Alice Paul and the Women’s Suffrage Movement Junior Division

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Alice Paul and the Women’s Suffrage Movement

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We wanted to learn about and choose a topic that was uncommon; something that the world didn’t pay much attention to. But still about a topic that focused on the theme, Leadership and Legacy. We were determined to find a topic fitting the theme. We searched for topics on many different websites, but nothing really caught our attention. Then, we discovered a website with a topic that seemed interesting. Alice Paul – the topic wasn’t too old, too broad, too new, and too common. To us the topic even fit the theme, so we decided to conduct our research on Alice Paul.

First, we began researching on the computers at school. We took notes on the sources we found online, and started citing them. We consulted a librarian, and requested a book on Alice Paul. Then, our school planned a research trip to Rice University. We scheduled an interview with a history professor there. We interviewed professor Matusow and found a few more sources. After many days of research, we took a look at the bibliography, and noticed that we had gathered enough information. We had saved everything we did on a USB.

Once we knew we had all the research we needed, we decided on doing a website. The reason we decided to do a website is because we’ve never done one before. Both of us have participated in history fair the previous two years, but we’ve both been doing exhibits. Doing a website would be a new experience for both of us. So, we created an account on Weebly and chose a layout. Then we started putting the information we gathered into the website. Once our paperwork was done we uploaded it onto the website.

This year’s theme is leadership and legacy in history. Our topic, Alice Paul, fits the theme leadership and legacy. Alice Paul was a leader for many women, as she dedicated her life to fighting for women’s justice around the world as well as in the United States. She was raised to believe in the principles of the Quakers, including the concept of gender equality. Women’s equal rights were a priority in her life. Alice Paul was an activist in the women’s suffrage movement, founded the National Women’s Party, and helped secure women’s right to vote. She has protested for women’s rights, created organizations for the cause, and contributed to the Equal Rights Amendment. These actions prove her leadership in helping women around the world. Not many people have accomplished what Alice Paul has. As a leader, she has greatly impacted and affected the women’s suffrage movement because she not only fought for women, but for all humans to have equal rights. Alice Paul’s legacy is a role model of leadership in the hunt for equality. Her life symbolizes that one person can make a difference. Alice Paul’s legacy still continues to inspire others who are fighting for equal rights. The Alice Paul Institute was founded in 1985 to honor her, and create more leaders.

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