques, and Paul Castelli have kept programs and ministries running and the building tidy.
So, is the scripture being fulfilled in our hearing? Yes! I do believe that God is with us as we work and plan and struggle together to catch the vision that God has for us. Every time I report to you I say I believe that God has a plan for us. I continue to believe that God has called us together in this place at this time, and that we aren’t finished yet. We already have everything we need because God has already given it to us. Through prayer, study, and discernment, and then building upon our strengths to help us move in the direction God is leading us, we will continue to be a prophetic voice for God’s love. It’s not something one person can do alone, but if we truly recognize that we are the Body of Christ, and if all of us together continue to make the commitment to work together for a common purpose and direction, then we can only move forward as we spread Christ’s message of love, peace, and salvation in our corner of the world.
Sr. Warden Report for 2012
"Those that do not remember history are destined to repeat it."
In our case this may not be a bad thing. In our not too distant past All Saints' has made many decisions that may be considered counter intuitive. In the 60's & 70's when white people were fleeing the cities and their churches were going with them, we decided to stay. We felt that we were where God would have us to be. We took unpopular stands in the areas of housing and civil rights. We, at that time, determined that our corporate spiritual life led us to live a gospel of inclusivity and social justice. In our 175 years we have faced many challenges (internal and external) and have met them.
In our more recent history we have had a major impact on the community with three important ministries: Bound Together, Resale Shop, and Produce Market. And we have started a "Community Dinner" that seems to be taking on a life of its own. We have also completed many improvements to the building (not to mention a lovely mural in our undercroft), thanks to the dedicated efforts of our Jr. Warden. We have also completed the rehab of the rectory and have had very successful rummage sales. I believe that we have not only preached a Gospel of Grace but have also lived it, as we have faced our challenges as they have been presented to us.
I believe that the past is valuable only in that it can help us determine the direction that our Lord would have us travel for the future. We can look at our successes and failures and learn from them, and as such they can be guideposts and can help us chart our future course.
Now our Rector and we are faced with yet another challenge. It’s no secret that Karen is now fighting cancer and this has been a most pressing concern for all over the past several months. This is not only a challenge but an opportunity; an opportunity for us to minister not only to her but to ourselves. As Karen can use this time for reflection and spiritual growth (as well as physical healing), so can we. I can't speak for Karen directly, but I am sure that she wants us to continue in what we do. She wants us to continue to support and minister to each other. She wants us to continue with and improve upon our ministries. She would want us to support our new Vestry. While she is able to do some work from home, she must be content (for now) to function in a part time, or maybe "advisory" capacity. The best "get well" gift that we could give her would be for her to see a church that is healthy and vibrant and one that continues in its ministry to the community and to itself.
It’s similar to vacations that I have had. I have worked at places where no one did your job while you were away. In short, while the vacation was nice, I had a mountain of work to do upon arrival back to work. It almost made vacations counterproductive. The best vacation (in this case sick leave) is one that gives you a clean desk upon your return. It is my hope that Karen will have that clean desk.

Yes we are faced with challenges, but with God’s grace and support for one another, we can meet those challenges and can be all the stronger and better for them.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert Dawson




27 JANUARY 2012

Wow! This has been an amazingly busy year at All Saints’! I would encourage you to take a few minutes from your day and familiarize yourself with the rather rambling, but important outline of property and maintenance activities for 2012. All Saints’ makes a powerful difference within our community and we must sustain the material resources of our buildings and grounds so that we might better offer God’s grace and love to those around us. As you read the outline, please envision the New Year and how you might be a helpful cog in the wheel of All Saints’ circle of Love in this community.
As you know, the role of the Jr. Warden is to oversee all things property and building maintenance. I have found this to be a fairly tall and daunting order with a campus the size and age of All Saints’. However, God has not only provided the challenges and opportunities but has had the wisdom and grace to provide the necessary resources, as well. Fortunately for me, I have had the good fortune to work with an amazing group of folks who have been willing to assist with projects small and huge! From wonderful contractors and vendors to talented and generous parishioners and friends, we have managed to accomplish much during 2012.

> Leak in Men’s Rm. repaired and flapper replaced

> Piscina (small sink in Sacristy) repaired

> Old Rectory (OR) 2nd floor sink repaired

> OR 1st floor sink repaired

> OR 2nd floor sink repair

> Sink repairs in Women’s vesting rm.

> Toilet repair – Women’s Rm. off Commons Rm.

> Fall boiler inspection

> Boiler repairs (numerous repairs completed and others in progress)

* Special thanks to Tony Skillman!

> Thermostats programmed

> Dryer hook-up w/extensive electrical up-grade

* Special thanks to Jesse James!

> Dryer vent installed

> City of Pontiac Backflow Inspection

> Monthly Boiler Inspections – on-going

> Toilet seat replacement – Women’s Rm. off Commons Rm.

> Basement floor drains flushed – OR

> Annual fire extinguisher service (Inspection/pressurization/hydro-testing/6 yr.


* Church – 20 extinguishers

* OR – 10 extinguishers

> Annual fire system/alarm inspection - Guardian

> Fire system maintenance and repairs

> Guardian contract signed (5 yrs. @ fixed rated)

> Vigilante additional alarm installation – OR

> OR alarm adjustments/repairs

> Wooden exit door repaired

> Wooden exit door “accessibility paddle” key lock” repaired

> 2 fire alarm accidentally pulled – pulls replaced with up-graded models

> Otis performed 3 yr. pressure test and smoke/fire test

> Elevator serviced – computer malfunction & reset

> Elevator serviced extensive computer malfunction and parts replacement

> Elevator door inspection and refinishing quote (Ace metal Refinishers, Inc.)

> Elevator door replacement quotes

> Annual State inspection – completed

> Elevator malfunction and extensive repair – lightening strike

> Otis contract signed

> Consult and change “de-icer” in specific locations to protect new concrete

> Contract signed with San Morino for Winter 2012

> Contract signed for summer of 2012 with TruGreen (fertilization, weed and pest

preventatives, mowing, root boost/feed)

> Spring clean-up

> Sprinkler system up & running

> WAM volunteers on May 24 – great work!

* Thanks to Lenora Lighthall for coordinating this effort

> Yard light bulb replacements (as needed)

> Lay Weeders and volunteers – best efforts for tree, plant and shrub care!

* Special thanks to coordinators Michael Boron and Richard Fitzgerald

> Retaining wall brick installation – beautiful!

* Numerous bricks, as well as some plants and shrubs, were stolen over the course of

the summer and many were replaced, again. Sherriff reports were filed and patrols

were increased. A team was put together to explore security lighting.

> Fall clean-up – San Morino

> Sprinkler Winterization
> Unit moved to a new location for accessibility purposes

> Inspected

> Pads and battery pack replaced

> Leak above 3rd floor kitchen oven hood repaired

> Roof inspection (Roof Management & Kruger Builders)

> Bell Tower roof repaired

> South entrance roof masonry repair completed

> North entrance roof masonry repair completed

> Organ roof masonry repair completed

> Flagpole repair and Church flag hung

> Top of Bell Tower and Lower Bell roof repair completed

> Roof repair over organ pipes completed

> Repair to OR garage roof

> Numerous ceiling tiles and ceiling light covers replaced in Lower Level

> Bell Tower masonry inspections/general masonry inspections

> Church Insurance contacts, photos and paperwork completed (water damage) – claim

filed and payment received

> Inspection (Kal Kazak) and quote for plaster/paint repairs to exterior of interior of Bell

Tower (choir loft/Nave) and South Entrance

> Exterior Bell Tower masonry repair completed

> Interior Bell Tower cleaned-out

> Interior Bell Tower repair – in progress

> Inspection and quote for ramp repair

> Additional repairs to masonry on North side of church

> Masonry repair to OR garage/Veggie Market steps and area behind garage to prevent

water leakage into garage/Veggie Market

> Chime repair – in progress

> Multiple keys made for OR and Church

> Lock repairs and adjustments OR and Church

* Special thanks to Andy Wigent

> Keypad reset and new keypad installed at OR (alarm system)

> Numerous bulbs replaced (interior/exterior)

> Ballast repairs

> OR lighting/ceiling fan repair

> OR exterior motion sensor lighting repaired

> Exterior security lighting repaired

> City of Pontiac and DTE contacted – street lights in progress

> Additional security lighting – in progress

> New TV installed in Library

> Phone and computer up-grades and repairs

> Vents/Blowers repaired in Nave

> Bulletin boards

> Oriental Rug Repair (Rose Kneale Rm. and Altar)

> Two ceiling fans replaced in gymnasium

> Yellow tape and paint applied to various steps (interior and exterior)

> Window plastic removed

> De-icer removed and stored (summer)/de-icer put back out (winter)

> Mousetraps in OR

> Air conditioner cleaning - church

> Table procured and placed in kitchen of OR

> OR garage conversion to Veggie Market: (Kazak) cleaned, painted and installed

heating/cooling units

> Additional garage/Veggie Market floor cleaning and painting

> New refrigerators installed in OR garage/Veggie Market

> New sink and sump pump installed in basement of OR

> OR central air conditioning unit serviced

> Major driveway oil spill cleaned

> Organ maintenance/repair

> OR doorbell repairs

> Classroom clean-outs/face-lifts (Bound Together)

> Hallway and Common’s Rm. walls sanded (Teen mission – St. Louis)

> Commons Rm. Entryway Facelift (scraped, plastered, painted, new Welcome sign)

> Lower Level hallways & Commons Rm. (scrape, plaster, sand, paint)

* Special thanks to Charles Sajewski

> Exterior wooden doors (Gymnasium & Baptistery) doors sanded and stained

* Special thanks to Claire Dodds for coordinating this project

> Inspection and quote for exterior wooden door repairs…developing a gameplan

> Stained glass window soffits replaced

> Memorial plaques mounted

> Small parking lot restriped

> Church fans put out/taken down

> Window Treatment Party – install window insulation kits throughout church

> ISO container for rummage storage (in parking lot)

> Minor molding repairs

> OR 3rd floor window “fix”

> Kneeler repair commencing – ASAP

> South entrance door/lock repair commencing - ASAP

> “Project Ark” complete!

* Special thanks to artist Alan Kast
Many, many thanks to all of the faithful, generous and talented folks who so graciously gave of their time to assist the Junior Warden with the up-keep of this beautiful campus.

There have been far too many kind folks who have contributed time, talent and gifts to begin to name them all. However, it is important to give an official thanks to the folks who have been there every step of the way, in multiple capacities, for me during my tenure as Junior Warden. Big smiles and thanks to Robert Dawson, Charles Sajewski, Tony Skillman, Ken Dyker, Bruce Brandenburg, Jesse James, John Myer, Michael Boron, Norma Warner and Kay Bell.

Future opportunities abound! Together, and with God’s help, we can accomplish much!
Respectfully submitted.

Lisa E. Berg

Junior Warden
2012 Music Ministry Annual Report
Choir Roster:

Section Leaders: Nicolette Book, Amanda Kruk, Ryan Sparks, Tim Schneider

Darlene Donaldson, Lisa Uchno, Lisa Berg, Peggy Gibb, Michele Wogaman, Charles Sajewski, Brian Goldsworthy, Michael Boron, Matthew Hackett.
 The All Saints’ Choir takes very seriously its mission to enrich the worship experience of the congregation through music. The current roster of the choir, though small, is a remarkable collection of voices and personalities, led by four supremely talented professional singers.
Highlights of the year have included an encore presentation of Robert Ray's Gospel Mass in February on Absalom Jones Sunday, a Good Friday performance of Heinrich Schuetz's Seven Last Words of Christ on the Cross, special music to celebrate the 175th Anniversary in September, and music for the great festivals of the church year.  Instrumentalists have frequently collaborated with us, as well as playing solos in the service, and their addition is always a treat.
In June the choir was invited to sing for the Oakland County Ministerial Association's service of installation of officers--including our own Rev. Karen Johanns. The choir sang an arrangement of Blessed Assurance which had been arranged to celebrate the establishment of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday as a national holiday. The performance was very enthusiastically received, and the choir hopes to be in invited to similar events in the future, and enjoys establishing a relationship with the community outside of the walls of All Saints’.
Respectfully submitted, 

Lois J. Kaarre

2012 Youth Ministry Report
2012 was a wonderful year in the parish’s youth ministry. We experienced a blend of learning, fun, prayer, and service. We continued to use a mixed curriculum with Weaving God’s Promises and Re:Form for our regular meetings.

In February, the parish hosted a lock-in for our youth and two other youth groups. The theme of the lock-in was Guts, an exploration of “gutsy” people in the Bible. As part of our lock-in, we spent a part of our time serving at the Baldwin Center’s clothing closet. And no lock-in is complete without a trip to a bowling alley.

Gears shifted in Lent and we joined with parents and other parishioners for evening prayer on Wednesday nights, followed by supper and our own activity with the NOOMA video series.
We broke a record at Crossroads Soup Kitchen, making more sandwiches in less time than any volunteer team.

The program year ended with a fun trip to the Detroit Zoo, and over the summer two of our youth attended a week at Camp Michi-Lu-Ca, where I was serving as the camp chaplain.

As the new school year began, we launched back into our regular programming. In addition, the youth have been helping serve tables at the December and January community dinners. The youth group has also been doing the Bound Together Dinners one Wednesday each month for the past few months. And I am pleased to inform you that by the end of 2012, our youth group has nearly doubled in size.
At this time, I would also like to share some bittersweet news with you. As of December 10, 2012, I have been accepted into Bexley Hall Seminary in Columbus, Ohio, and I will be moving in August to begin my education as I continue in the ordination process. This news is sweet because I am excited to pursue my education and enter this new stage in my life, but bitter because it means that I will have to leave this parish that I have grown to love and the very special youth that have grown near and dear to my heart. I will cherish this last semester that I have to be with you, serving as your youth minister. I wish you all the best in the future of All Saints’, and you will always remain in my prayers.

2012 All Saints’ Book Group Report
The All Saints’ book group has been meeting at the church since November of 2010. The group is open to everyone who loves to read and discuss good books. We meet once a month at the church either on a Monday or Tuesday night, depending on everyone’s schedule. The choice of evening is flexible in order to include as many readers as possible. Our discussions last about 90 minutes and have been very rich and enlightening. The group chooses a variety of genres, including fiction, non-fiction, classics and short stories. Cost has not been a factor because the books have either been available at the library or we have been able to order used copies through the church’s link to Amazon.
Some of the most interesting books from 2012 were “Over the Edge of the World”, which was an outstanding book about the life and travels of Magellan. Another favorite was “The Worst Hard Time”, which was a detailed account of the years of the dust bowl in America’s southwest. We revisited the classic novel “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter”. And recently we read “The Dovekeepers” which was an historical fiction novel about the Jews who hid out from the Romans at Masada in 70 CE.
So, come on out and join the All Saints’ book group for fun and fellowship. The book selections and monthly dates will be posted on the church website as well as the green sheet in the bulletin. Hope to see you.
Respectively submitted,

Ginny Meyer

2012 Bound Together Annual Report

Submitted by Jane Porter

  • On Oct. 2nd the 2012-2013 program at Bound Together started for the school year.

  • We have 21 children in the program

    • 1st Grade 2

    • 2nd Grade 2

    • 3rd Grade 3

    • 4th Grade 6

    • 5th Grade 4

    • 6th Grade 3

    • 8th Grade 1 (Tutor Assistant)

  • We have had 6 new tutors “come onboard.”

  • Jane Porter was hired as Executive Direct (full time) and Linda Church was hired as Program Director (part time.)

  • St. Philip’s continues to coordinates Kids’ café - schedule workers, shop, cook, serve and cleanup the meals for the students of Bound Together.

  • Sign in front of the Old Rectory was repainted courtesy of Casey Signs at no cost to Bound Together.

  • Celebrations

A Halloween Party was held for the children after the parties at the school were cancelled because of power outage.

Thanksgiving event was held the Tuesday before Thanksgiving for the children. Food was donated by Tom’s Carpet Cleaning - Lake Orion.

A Shopping Day was held Dec. 13, 2012 where the children selected gifts for family and friends. These gifts were donated by the AAUW.

Christmas Party - St. Stephen’s, Troy, Christ Church Cranbook and the Mothers’Council from Cranbrook donated gifts for the children. Partnership was re-established with the Phantom MC, who supplied each child with a new coat, pair of boots, and a toy at the Christmas Party Dec. 20, 2012. We celebrated with a visit from Santa, sang a few songs and enjoyed a pizza dinner.

  • The new website ( www.boundtogetherpontiac. org) was launched Jan. 8, 2012 with a Paypal component to make donating easier. It can be easily updated with new material and has a Blog feature.

  • A year-end solicitation was mailed and we received a positive response.

  • We are looking forward to our partnership with Pontiac Center for Creative Arts to enable the Bound Together students to participate in the 3 week day camp in July. Grants are being written to underwrite the cost of $125 per child.

  • We have been invited to participate in the Christ Church Cranbook VBS Jun. 24- 27. Transportation from and to CCC from the parking lot at All Saints will be supplied along with lunch and associated activities at no cost to the “camper.”

We are in talks with Roeper Schools in regards to a swimming Camp the last week of August.

The details are still in the planning process.

We greatly appreciation and thank the congregation of All Saints’ for its dedicated support of the Bound Together Program and the children (and families) it serves. This could not take place without this love and support!
The future looks bright!

2012 Little Saints’ Report
This has been the second year that we have offered a program for our early elementary children. The program is called Godly Play which teaches the children the stories of the Old and New Testament. We have had the gift of four teachers, Lisa Varnier, Beverly Groves, Dyann Hayes and Betsy Fitzgerald. Several times Pastor Chris Humphrey has come in to teach a special lesson. Our meeting time has been from 9:30 to 10:15 before the 10:30 service.
Starting January 27th we are going to try a NEW TIME.  We will meet at 10:15 until 11:00. At 11:00 we will bring the children upstairs to join their families to take part in the rest of the morning service. As we start the new year we are in need of one or two teachers who would be willing to join us in our journey. This would mean teaching probably once a month. Pastor Karen has provided us with our lessons and our job is to practice them and share with the children. If you are interested or have questions please contact Betsy Fitzgerald.
Betsy Fitzgerald

2012 Landscape and Grounds Annual Report

(Lay Weeders)
Two thousand and twelve was a challenging season for grounds of the church and The Old Rectory.  We had repeated thefts of wall blocks around the church.  Even gluing them down only slowed the thefts.
In May and September we held work days with labor provided by community service of the justice system. 
We need more volunteers for continued success!
This coming year we need to keep our eyes on our grounds to help curb the theft challenge.  


A special Thanks to all who pulled weeds and watered this past season!

Michael Boron
2012 Lay Visitors Ministry Report

The Lay Visitors continue to make contact or visit persons in our parish who are unable to attend church. These contacts are separate from and in addition to visits by the clergy. Currently, we are visiting eight parishioners

In addition, palm crosses during Holy Week and small Christmas baskets are delivered.  Christmas and Easter cards, signed by parishioners, are sent to shut-ins and those for whom travel to church is presently difficult. They number fifteen.

Respectfully submitted,

Carole Elder for the Lay Visitors Ministry

Men’s Club 2012 Report
The All Saints’ Men’s Club met together in 10 monthly meetings at two locations with an average attendance of 10 members. Our meetings were held at the The Grill in Sylvan Lake for a noon time brunch, and at All Saints’ Rose Kneale Room for evening dinners.
Our meetings are opened and closed with a prayer for guidance and support provided by John Buckley. The agenda begins with Bible Reflections – EIAG. This method is not academic, but personal. It does not seek to completely explain the whole passage, but rather use it as a springboard for asking questions, and sharing.

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