Akathist for the repose of Those Who have fallen asleepkontakion 1

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Enlightened by the illumination of the Most High, Saint Macarius heard a voice from a pagan skull: "When you pray for those suffering in Hell, there is relief for the heathen." O wonderful power of Christian prayer, by which even the infernal regions are illumined! Both believers and unbelievers receive comfort when we cry for the whole world: ALLELUIA.
Saint Isaac the Syrian once said: "A merciful heart is one that burns with love for men and animals and for the whole of creation, and at all times offers prayers with tears that they may be purified and kept." Likewise we all boldly ask the Lord for help for all the dead from the beginning of time and cry:
Send down to us, O Lord,
the gift of fervent prayer for the dead.
Remember, O Lord, all who have charged us, unworthy as we are,
to pray for them,
and pardon the sins
they have forgotten.
Remember, O Lord, all who have been buried without prayer.
Receive, O Lord, into Thy dwellings all who have died of sorrow or joy by a sudden or untimely death.
O Lord of unutterable Love, remember Thy servants who have fallen asleep.

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