Alexander Graham Bell

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Alexander Graham Bell
Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone and became a very famous man. He also wrote an article which he presented in 1883. His research paper was about deaf people.

In his article, Dr. Bell explained why there were so many deaf children. He believed that when deaf adults married each other, they would have deaf children. He thought that this was bad. Bell blamed the schools for the deaf for causing marriages between deaf people. He did not like the idea of these intermarriages and tried to think of ways to stop them. He would have preferred that deaf children be taught at hearing schools. He did not ____1______ schools for the deaf. Bell felt that deaf people would not mix with hearing people if they went to _____2_____ schools.

Bell was ____3______ about other things, too. He noticed that deaf people socialized with other deaf people. He felt that socializing with other deaf people was bad. Deaf people should socialize with hearing people, he thought. Bell tried to start a new law that would make it illegal for deaf people to marry each other. He ____4______ up his idea when he realized that such a law could not be enforced.

Bell also had strong feelings about the ____5______ of deaf children. He wanted deaf children to be with hearing children in school. He thought that the deaf children could learn normal behavior from the hearing children. Bell was against the use of deaf teachers, too, because he thought this added to the ____6______ of a deaf "race" in America.

Bell had another theory which he never proved. He believed that deaf children who signed would not have good English skills. He could never prove this, and now many people have tried to prove the opposite! A lot of new research shows that many deaf children whose parents sign (and are deaf) do _____7_____ schoolwork than deaf children who do not sign at home!

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