Alexander the Great

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Alexander the Great

1. ________________________ was a powerful kingdom that was to the _________________________ of Greece. _______________________ was the king of Macedonia in 359 B.C. He lived in __________________________ as a young man and ___________________ everything about the Greeks. Phillip II wanted to defeat the_____________ so he wanted to ________________ the Greek city-states with his kingdom. Phillip began expanding his empire one by one. He had taken control of all of the Greek city-states by _________ B.C.

2. Phillip II’s greater plan was to conquer the ____________________ Empire with the Greeks’ help. Before this plan could be completed, Phillip II was ___________________. _________________________, the son of Phillip II became king of Macedonia at the age of _________ years old. In ___________ B.C., Alexander began his conquest of the Persian Empire. Alexander first began fighting in ____________ ______________ (modern day Turkey). Alexander and his armies defeated the Persians and freed the Greek _____________-_____________ of Asia Minor. By 332 B.C. the kingdoms of ____________________ and ____________________ had been captured by Alexander. In northern Egypt, Alexander built the city of _______________________. This city became the center of _________________ and __________________. It was also one of the most important cities of the ancient world.

3. In 331 B.C. Alexander heads east to battle the Persians. His army defeats them at Gaugamela, near Babylon. This was the last major contested battle for the Persians because Alexander was easily able to defeat the rest of the Persians. Alexander was still not satisfied. He continued to the east as far as modern _____________________ and the __________________ River. Here his soldiers ___________________ to go any further. In 323 B.C. Alexander returned to _____________________. After shortly being back in the city, Alexander became tired and weak. Ten days later, Alexander ______________ at the age of _____________.

4. Alexander was a great ________________ leader. He was inspired by Homer’s warrior-hero _________________. Alexander is best known as _____________________ __________ ________________.

5. Define a legacy. _______________________________________________________________________________

6. What was Alexander’s legacy? ____________________________________________________________________

7. Alexander’s conquests brought on the __________________ ________. This time period refers to the time when the Greek _________________ and Greek __________________ spread to __________-______________ people in Southwest Asia.

8. Alexander had a plan to unite the ____________________, ____________________, and ____________________ in his empire. Upon the death of Alexander his empire began to fall apart. What were reasons for Alexander’s empire falling apart? _____________________________________________________________________________


9. What were the 4 kingdoms that arose in place of Alexander’s great kingdom?

1. ___________________________________

2. ___________________________________

3. ___________________________________

4. ___________________________________

10. How did the Greeks manage to stay in control after Alexander’s empire was split up? ______________________


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