Al “Scarface” Capone- video Name You can locate this video on Youtube Al Capone Documentary

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Al “Scarface” Capone- Video Name___________________
You can locate this video on Youtube

Al Capone Documentary ---

Al Capone Scarface (Full Documentary)


1. What does it mean when the video stated that he was a 1st generation America?

2. What were Capone’s parents like?

3. Why did Scarface drop out of school in the 6th grade?

4. How did Capone get the nickname “Scarface?”

5. Who was Capone’s role model?

6. Why did “Big Jim” get rubbed out?

7. Give two examples which demonstrate that Capone was a generous person.

8. Give an example of what would happen if you crossed Capone.

9. What were the beer wars?
10. How did Robert St. John become an enemy of Capone?

11. Who paid St. John’s Hospital bill?

12. Why was Dion O’Banion killed?
13. How come nobody would testify against Capone?
14. Who was Capone’s competition in Chicago?

15. What was the purpose of the St. Valentine Day’s Massacre?

16. Why did Capone want to go to jail?

17. How did Capone try and create a good guy image?

18. How did the federal government finally bring down Capone?
19. How long was he sent to jail?

20. What disease did he have which eventually killed him?

A couple of reflective questions
21. Do you think Al Capone should be studied in US History? Yes as usual justify your opinion.

22. Capone openly admitted how he had obtained his wealth. "I make my money by supplying a public demand. If I break the law, my customers who number hundreds of the best people in Chicago, are as guilty as I am. The only difference is that I sell and they buy. Everybody calls me a racketeer. I call myself a businessman." Do think Capone was justified in what he said?
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