Alabama Historical Association Annual Meeting Presentations 1980–present 33rd Annual Meeting — 1980

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Alabama Historical Association

Annual Meeting Presentations

33rd Annual Meeting — 1980
"Interesting Points in the Life of William R. King"

Henry P. Johnston, Birmingham

"The Notoriety of Toomer's Corner in Auburn"

Neil O. Davis, Auburn University

"Political Issues in Mobile During the 1850s"

Dr. Alan S. Thompson, Louisiana State University in Shreveport

"John G. Cullmann's Dream Did Come True"

Mrs. Edna Smith Arnold, Cullman

"The First Capital at Montgomery"

Milo B. Howard, Jr., Director, Alabama Department of Archives and History, Montgomery

"Birmingham's Part in the Faltering Plans of the 'Bay of Pigs'"

Mrs. Margaret Sizemore, Samford University

"Johnny Reb and Women's Lib: Alabama Confederates' View of the Southern Woman"

Dr. G. Ray Mathis, Troy State University

"The Creek Path Era"

Mrs. Virginia Hooper Barton, Guntersville

"A 'Spanish Lady' in Alabama, 1918–1919"

Dr. Geraldine M. Emerson, University of Alabama in Birmingham

"The Remaining Building on the University Campus Following the War Between the States"

Dr. Richard Thigpen, University of Alabama

"What's Happening in History: Motivs and Motifs"

Dr. Gerald George, Director, American Association for State and Local History, Nashville

"Catesby ap Roger Jones, Distinguished Selma Personality of the Confederacy"

Catesby ap C. Jones, Selma

"N. H. R. Dawson of Dallas County, Alabama, Third United States Commissioner of Education"

Dr. Kit Carter, Mississippi University for Women

"Pushmataha, Orator and Warrior"

Judge C. J. Coley, Alexander City

"Phillip Phillips and Internal Improvements in Mid-Ninteenth Century Alabama"

Dr. David T. Morgan, University of Montevallo

"Rube Burrows, Alabama's Famous Outlaw"

William Warren Rogers, Jr., Auburn University

"Military Conscription in Alabama During the War Between the States"

Douglas Clare Purcell, Executive Director, Historic Chattahoochee Commission

"Roanoke's 'Miss Ella Smith' and Her Famous Dolls"

Mrs. Hugh Smith, Langdale

"Mobile Silver"

Mrs. Sidney Van Antwerp, Mobile

"The Nature of Criminal Justice in Madison Country during Reconstruction"

Miss Mary G. Tumlin, Huntsville

"Transportation on the Tennessee"

Harold T. Damsgard, Sheffield

"The Militant South Revisited" (Presidential Address)

Lt. Col. John H. Napier, III

34th Annual Meeting — 1981
"The Rarest of Confederate Publications of Mobile"

Walter T. Sumner, Mentone

"Trade Symbols Remembered from Earlier Days"

Mrs. Jeanette E. Barrett, Wetumpka

"Coal Mining in Alabama During the Civil War"

Dr. Justin Fuller, University of Montevallo

"John Henry Wisdom, the Paul Revere of the Confederacy"

Joe Barnes, Gadsden

"Civil Disorders at Athens, Alabama, 1946"

Dr. Lee E. Williams II, The University of Alabama in Huntsville

"Early Railroads: Their Impact on Calhoun County"

Jack D. Boozer, Jacksonville

"Comer, Cotton, and the World of the 1930s"

Michael A. Breedlove, The University of Alabama in Birmingham

"Museums in Alabama — Old and New"

Mrs. Nancy W. Holliman, Montgomery

"Large Plantations in Lauderdale County, 1860"
Dr. Mary Jane McDaniel, University of North Alabama

"Highlights in the History of The University Alabama during the Past 150 Years"

Dr. Joseph F. Volker, Chancellor, The University of Alabama
"The University's Role in the Founding of State Historical Organizations"

Dr. Charles G. Summersell, The University of Alabama

"Bishops of Mobile Have Made History"

Archbishop Oscar H. Lipscomb, Mobile

"Unusual Birmingham Characters for Whom the Bells Toll"

Samuel A. Rumore, Jr., Birmingham (In collaboration with James F. Sulzby, Jr., Birmingham)

"The McWane Family and the Pipe Industry in Birmingham"

Dr. Carolyn G. Satterfield, Samford University

"He Came, We Sawed, We Conquered"

Ralph G. Holberg Jr., Mobile

"Civil War Days in Decatur"

William H. Jenkins, Decatur

"Pictorial Sketches of Early Huntsville"

Mrs. Wayne Smith, Huntsville

"A Brook Cannon Will Find a Home in Selma"

Mrs. Elise Blackwell, Selma

"Lt. Col. James M. Williams, Fort Powell, and the Battle of Mobile Bay"

Dr. John K. Folmar, California State College, Pennsylvania

"Rebellion from Time to Time at the University during its First Twenty Years"

Leon F. Gilham, Jr., Pinson

"Spindle, Mine, and Mule: The Poor White Experience in Post Civil War Alabama" (Presidential Address)

Dr. J. Wayne Flynt, Auburn University

35th Annual Meeting — 1982
"John W. (Bet-A-Million) Gates and his Sights on Birmingham Industries"

Lane Carter, Birmingham

"Alabama Bourbons Revisited"

Dr. Allen J. Going, The University of Alabama

"The Shifted Sands of Baldwin County"

Mrs. Kay Nuzum, Fairhope

"Phllip Henry Gosse: Some Observations on Alabama's Natural History and Plantation

Life, 1838"

Dr. E. B. Sledge, University of Montevallo
"Verbena, A resort and Yellow Fever Refuge"

Mrs. Joseph A. Sheppard, Verbena

"Mobile vs. Birmingham: The Alabama Medical College Controversy of 1912"

Dr. David E. Alsobrook, Carter Presidential Library

"Harrogate Springs, Resting and Recuperation Site for Fort Toulouse"

James Wesley Parker, Tuscaloosa

"Guardian of the New South: The Peacetime Career of Walter E. Bare"

Dr. Paul M. Pruitt, Jr., Montgomery

"The Real and Unreal Buck's Pocket"

Mrs. Elizabeth S. Howard and James R. Kuykendall, Fort Payne

"Where Molten Iron Flows Like Melted Butter"

Judge C. J. Coley, Alexander City

"Down Home in Possum Trot: The Early Life of Herman Clarence Nixon"

Professor Sarah Shouse, Alabama A & M University

"The Gateway to Alabama: The Federal Road, 1806–1836"

Henry DeLeon Southerland, Jr., Birmingham

"Foster M. Kirksey: A Black Belt Planter of Greene County"

Roy A. Swayze, Eutaw

"Famous Early Travellers Along the Bartram Trail in Butler County"

Mrs. Richard Crenshaw, Greenville

"Theodicy, Nationalism, and Slavery: Alabama Clergymen and the Civil War"

Dr. Dan L. Cloyd, Auburn University

"Proceedings in Brief of the First Annual Meeting of the Alabama Historical Society, July 14, 1851"

Mrs. Wayne Smith, Huntsville

"Duel and the Duello Code in Alabama"

William Cassell Stewart, Birmingham

"Persisting Problems in Mobile Politics: The Mobile Charter Study Commission, 1964–1965"

Dr. Howard F. Mahan, University of South Alabama

"A Violet in the Sahara: Sarah Haardt Mencken and Her Writings"

Dr. Benjamin B. Williams, Auburn University at Montgomery

"Joseph Barbiere: Tennessee Confederate in Alabama"

Douglas C. Purcell, Eufala

36th Annual Meeting — 1983
"Carolyn Lee Hentz: Her Florence Years"

Dr. Leatrice Thomas, University of North Alabama

"Gold Mining at Hog Mountain in the 1930s"

Miss Peggy G. Walls, Goodwater

"Martha Foster Crawford — First Alabama Missionary to China"

Dr. Gerald W. Berkley, Auburn University at Montgomery

"The Southern Dial: A 'Southern Man' and His Peculiar Institution"

Randall B. Rosenberg, Auburn University

"Hosea Holcombe, the Writer of Alabama's First Published History"

Jack E. Brymer, Birmingham

"Alabama Scientists: Leadership for the New South"

Mrs. Nancy S. Midgette, University of Georgia

"The Pre-eminent Choctaw Chief, Pushmataha"

William H. Davidson, West Point, Georgia

"Slaves as Guinea Pigs: Dr. Thomas Hamilton in Georgia and Dr. J. Marion Sims in Alabama"

Dr. F. N. Boney, University of Georgia

"The Fork in the Road: Birmingham's Interracial Committee and the Conflict over Segregation, 1950–1951"

Robert G. Corley, Birmingham Public Library

"Underground Findings in the Preliminary Study of Cahawba"

Carl C. Morgan, Jr., Chairman, Cahawba Commission, Selma

"Shelta Cavern Under Huntsville"

Bill Torode, Huntsville

"Ante-Bellum Jacksonville: Events that Shaped the Character of a Northeastern Alabama Town"

Worden Weaver, Jacksonville State University

"Confederate Shipbuilding on the Tennessee River"

Walter Hamer, Scottsboro

"Memories of Mobile's Battle House"

Caldwell Delaney, Mobile

"Anniston: Transition from Company Town to Public Town"

Dr. Grace Gates, Anniston

"The Bridge of Friendship—Horace King and Robert Jemison, Jr."

Miss Elise H. Stephens, Alabama, A & M University, and Thomas L. French Jr.,

Columbus, Georgia, Co-Authors
"Early Days with the Alabama River Steamboats"

Jack N. Nelms, Selma

"John Tyler Morgan and the Nicaragua Canal"

Lawrence A. Clayton, The University of Alabama

"Alabama's Golden Literary Era"

Dr. William S. Hoole, Tuscaloosa

"Birmingham Political Tradition" (Presidential Address)

Dr. William D. Barnard, University of Alabama

37th Annual Meeting — 1984
"The Fantastic Fate of C. S. S. 'Dunbar'"

Turner Rice, Birmingham

"Brookside's St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church—Alabama's Most Unique Congregation"

Miss Garnet Leader, Bessemer

"Movie Censorship in Mobile, 1915–1925"

David E. Alsobrook, Decature, Georgia, Carter Presidential Materials Project

"Turkey Trot Days at Oliver Hall's Store in Collinsville"

James Kuykendall and Mrs. Elizabeth S. Howard, Fort Payne

"'Cagan Cookin'"

Mr. and Mrs. Yates Simonson, Bayou La Batre

"Carrie Tuggle: An Alabama Black Editor and Educator in the Progressive Era"

John M. Dollar, Auburn University

"Joe Jefferson, the Idol of the Rip Van Winkle Theatrical Era"

Mrs. Aubrey E. Neeley, Montgomery

"The Hall and Murdock Iron Furnaces, Lamar County Facilities of 1858"

Mrs. Rose Marie Smith, Vernon

"Anti-War Sentiment and Representative John Lawson Burnett of Alabama"

Timothy D. Johnson, The University of Alabama

"The Jefferson Davis Family"

Bertram Hayes-Davis, Richardson, Texas, Great-Great Grandson of CSA President Jefferson Davis

"The University of North Alabama in Retrospect"

Dr. Kenneth R. Johnson

"The Music of Industrial Workers"

Miss Peggy Hamrick, Birmingham, "Birmingfind Project"

"Sheffield, Alabama, The Early Years"

Harold T. Damsgard, Sheffield

"The Origins of the Civil Rights Movement in Alabama"

Dr. Robert Jefferson Norrell, Birmingham-Southern College

"Alabama Indians since 1830"

Dr. H. L. (Lindy) Martin, Samford University

"The 1865 Explosion that Almost Destroyed Mobile"

George H. Schroeter, Mobile

"Clarence Cason and Southern Liberalism in the 1930s:

Dr. John Matthews, Georgia State University

"Tuscaloosa: The Way It Was and the Way It Could Be"

Lewis McCray, Northport

"Working People of Antebellum Mobile
Dr. Harriet E. Amos, University of Alabama in Birmingham
"The Montgomery 'Freedom Rider' Riots of 1961"

Dr. J. Mills Thornton, III, University of Michigan

"'He Refused a Free Lunch and Lost His Company': The Bremen Story" (Presidential Address)

Chriss H. Doss, Birmingham

38th Annual Meeting — 1985
"Birmingham's Potlatch Celebration"

Mrs. Madge Davis Barefield, Birmingham

"Wilcox County's Emmett Kilpatrick — Prisoner of the Bolsheviks"

Daniel Fate Brooks, Camden

"Research Possibilities in Alabama History"

Malcolm M. MacDonald, The University of Alabama Press

"Benjamin S. Turner, Selma's Congressman"

Dr. Alston Fitts, Selma-Dallas County Museum

"The Image of Rube Burrow"

Joe G. Acee, Sulligent

"My father, Hamner Cobbs, as Editor of the 'Greensboro Watchman'"

Nicholas H. Cobbs, Greensboro

"The Kate Duncan Smith School in Jackson County"

Dr. Margaret Sizemore Douglass, Samford University"

"Tuscaloosa Preservation pays off in Discoveries"

Marvin L. Harper, Northport

"The Foundation of Foundation Stone"

Mrs. Nancy G. Anderson, Auburn University at Montgomery

"Biography as an Agent of Humanism"

Dr. Frank E. Vandiver, President, Texas A & M University

"Improbable Visitor: Oscar Wilde's Tour of Alabama, 1882"

Mrs. Mary Louis Ellis, Florida State University

"Used Book Catalogues — Their Historical Uses"

Dr. Paul A. Spence, University of Alabama at Birmingham

"Shelby, a County Showered with Historical Publications"

Mrs. Tommie Harrison, Alabaster

"Mobile Medallions"

David Smithweck, Mobile

"Marion: College Town of the Old South"

Edward R. Crowther, Judson College

"The Presbyterian Church in Alabama: Division and Union"

Dr. Peter F. Barty, University of North Alabama

"Silent Wings Over Mobile: Brookley Field as a Glider Pilot Training Center"

Dr. W. Robert Houston, University of South Alabama

"Lloyd Noland and TCI's Health Program"

Dr. Marlene H. Rikard, Samford University

"Rosie the Alabama Riveter: Women Defense Workers during World War II"

Dr. Mary Martha Thomas, Jacksonville State University

"Henry F. DeBardeleben and the Rise of the New South" (Presidential Address)

Dr. Justin Fuller, Montevallo

39th Annual Meeting — 1986
"Outpost of Empire: Jean Baptiste le Moyne, Sieru de Bienville and the Establishment of Fort Tombecbe"

Dr. Joe B. Wilkins, Jr., Livingston University

"Franklin P. Davis, Mobile Man of Many Talents"

Mrs. Marion D. Kendall, Memphis

"Resources for Recent Alabama History in the Carter Presidential Library"

Dr. David E. Alsobrook, Carter Presidential Library

"The Search for Semmes"

Dr. Grace H. Gates, Anniston

"Episcopalians Adjust to Changes in Small-Town Culture: The Reverend J. J. Smith and St. Peter's, Talladega"

Dr. Paul M. Pruitt, Jr., The University of Alabama

"W. P. G. Harding: Alabama's First Central Banker"

Philip C. Jackson, Jr., Birmingham (Former Member of the Board of Governors,

Federal Reserve System)
"The Search for Confederate Ironclads, Huntsville and Tuscaloosa"

Sidney H. Schell, Mobile

"Alabama Politics Since 1970"

Dr. Ed Williamson, Professor Emeritus, Auburn University

"Trials and Tribulations in the Newspaper Business of Early Huntsville"

Mrs. Wayne L. Smith, Huntsville

"Beyond Termites and Cockroaches — The Life and Times of John L. Rapier of Mobile, 1842–1905"

Archbishop Oscar H. Lipscomb, Mobile

"Violence in Reconstruction Mobile: The Role of the Media"

Ms. Stephanie C. Mardin, University of South Alabama

"The Case of Harrison W. Ellis: Former Slave and Presbyterian Missionary to Liberia"

Dr. Peter F. Barty, University of North Alabama

"Livingston, the County Seat of Sumter"

Marcus E. McConnell, Jr., Livingston

"The Visit of President Warren G. Harding during Birmingham's Semi-Centennial Celebration"

Judge C. J. Coley, Alexander City

"Thomas Freeman, Surveyor General of the Old Southwest"

Dr. Frances C. Roberts, University of Alabama in Huntsville

"Controversy in Old Barbour County: The Lore-Blake Case"

Douglas Clare Purcell, Eufaula

"The Lightning Route, 1886: Montgomery's Place in Transportation History"

Mrs. Aubrey E. Neeley, Montgomery

"The Tennessee Company: Land Speculation or Land Fraud?"

Winston E. Walker, III, Huntsville

"The Lost Cause: A Study of the Mobile City Government During Presidential Reconstruction, April 12, 1865 – May 23, 1867"

Dr. Joseph E. Brent, University of South Alabama

"The Heyday of Alabama Drugstores" (Presidential Address)

James R. Kuykendall, Fort Payne

40th Annual Meeting — 1987
"Julian Lee Rayford: A Versatile Character"

Dr. Samuel Eichold, Professor Emeritus, School of Medicine, University of South Alabama

"Civil War Manufacturing in the Tennessee Valley"

Richard C. Sheridan, Sheffield

"Alva Belmont: Exacting Benefactor for Women's Suffrage"

Ms. Rebecca T. Keeler, Mobile

"Reid's Tramp: An Alabama Literary Treasure"

Arthur F. Gates, Anniston

"New South or Old? Memorializing the Confederacy in the Shoals at the Turn of the Century"

Dr. Lawrence E. Nelson, University of North Alabama

"Blount County's Champion Mines'
Mrs. Carroll Y. Linder, Oneonta
"Joseph Glover Baldwin, Southwest Humorist and Social Historian"

Mrs. Irma Russell Cruse, Birmingham

"Judson College: Days of Decision"

Mrs. Frances D. Hamilton, Samford University

"The Planter Families of Antebellum Forkland, Alabama"

Dr. Ann Boucher, University of Alabama in Huntsville

"Quieting Georgia's Western Land Claims and Creating Mississippi Territory"

Dr. Edwin C. Bridges, Department of Archives and History

"J. L. M. Curry: The Alabama Years"

Walter Belt White, Talladega

"Mary Gordon Duffee, Chronicler of Her Time"

J. Morgan Smith, Birmingham

"A Look at Alabama Dry Docks and Shipbuilding Corporation, 1943–1944"

Dr. Lee E. Williams, II, University of Alabama in Huntsville

"Mount Vernon Barracks: The Blue, the Gray, and the Red"

Dr. David T. Childress, Jacksonville State University

"Debacle of 1902: Birmingham's Worst Stampede"

Edward T. Douglass, Birmingham

"The Essential John Tyler Morgan: A Note on His Character, Personality, and Social Views"

Dr. Joseph A. Fry, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

"Butler County, Alabama, and the Secession Crisis of 1860–1861"

Dr. Michael J. Daniel, United States Air Force Historical Research Center

"James A Simpson and Birmingham Politics" (Presidential Address)

Dr. Leah R. Atkins, Auburn University

41st Annual Meeting — 1988
"Sociable Montgomery"

Lt. Col. John H. Napier, III, Ramer

"The Only Monument in the World Glorifying an Insect"

T. B. Pearson, Leroy

"The Significance of 'The State of Alabama' Publication by Hiram Haines, Paris, France, 1867"

Chriss H. Doss, Samford University

"Science and Technology in the Canebrake: The Life of Robert W. Withers"

Dr. Robert J. Norrell, The University of Alabama

"Alabama Book Collectors and Book Dealers"

James (Pat) Cather, Birmingham

"A Capitol Idea: The Restoration of a Legacy"

F. Lawrence Oaks, Alabama Historical Commission

"The 'Can't Get-Away Club' of Mobile"

Mrs. Forrest C. Wilson, Mobile

"Fundamental Factors of Courage and Initiative: The Rosa Parks/Fannie Lou Hamer Connection"

Dr. Linda Reed, Auburn University

"The Election of Richard Arrington, Mayor of Birmingham"

Dr. Jimmie L. Franklin, Vanderbilt University

"The Natural History of the Bald Eagle in Alabama"

Dr. Joseph Meyers, Alabama Department of Conservation, Montgomery

"The Madam on the Shady Side of a Birmingham Street"

Mrs. Edward T. Douglass, Birmingham

"A Unique Telephone Directory for Mobile's Eastern Shore"

H. Joseph Curtis, Loxley

"The Last March: The Demise of the Black Militia in Alabama"

Ms. Beth Taylor Muskat, Alabama Department of Archives and History

"Mobile's Agora: A Sesquicentennial View of Bienville Square"

Caldwell Delaney, Mobile

"Pattie Ruffner Jacobs: Traditional Woman and Feminist"

Dr. J. Wayne Flynt, Auburn University, and Dr. Marlene Rikard, Samford University

"The Last Homecoming: The Life of a Rural Community as Reflected in its Church, 1837–1987"

Ms. Martha McGhee Glisson, Atlanta, Georgia

"John Hunt who Lived Two Stories Underground"

Winston E. Walker III, Huntsville

"'Content with Being': Antebellum Southern Attitudes Toward Economic Development"

J. Crawford Kind, Jr., Saint James School, Montgomery

"Economic Vision: The Role of State Government in Alabama's Development, 1870–1900"

Ms. Patsy B. Dow, University of South Alabama

"Craig Airforce—Its Effect on Selma, 1944–1977"

Carl C. Morgan, Jr., Selma

42nd Annual Meeting — 1989
"The Tecumseh: Sunken Treasure in Alabama Waters"

The Rev. H. Joseph Curtis, Loxley

"A Voice for the Freeman: The Mobile Nationalist, 1865–1869"

Kimberly B. Cantrell, Auburn University

"Ulysses S. Grant Visits Mobile: Reconciliation or Rejection"

William W. Rogers, Jr., University of Alabama

"Samuel Spring Gardner: A Maine Parson in Alabama"

Dr. Michael Daniel, Lurleen B. Wallace Junior College

"Early Fort Payne Influence on the Musical Group Alabama"

James R. Kuykendall and Elizabeth S. Howard, Fort Payne

"The Revised Ku Klux Klan"

Dr. William R. Snell, Lee College

"Plantation to Town: Merchants and the Rise of Towns in Alabama, 1860–1890"

Louis Kyriakoudes, Vanderbilt University

"Water Powered Mills in Calhoun County, Alabama, 1832–1900"

Jack D. Boozer, Jacksonville

"Joseph Bryan, Virginia Capital, and the Industrial Development of Northern Alabama, 1883–1918"

Dr. W. David Lewis, Auburn University

"Famous Filibusters: High Drama in the Alabama Legislature"

The Honorable Albert Brewer, Cumberland School of Law, Samford University

"Wealth, Persistence, and Social Mobility in the Antebellum Black Belt: Green County, Alabama, 1840–1860"

Van A. Cain, Vanderbilt

"A Poet's Approach to History: A Way of Keeping and Sharing the Evidence of Life"

Betsy Barber Bancroft, Birmingham

"The University of Alabama and the Civil War"

Dr. Jerry C. Oldshue, University of Alabama

"Pioneers, Priests, and Politicians: Irish-Catholic Influence in Birmingham, Alabama, 1871–1921"

Kay J. Blalock, University of Alabama at Birmingham

"Henry Edmonds, the Social Gospel, and the Founding of Independent Presbyterian Church"

Dr. Marvin Y. Whiting, Department of Archives and Manuscripts, Birmingham Public Library

"The Narrow Path: John J. Eagan and Industrial Democracy at American Cast Iron Pipe Company, Birmingham, Alabama, 1924–1924"

Rebecca L. Thomas, Birmingham

"John Temple Graves and the Search of Southern Liberalism"

Dr. John M. Matthews, Georgia State University

"The Alabama Gubernatorial Election of 1934—The Shadow of F. D. R."

Sam L. Webb, University of Alabama at Birmingham

"The Best Years of Their Lives: The Impact of Auburn's World War II Veterans, 1946–1950"

Dr. David E. Alsobrook, Carter Presidential Library

"Antebellum Women at Work" (Presidential Address)

Dr. Kenneth R. Johnson, University of North Alabama

43rd Annual Meeting — 1990
"The Battle of Mauvila: Causes and Consequences"

Jay Higginbotham, Mobile

"Legislators, Rowboats, Floods and Cahawba: Myth, Reality, or Act of God"

Linda Derry and Michael Meyer, Selma

"Lieutenant Colonel Jeremiah Clemens: Soldier of Manifest Destiny?"

William J. Stubno, Jr., Huntsville

"A Hospital By and For Blacks: A Chapter in the Medical History of Birmingham, 1930–1954"

Mary R. McCarl, Birmingham

"Alabama Federation of Colored Women's Clubs, 1899–1932"

Tracey Watkins DeVore, Fort Benning, Georgia

"Pioneer Camping in Alabama: The Winnataska Experience"

Virginia Pounds Brown and Katherine Price Garmon, Leeds

"Redemption on Trial: The Case of 'Honest Ike' Vincent"

Mark A. Palmer, Alabama Department of Archives and History

"Bill Nichols: Solder, Businessman, Congressman,"

Edward C. Williamson, Auburn

"Selma's Smitherman Affair of 1955"

Dr. J. Mills Thornton III, University of Michigan

"Finding the Once Beaten Path"

Dr. Jerry Elijah Brown, Professor of Journalism and Humanities, Auburn University

"Michael Tuomey and the Pursuit of a Geological Survey of Alabama, 1847–1857"

Lewis S. Dean, Tuscaloosa

"Ointment Not Wasted: The First Five Years of the Alabama Educational Association, 1856–1860"

Mary Lee Carter, Dothan

"Sumter Goes to War: The Social, Economic, and Political Impact of the Civil War on Sumter County"

Dr. Louis R. Smith Jr., Livingston State University

"The Stranger Military Career of Walter Lynwood Fleming"

Beth T. Muskat, Putney, Vermont

"Congressman Jeremiah Haralson and the End of Reconstruction"

Alston Fitts III, Selma

"The Mitcham War of Clarke County, 1893: The Persistence of an Oral Tradition"

Dr. Harvey H. Jackson, Clayton State College, Georgia

"The House of Happiness: An Episcopal Mission in Jackson County, 1923–1952"

Joan S. Clemens, Alabama Department of Archives and History

"The Photographs of Let Us Now Praise Famous Men: Truths in Tandem"

Edna Boone Johnson, Auburn University

"John Sparkman and the Development of the Tennessee Valley Authority, 1936–1946"

Henry Walker, The University of Alabama

"Painful Circumstances: Glimpses of the Alabama Penitentiary, 1846–1852" (Presidential Address)

Mary Anne Neeley, Montgomery

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