All Quiet on the Western Front Essay Assignment

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All Quiet on the Western Front Essay Assignment

Due Dates



Weds, April 13

Outline and all quotations


Fri, April 15

At least two paragraphs


Thur/Fri April 28/29

Complete rough draft


Monday, May 2

Final Draft
Include outline and rough draft. Submit to


*You may only get credit for these if you have them on the due date (because that is the whole point!). If you don’t have them on the due date, you will receive a zero. However, you must still complete them, as they are required to be turned in with your final draft. Points will be deducted if they are not turned in with the final draft.

**You will lose 5% (5 points) per day that this essay is late. It must be turned in to me at the beginning of class and put on by the due date to count as “on time.” The late penalty continues to accrue until both are turned in. Turn this in on time so you don’t needlessly lose points.

Follow all directions very carefully to avoid losing points.

Hitler banned All Quiet on the Western Front and had it burned. The reason seems fairly obvious: he did not want Germans reading such a strong anti-war statement. Choose one of the following anti-war themes from this novel to develop your thesis statement and your literary analysis. Be sure to stay focused on how the novel works as an anti-war statement.

  1. The discrepancy between the views of war by people at home verses the men at the front

  2. Questioning/rejecting authority (not just people, but institutions as well)

  3. Lack of patriotism

  4. Imagery of war

  5. Similarities between the “enemy” and themselves

  6. Effects of the war on the people involved (both short term and long term)


  • Length: 5-7 paragraphs (you may write more)

  • Style: formal essay (no contractions, personal pronouns, slang or other informal phrases)

  • Format: Typed, 12 pt Times New Roman font, double spaced, 1” margins

  • Submit your paper to by the due date (points will be deducted if not on time)

  • Turn in your outline and rough draft with your final paper (-5 for each one missing)

Quotations, Citations, and Work Cited:

  • Each body paragraph must include at least one properly cited quotation.

  • Remember to “sandwich” the quotation: introduce it, quote it, cite it, analyze it and show how it proves your thesis. (See Ch. 31 in A Pocket Style Manual p.116-118.)

  • Properly punctuate and cite quotations. (See page 121 #1-2 in A Pocket Style Manual)

  • Correct Works Cited entry (See page 131 #8 in A Pocket Style Manual)

Writing Process


    1. Choose your essay focus (indicate the letter of your choice) and write your thesis statement.

    1. Make a list of your main supporting points and/or quotations:

2. MAKE AN OUTLINE (complete on your own paper)

  1. Introduction

    1. Title and author

    2. Relevant background information

    3. Thesis statement

  2. 3-5 Body Paragraphs (do A, B, C for each)

    1. Topic Sentence (main point of each paragraph, should transition from previous paragraph)

    2. Supporting quotations, details, examples, and explanations

    3. Analysis and connections to thesis

  3. Conclusion

    1. Emphasize your main points

    2. Draw interesting conclusions (think about why this matters, what it means, how is it relevant, how does it affect our understanding or outlook on the world, etc.)

Download 18.5 Kb.

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