All of the following are true of the Hundred Year’s war except

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All of the following are true of the Hundred Year’s war EXCEPT

  1. It was caused by long-standing rivalries and animosities between England and France

  2. It ended with a decisive English victory

  3. It changed the political systems of both France and England

  4. It was a struggle for national identity

  5. It was launched when England’s Edward III claimed the French throne

At the outset of the Hundred Years’ War

  1. France had a larger population that England

  2. England was wealthier that France

  3. France was superior militarily

  4. England was in a state of civil war

  5. The English navy ruled the seas

In the mid- 14th century, France had:

  1. Twice the population of England, but was much poorer

  2. About the same population of Englnad, but was much poorer

  3. Half the population of England

  4. Three times the population of England and was much richer

  5. Split from the Roman Catholic Church

The French peasant uprising of 1358 is known as the

  1. Pilgrimage of Grace

  2. Ciomp

  3. Jacquerie

  4. Taille

  5. Western rising

The primary reason for early French failure in the Hundred Years’ was

  1. Internal disunity

  2. Poor military strategy

  3. Superior English financial resources

  4. Deficient number in the military

  5. That they were a “modern” state fighting a feudal society

The use of this medieval weapon proved to give the English the tactical advantage in the war

  1. Catapult

  2. Longbow

  3. Trebuchet

  4. Primitive firearms

  5. Cannons

The Treaty of Troyes in 1420 disinherited the legitimate heir to the French throne and proclaimed this man the successor to the French king, Charles VI

  1. Richard II

  2. Henry V

  3. Charles VII

  4. Henry VI

  5. Jean I

Joan of Arc was executed on May 30, 1431 under this charge

  1. Kidnapping

  2. Fraud

  3. Treason

  4. Murder

  5. Heresy

The burden of the Hundred Years’ War fell mostly on the

  1. Women

  2. Clergy

  3. Peasants

  4. Nobility

  5. Military

All of the following were effects of the Hundred Years War EXCEPT

  1. A significant decrease in the population

  2. A series of peasant rebellions

  3. A more politically unified France

  4. An economically weaker England

  5. The rise of a Spanish Empire in the New World

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