Akathist for the repose of Those Who have fallen asleepkontakion 1

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Endeavoring to give help by Thy might power to Thy servants who have fallen asleep, Thou hast appeared to their loved ones, O Lord, in mysterious visions clearly inspiring them to pray, that they may remember the departed, and do good works and labors of faith and love for them, crying: ALLELUIA.
The universal Church of Christ unceasingly offers prayers every hour for the departed throughout the world, for the sins of the world are washed away by the most pure Blood of Thy divine crown, and the souls of those who have fallen asleep are translated from death to life and from earth to Heaven by the power of the prayers offered for them at God’s altars.
May the intercession of the Church for the dead, O Lord,

be a ladder to Heaven.

Have mercy on them, O Lord, through the intercession of the most holy Mother of God and all the Saints.
Forgive them their sins for the sake of Thy faithful who cry day and night to Thee.
For the sake of innocent children, O Lord, have mercy on their parents, and by the tears of their mothers, forgive the sins of their children.
For the sake of the prayers of innocent sufferers and the blood of martyrs,
spare and have mercy on sinners.
Receive, O Lord,
our prayers and alms as a memorial of their virtues.
O Lord of unutterable Love, remember Thy servants who have fallen asleep.

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