All india mission document retention and destruction policy

Employment, Personnel and Pension

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Employment, Personnel and Pension

Personnel Records 10 yrs after employment ends

Employee contracts 10 yrs after termination

Retirement and pension records Permanent


Property, D&O, Workers’ Compensation and

General Liability Insurance Policies Permanent

Insurance Claims Records Permanent

Legal and Contracts

Contracts, related correspondence and other

supporting documentation 10 yrs after termination

Legal correspondence Permanent

Management and Miscellaneous

Strategic Plans 7 years after expiration

Disaster Recovery Plan 7 years after replacement

Policies and Procedures Manual Current version with revision


Property – Real, Personal and Intellectual

Property deeds and purchase/sale agreements Permanent

Property Tax Permanent

Real Property Leases Permanent

Personal Property Leases 10 years after termination

Trademarks, Copyrights and Patents Permanent


Tax exemption documents & correspondence Permanent

IRS Rulings Permanent

Annual information returns – federal & state Permanent

Tax returns Permanent

Revision History by the AIM Board

Initial policy adopted September 11, 2014

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