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As Herald city hall reporter Kevin Rothstein reported Thursday, neither the parade, nor the turnout of onlookers can hope to rival the welcome this city gave the Red Sox and Patriots after their championship wins.

No matter. Whether the crowd numbers 2,000 or 20,000, whether duck boats travel down East Broadway or not, this is one of those ``it's the thought that counts'' moments. And saying thank you to a soldier, however simply, counts quite a lot.
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The Boston Herald
May 19, 2005 Thursday

LENGTH: 315 words
HEADLINE: Vet activist urges Bostonians to cheer homecoming heroes
BYLINE: By Kevin Rothstein

When 450 Marines fresh from two tours of Iraq combat duty come ashore in Boston tomorrow from the USS John F. Kennedy, there will be no duck boat tours or ticker tape parades for them.

While honors like those are afforded to victorious Red Sox and Patriots teams, the main honor for the combat-weary troops will be a small, privately organized parade in South Boston Saturday.

``When you talk about putting an event on of this magnitude, we'd love to have the help of anybody who wants to be part of a welcome-home ceremony to these heroes, as we call these kids'' said parade organizer Tom Lyons. He said he never asked the city for help, but was asked to help welcome home the troops by Col. Ron Johnson, a Duxbury native who leads the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit.

``It's one thing to cheer these kids off when they're going. We have to be there when they come home as well,'' Lyons said. To cover the estimated $5,000 to $7,000 cost, Lyons, a Vietnam veteran and former deputy head of Boston's Veterans Affairs, is selling T-shirts. The bare-bones celebration is in stark contrast to the massive heroes' welcome the city gave to the World Champion Red Sox, who enjoyed a large parade through the city aboard duck boats.

But city officials say they've done everything the military has asked on short notice.

``Whatever they wanted they got,'' said Michael Galvin, chief of Basic City Services ``We've actually bent over backwards for them.'' In addition to providing security for the carrier's arrival and permitting Saturday's parade, the city has cleared the way for a Marine display at Fanueil Hall and a Marine road race Friday.

Menino has been invited to Saturday's parade. A spokeswoman said he has a tight schedule but will ``make every effort to go.''

The parade starts at 12:30 p.m. at Farragut Road and East Broadway in South Boston and proceeds up East Broadway to Medal of Honor Park.
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The Boston Herald
May 19, 2005 Thursday

LENGTH: 931 words

Werner's latest pitch: Hub is reel good
BYLINE: By Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa

If you believe the teeny bopper buzz, Foxboro 'tween queen JoJo has hooked up with Jesse McCartney, J-Kwon and Bow Wow. She says she's Not That Kinda Girl, but we do know JoJo's gone goo-goo for Freddy Adu! Woo-hoo!

Word is, the 14-year-old pop princess and the 15-year-old D.C. United soccer phenom looked veddy friendly at Rock Bottom in Braintree the other night. Which is where the pair repaired for a bite after JoJo watched Freddy's team get blanked 1-0 by the New England Revolution at Gillette Stadium.

``They're like a couple made for MTV and there they are having dinner at Rock Bottom with one of JoJo's friends,'' said our spy on the scene. ``It was pretty funny, because Freddy was getting razzed by his teammates and some of the Revs who were there, too.''

Details of the dinner are sketchy, but we hear the kicker cutie had an 11 p.m. curfew back at the Sheraton Tara across the street. So things obviously wrapped up early.

And why wouldn't JoJo want to be friendly with Phenom Freddy? He's got the Michael Jordan-esque smile and has been known to attract thousands of screaming meemees to United games. The Nike spokesjock's been on the talk-show circuit and has popped up on MTV's too-cool-for-school ``Total Request Live'' and - more recently - the ``Fake ID Club.'' Which was, surprise, surprise, hosted by JoJo!

``Apparently when they were on the show Freddy mentioned that she was hot and she said something like she hoped to get together sometime,'' said our spy.

Well, ain't that a kick?????

Red Sox czar and Hollywood producer Tom Werner has been working behind the scenes to help the State House solons come up with some legislation aimed at helping Massachusetts attract more film business.

Werner, who serves on Cal-eee-for-nee-ya Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's film commission, has been helping House leaders research other states' film-incentive packages with an eye toward getting a bill on Gov. Mitt Romney's desk by the legislative summer recess.

House honcho Tom Petrolati said he and the boss, Sal DiMasi, met Werner on a couple of occasions and asked for his help.

``He indicated that he would like to make more films in the state and offered to help form the legislation,'' Petrolati said.

``The Departed,'' Martin Scorsese's set-in-Boston cop drama starring Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jack Nicholson, is being filmed primarily in New York because that state enacted tax incentives and Massachusetts has not.

Stay tuned.

Tracked down

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Surviving her first day back on the job at ABC's ``The View'' after her maternity leave and bragging that new baby Grace ``likes to eat a lot and sleep a lot - just like her father,'' (ex-BC QB Tim Hasselbeck) . . . ``CSI'' top cop Paul Guilfoyle, in town to address grads at his alma mater, BC High, scoping out his Canton 'hood . . . Talbots PR prince Phil Tracey hanging with ``Will & Grace'' stars Eric McCormack and Debra Messing, ``Ray'' star Jamie Foxx, ``Medium'' gal Patricia Arquette and The Donald at NBC's new fall lineup party in the Apple and escorting his pal, Liz Smith, to her Literacy Gala at Lincoln Center . . . Retired FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom dining at Saraceno's with his rels . . . Political warhorses Kevin White, Bob Crane, Bobby Travaglini and George Regan dining at Joe Tecce's . . . Boston screenwriter Howard Katz at the Cannes Film Festival rubbing elbows with Sharon Stone while trying to secure a deal for ``Last Call,'' a romantic comedy . . .

We hear

- That it's Lock Up Your Daughters Time today as the aircraft carrier JFK lands in Boston with 450 Marines on board. The Marines, fresh off their second tour of duty in Iraq, will have weekend shore leave here and we assume their fearless leader, Col. Ron Johnson of Duxbury, will show the boys a good time.

- That Hotel Commonwealth honcho Tim Kirwan, returning from a trip to Ireland to push Boston tourism, landed at Logan International Airport to a throng of TV cameras, which he naturally assumed had assembled to hear his pearls of wisdom on attracting Euro dollars to the Hub. He straightened his tie and headed for the microphones, only to be told that, sadly, the press was there to catch passengers on the Alitalia plane that made an unscheduled stop in Maine after a security breach. D'oh!

- That LunchDates founder Steve Penner has sold the dating biz to his partner and will concentrate full time on selling Red Sox T-shirts.

- That it was a hung jury over who owns the Red Sox World Series ball at a mock trial conducted by the kids from the Washington Irving Middle School. The verdict was 9-7 in favor of the Red Sox keeping the baseball over first baseman Doug Mientkiewicz, who caught the final out. But the Sox needed a two-thirds majority of the jury to prevail. Hanify & King sponsored the Citizens Schools program and top litigator Tim O'Neill played baseball Commissioner Bud Selig.

- That the Rolling Stones will Roll back into the FleetCenter to play a couple of more dates after the first of the year. Apparently, the Hub fans give Mick & Company much Satisfaction.

- That ``Neutron'' Jack Welch gave some unsolicited advice to George Steinbrenner vis a vis steroid underperformer Jason Giambi: ``Get his ass off that team!'' at a biz breakfast at 21 in the Apple . . . .

- And that enfant terrible rocker Ryan Adams got into it with yet another heckler at Avalon the other night when the guy yelled out ``Play something we know.'' Birds were flipped, F-bombs were dropped. The cranky schtick is getting a little old, dude . . .

Drop dimes to or 617-619-6488.
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The Boston Herald
May 18, 2005 Wednesday

LENGTH: 363 words
HEADLINE: O'Reilly: Is politics a Factor in Harvard's `Abu Ghraib' shutout?

Fox News program ``The O'Reilly Factor'' wanted to film Harvard students re-enacting the torture of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib through a theatrical performance that included dance and drama.

But the Factor's cameras weren't allowed into the theater.

Now, Bill O'Reilly and his crew are trying to figure out why.

Robert Mitchell, director of communications for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, said he'd told O'Reilly's producers on the telephone that Harvard policy does not allow filming or reporters in its FAS buildings, unless permission is granted by the sponsoring group, in this case the student producers of the play. But O'Reilly and his executive producer David Tabacoff told the Herald they got that student OK, and showed up to shoot the show May 12 at the Loeb Experimental Theater.

``We had talked to the producer,'' O'Reilly said. ``Apparently she said yes to our guy. We sent a crew over, and they said, `Oh, you can't come in.' That raises the flag, why not? Don't you want this kind of exposure?''

O'Reilly said he hasn't reached conclusions about the play. ``There's something creepy about it, but I don't know what it is.''

In an e-mail response to Herald questions, ``Abu Ghraib'' director Currun Singh and producer Xin Wei Ngiam wrote that O'Reilly invited them to appear on the Factor, ``but framed the debate in terms of Democrats vs. Republicans, when really, we're about reconciliation, not division. The exploration of prison abuse transcends partisan politics.''

The New York Sun reported that the play, which had a three-day run last week, opened with a handcuffed male actor clothed only in a black hood holding his genitals. It also reportedly featured the character of an Army specialist urinating on a detainee.

Tabacoff said ``The O'Reilly Factor'' was interested in whether the re-enactment may have altered events for dramatic effect, and whether Harvard funded the production. Mitchell said he didn't know if it was university-funded.

In their e-mail, Singh and Ngiam, both sophomores, said they wanted to ``examine closely the human tragedy at Abu Ghraib'' through theater. The show attempts to humanize both prisoners and soldiers, the e-mail said.
LOAD-DATE: May 18, 2005

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Copyright 2005 Boston Herald Inc.

The Boston Herald
May 11, 2005 Wednesday

LENGTH: 163 words
HEADLINE: Carrier USS JFK's port call may be last for Hub

In what could be her final visit to Boston, the USS John F. Kennedy will dock in South Boston next week while the Navy considers whether to decommission the aircraft carrier.

The ``Big John,'' which returned in December from a six-month deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, will visit Boston May 19-22 along with more than 500 members of the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit, many of whom also saw duty in Iraq.

``We hope not, but this could be the last time she's in Boston,'' said Navy Reserve Lt. Cmdr. Adam Holland of Lowell, who is assisting with planning the visit.

The carrier went into service in 1968 and may be decommissioned as part of budget cuts.

Named after President Kennedy, the ship has long been beloved by Bostonians, and last visited in 2000.

Among events planned this time, the 24th MEU will march from the ship to Medal of Honor Park in Southie at 11 a.m. May 21 to pay homage at the South Boston Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
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