Akathist for the repose of Those Who have fallen asleepkontakion 1

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The whole world is a sacred and common graveyard, for in every place is the dust of our fathers and brothers. O Christ our God, Who alone unchangeably lovest us, forgive all who have died form the beginning till now, that they may sing with infinite love: ALLELUIA.
The day is coming, as a burning furnace, the great and terrible day of the Last Judgment, when the secrets of men will be revealed and the books of conscience will be torn apart.
"Be reconciled with God!" cries the Apostle Paul.
"Be reconciled before that terrible day."
Help us, O Lord, to fill up with the tears of the living what was lacking in the dead.
May the sound of the Angel’s trumpet, O Lord, be to them the glad announcement of their salvation and the joyful manumission of their freedom at the hour of Thy judgment.
Crown with glory those who have suffered for Thee, O Lord,
and cover the sins of the weak with Thy goodness.
O Lord, Who knowest all by name, remember those who have sought salvation in the monastic life.
Remember the blessed pastors with their spiritual children.
O Lord of unutterable Love, remember Thy servants who have fallen asleep.

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